Cartoon Network/Boomerang Rant Too

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Masked Velocity: I would always watch Toonami and eat pizza.

King Megadon: 3 things they need to bring back: 1. Cartoon Cartoon/What a Cartoon TV pilots. Where they used to show random cartoon episodes or cartoon pilots on TV and let the people decide if they want a full TV series of it. 2. Toon Heads/Looney Toons block. Which was nothing but good old school cartoons that where actually funny. 3. At least a 2hour block in the middle of the day to show some actually action cartoons or anime. I doesn't necessarily have to be Toonami or Maguzi jyst a section of pure action. My NF: 2 PBJ sandwiches while watching What a Cartoon.

TheTimon64: Hey FutureGohan, long time no talk, listen i just got back from the Cartoon Network wikia page and there is a rumor that a new "true" rebrand is coming. They call it the "CN block town" coming in March. This seems to be a call back to CN City due to the 10 anniversary of it this year as im sure you know. I don't know what to feel, hella hyped that they are kinda listening to us again? or hella nervous on how they will mess this up as well. I hope they include everyone from CN city as well as their own, otherwise its gonna be a ghost town lol. Its all still just a rumor but i thought i'd let you know. later dude.

nerdysarah32: I grew up with boomberang,when I was little and I grew up with old cartoons and nicktoons and now they just put ppG and dl on but they still have a terrible lineup because everythign is set a cetain time and the old cartoons are gone

nerdysarah32: I guess boomberang is ok, but i hate the lineup everytime when I get home from school pokemon is mainly showing but south park is on also, so I missed a few episodes and they stopped airing it and then skipped two whole seasons now Im confused

joman66: Ramin noodles. Back when I lived in the trailer park that I used to live in, I enjoyed eating chicken ramen noodles. Very nostalgic food.

aaron padilla: cartoon network needs to bring back teen titans

AugieDoggieBoomerang: I love how when you say 'Boomerang needs an attraction' at 26:27, Billy gets a clapping spasm!

Ninjaman3250: My most nostalgic food would be Little Caesar's pizza

Shammah Ikoro: I am mad how they only put Billy and Mandy and courage on boomerang on October because of Halloween 

aaron padilla: I also like pizza too

Shammah Ikoro: To me i think they do back to back episodes because they don't have enough Shows to put in that space(Even though they could just ADD re-runs)

Shammah Ikoro: I really like the randomizer real better and to me it didn't matter to me i use to love every single show on cn

Shammah Ikoro: At 21:10 once you said that i remembered I LOVED THAT SHOW! and I thought I was the only one who did!

ben1010ish: CN is just cartoons. But like 88 percent of there cartoons SUCK!!!

okcmaxk: Roger Rabbit was shown on CN because it's iconic.

okcmaxk: You can just record Boomerang shows on your DVR if you have one.

okcmaxk: those Macaroni & Cheese crackers Kraft used to make. Those were so good.

Mike Bottomless Pit Dunham: Ice Cream Sundaes, me and my dad used to eat one each while watching a VHS tape we'd rent for the weekend

Toadtoad12345: Pizza, Homemade pizza.

Shammah Ikoro: 34:15 TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY NEED TO BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FutureGohanSSJ2: .....Incredible Crew. Kids love mental retardation, apparently.

FutureGohanSSJ2: So does Roger Rabbit. Why does it get to be okay to air on Cartoon Network, but Out Of Jimmy's Head can't? I agree, it is crap. I never said it wasn't.

FutureGohanSSJ2: Exactly.

RyeGuyXD: New epsiodes USED to be on Friday. Remember the Fridynamite movie night thing. Remember Har Har Thursdays. Remember the Monday thing.

Alex Sinkovics: I think that Boomerang should air classic Toonami (try to stretch it to about 3am or 4am so you can air uncut anime)

Ben10luke: Did you rent tmnt:the movie and get pizza?

yousef lodhi: how? just wondering.

FutureGohanSSJ2: Class Of 3000

lehahiah81: I agree on this I don't understand now, why they always do 2 back to back for every show it limits down so much on what they able to put out

TheTimon64: Maybe one day, CN will be great again ;/

Zeld's World: CN needs Toonami. Period.

patrick harris: What channel is boomerang on comcast

FutureGohanSSJ2: Haha! Awesome!

FutureGohanSSJ2: See, that's the thing. They look like they're going back on trap, and then f*ck it all up. :|

carmelle127: And what the hell happen to maguzi?

Eric Colvin: All the shows that CN is making sucks now a days and Boomerang is going down as well.

EJ Johnson: I mean hub reveiw

Zeld's World: I'm not talking about Tom 4. If Adult swim would allow CN the rights to Tom, etc., then CN could use some of their money to get some actually good anime. Thanks for the reply though. Hopefully I'll be seeing you, bye!

lehahiah81: I'd rather adult swim not have saturday since that's when toonami is on and they've shortened it by having adult swim come on before it

FutureGohanSSJ2: For my Comcast/Xfinity, it's channel number 343.

josh swanson: just watch them online dude quit ranting some of the shows werent appropiate.

King Tommy Parrinello: I LOVED to eat cereal while watching cartoon network. Believe it or not, i used to eat Scooby-Doo cereal and watch it on tv at the same time.

Daydream Productions: Friday nights have American Dad Premiers. But that doesn't matter because it's not like it doesn't premier on three other channels. They should change it to Mondays though, then they can have KOTH, AD, new AD, FG, new FG, then RC and what ever they play after mid-night. Then more people would want to watch their newer stuff, and might watch other shows. Then CN can rule on Friday nights and my childhood can be redeemed.

Yoshimori Kasike: also,i hate the current CN logo!!!

blakedmc1989TranceHD: hey i have dat same channel number on my Comcast/Xfinity xD

Joe Olson: Chips and salsa I EAT IT ALL THE FRIGGIN TIME

Jordan Nantau: actually. I do have an answer to this. reason why because the looney tunes are in and since half of the things cn airs is basically made by warner bros.

ILoveMattPriceClub: I think they should rebrand fridays, get the two hours back from Adult Swim and run 2 hours of their older originals and put two hours of the new. And don't use the annoying bastardizations of Zorak & Brak. They ticked a lot of us off in the 90s, they aren't going to draw people back, but i bet CP is mostly their failure attempt to make Warner Home Video see retail value in their brands. Similar blocks for the other libraries would also do well, just a few hours a week would be great.

Alex Sinkovics: To add to your demographic thing, I loved Johnny Bravo as a kid and I like it even more as a teenager because there were a lot of jokes that I can't believe made it past the censors!
Cartoon Network/Boomerang Rant Too 4.6 out of 5

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