Cartoon Network/Boomerang Rant Too

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Cartoon Network/Boomerang Rant Too
Cartoon Network/Boomerang Rant Too
Cartoon Network RANT
Cartoon Network RANT
Cartoon Network RANT: When did CN REALLY die? (Feat. MonstersReview)
Cartoon Network RANT: When did CN REALLY die? (Feat. MonstersReview)
Cartoon Network Rant: Scheduling Has Been A MAJOR Problem
Cartoon Network Rant: Scheduling Has Been A MAJOR Problem
Boomerang Rant #2 - THE REBRAND
Boomerang Rant #2 - THE REBRAND

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madden8021: Jimmy was a Boy so we never knew on what may of happened to Sarah and Jimmy in the future though.

Therant840: Hey FutureGohanSSJ2 can you do a live stream with MonstersReview about Boomerangs Rebrand and Christina Miller for 2hours if you guys are not busy with school??????

jackson the bacon monster: i didn't mind dude what would happen it was pretty good.

Nathan Zeidel: I think you sparked a memory in me. When I saw the summer kickoff 2005 i started to remember!

Nathan Zeidel: *two

DrCatJailReviews: Courage is on boomerang now

Freddy Fazbear: Brain blast! Lol we should get anonymous to threaten CN so they bring a rebrand and old retro cartoons

james pennington: on boomerang is teen titans go the new one and gumball why they are stupid  teen titans go the new one is own cartoon network not boomerang wow what the hell was that the classics i miss them they are good cartoons the new cartoons are stupid like the amazing world of gumball regular show flat jack chowder i hate the new ones

Vanessa Espinoza: I really wish that on Cartoon Network's website if they had a sort of system where we could just leave suggestions comments and feedback and they would actually freaking take it to heart honestly, I'm getting so sick and tired of having to pee but not having an actual way to express them! And not only that I'm also getting sick and tired of using an opinion idea and I'm not taking it to heart and maybe even considering it and here is an idea putting it into fruition!!!!

bigdaddyswoll16: Bring back the old kids WB on saturdays too!

bigdaddyswoll16: Thank God for Netflix, because cartoon network, nick(except for 90's are all that & teenick) & disney are not the same anymore. U wanna see ur shows? That 7.99 is worth it more than this crap they put on now! 

George Yeargin: i hate the new cartoon network i wish they could bring boomerang back !!!

Amv Maker: How about for summer themed Marathon  they do Ed Edd n Eddy episode ( the beach spot episode ) Adventure time ( Ocean of fear ) My gym partner is a monkey (  Sleep over episode ) Tom and Jerry ( beach episode ) Kids next door ( Operation B.E.A.C.H )

King Megadon: 3 things they need to bring back:
1. Cartoon Cartoon/What a Cartoon TV pilots. Where they used to show random cartoon episodes or cartoon pilots on TV and let the people decide if they want a full TV series of it.
2. Toon Heads/Looney Toons block. Which was nothing but good old school cartoons that where actually funny.
3. At least a 2hour block in the middle of the day to show some actually action cartoons or anime. I doesn't necessarily have to be Toonami or Maguzi jyst a section of pure action.

My NF: 2 PBJ sandwiches while watching What a Cartoon.

Mike Bottomless Pit Dunham: Ice Cream Sundaes, me and my dad used to eat one each while watching a VHS tape we'd rent for the weekend

TheMusicGeek: I grew up with boomberang,when I was little and I grew up with old cartoons and nicktoons and now they just put ppG and dl on but they still have a terrible lineup because everythign is set a cetain time and the old cartoons are gone

TheMusicGeek: I guess boomberang is ok, but i hate the lineup everytime when I get home from school pokemon is mainly showing but south park is on also, so I missed a few episodes and they stopped airing it and then skipped two whole seasons now Im confused

joman66: Ramin noodles. Back when I lived in the trailer park that I used to live in, I enjoyed eating chicken ramen noodles. Very nostalgic food.

Masked Velocity: I would always watch Toonami and eat pizza.

Toadtoad12345: Pizza, Homemade pizza.
Cartoon Network/Boomerang Rant Too 5 out of 5

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Cartoon Network/Boomerang Rant Too