Cartoon Network/Boomerang Rant Too

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Cartoon Network/Boomerang Rant Too
Cartoon Network/Boomerang Rant Too
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The Boomerang Rant

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Danny waters: got a boomerang app advertisement on this lol

Black shadow: I hate new cartoon Network and boomring

Meme Chan: Looking at ttg makes me think Jonny test was better

DONKEY OH DONKEY XD XD: My favorite nostalgic food is ur head

LTCMovies&More: For the people that want the old Boomerang back please sign the petition listed, it might help:

Elijah Ford: meyah freak u spiderman!

Furry Love: sadly when it comes to cartoon network now teen titans go takes up at least 5 hours daily and that's rediculious no show not even my favorite show should take up that much time on a daily basis

Person with Asperger Syndrome: Boomerang is much worse now in 2016

Darius Kitchen: FYI the Flintstones comes on 1.OO in the morning

TimBone A: So terrible that I was born in 2005 I didn't understand the shows back then

Casey Mcnamara: dunkaroos

Christine Hamilton: I understand u. They don't need to muck new form the old. all we need is reruns of the old ones.

Terry Owens: do fox kids or Disney channel

Demetria Shirley: ppg is comeing back

DylanGamer101: I liked the city era music I listen to it on this video I wish I could come back kinda of

cathy brown: I was born in 2005 so when I wanted to watch ppg I go to boomerang
now I go to Netflix

FoxBox 100% Awsome: Hey I agree with you buddy.

Super guy: K

Mutti Hoy: cartoon network have no good show

Kai Hiwatari: cartoon network summer 2005: great new shows and definitely awesome background music. I love d the summer 2005 music.

cartoon network 2015 summer: awful. only thing I liked about it was they're reshowing 2 old shows (baby Looney tunes and courage in the morning) and they showed a full week of new episodes for regular show, adventure time, gumball, and we bare bears. (ninjago as well for 2 weeks)
but that's it.
and the background music for this year. AWFUL.
I get cn wants to go in a different direction. but srsly do it in the right way! stop letting kids do your promos/bumpers. and if u r seeing cartoon network today...they said a spectaculathon (sorry idk how to spell it) literally a 3day weekend of ALL.....THEIR CURRENT SHOWS. IN CONSTANT REPLAY. which is literally the same thing they do with shows all day.
the point I made this comment was to say how lazy cartoon network is compared to let's say 2010. when cn was in the bronze age but they still made new shows which some were actually good (one I'd like to note is young justice) I'm getting sick of seeing cartoon network. just not even trying to do anything with there channel anymore.
Cartoon Network/Boomerang Rant Too 5 out of 5

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Cartoon Network/Boomerang Rant Too