A PBusardo Review - The Vape Only BCC

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Susazeu: Report: After having the same tank since Feb 2013, no leaking is noticeable, except when the head is flooded, it does leak a tiny bit. A gorgeous vape since then, I remove a tiny amount of wick with a pair of tweezers when necessary. A replacement glass tank can be found in the eLeaf BDC, fit these heads beautifully. My vape of choice.

RadicalGreekBeard: This reminds me a lot of the smoktech tank I have

Tasker Matic: Nice video. Vaping has come a Long way. Just got a vape only ET-S glass BDCC. I'm a novice but very happy with performance. It's amazing the number of people I know who go back to cigarettes thinking vaping isn't working for them when it's the quality of the product they're using that's the issue. Given the right kit and a bit of knowlege vaping is and can be more pleasurable than smoking. That's not to mention the health benefits.

Garry Shane Baldridge: Too many wicks and I dry hit. Too few and I flood. :(

Kriswixx: how often do you change the wick cartridge? Every two weeks? Sorry if you answered this.. thanks.

Davi Valente: Pete, they switched something on the coil design and it is ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to open it without breaking the stem. Do you have any light on the subject? Thank you!

therambonxiousrhino: i was having trouble taking off the center tube also. instead i just pinched some of the wicks on the side and pulled them through. try it out it worked for me

therambonxiousrhino: THANK YOU. i was having so many problems with this piece until your advice on taking out the top wick. my vape is hitting like a champ now. thanks for the tips

Lucio Guglielmi: When they make a glass version im in! Once you experience the flavors with a glass tank there is no going back to plastic. Thank Phil, you're the best.

Jeffro422: Without even taking the head apart I was able to carefully remove the two wick pieces that are not wound in the coil. I've only had one bottom coil that wouldn't wick but I think I will continue to remove the two wick pieces as I think the airflow is improved now as well.

Richard Forrestal: Can always drill those air holes out!! I just did it on mine and its alot airer now!!!

noisymutespeaker: Hmm I just put my tank on my VV Gripper. It has been sitting with juice in it (upright) for about 6 hours now. It's pretty dry tasting. I'm not hitting it hard. Only had a few puffs of it (3 I think) and I'm not sure if I have to suffer through it to get the wicks to soak up the juice or what but dang. I don't think my liquid is too thick at all. It seems to be pretty liquidy and not thick. What should I do?

noisymutespeaker: I just received this VapeOnly BCC and my standard 510 drip tip (delrin) does NOT fit properly. It fits way too loosely. It fits great on my boge cartos but not with this tank. So that's a bummer. I have to use the whistle tip for now.

krazzielaosboi: This tank just as good as my anyvape devide

Jamie Waring: My only thought, Michael, based on my experience with the VapeOnly is that it's really sensitive to air flow...meaning you can't tighten it all the way. I had that burnt taste (and little draw/vapor) plus flooding until I realized the problem. Though I think Phil talks about that in the video so if not that, not sure. Check the silicon cap and see if there's any charring, could be it's getting too hot?

Michael Raj: mine worked well for about a month. then i started getting a burnt taste, so i thought it's just a coil gone bad. swapped out a new one but the burnt taste was still there. took everything apart, gave it a good clean and put it back together with another new coil but it still tasted like burnt plastic! anyone know what's causing this? i checked all my settings (volts/ohm) so that's not the issue.

natalya2246: Я совсем недавно начала курить э сигарету. Не могу полностью отказаться от сигарет! Но думаю, что скоро)) Подскажите пожалуйста, когда я нажимаю на кнопочку и не вдыхаю, она издает странный звук, похожий на треск. Это нормально?

Trucking Vapes: Wow so many problems? Took my BCC mega camping this weekend, No problems Great Tank! No leaks ... Stuffed it in my pocket all weekend, had it on my Itaste mvp.. No leaks.. Great Tank, Great Hit, Great vape..!

Adam Ritthaler: They must have really tightened down the center posts on these since your review Phil. I had a heck of a time taking mine apart and putting it back together. Once I managed to take the top wick off though, it was a vast improvement-no more dry hits! Thanks for the excellent review and the suggestion to remove the wick.

Creative Planet Janet: I bought a mini VapeOnly BCC. Not bad at all & I really like that I could swap out its mouthpiece for one of my pretty drip tips. My impression of the temperature is a little different; it is surprisingly warm for a BC. Maybe because it is mini the heat from the bottom coil can't spread out so far? The performance dropped much faster than a regular sized SmokTech carto though. Since I hate cleaning these things, the cost would be too high for the replacement heads for me personally. YMMV.
A PBusardo Review - The Vape Only BCC 5 out of 5

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