Tippmann Project Salvo/ Sierra One Response Trigger Shooting Review

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MAin STreet: i have a project salvo and its not mag fed, where can i take it or what can i buy to switch it to be mag fed? any help will be good

Caleb Cotto: So confused where is the hopper can someone elaborate please 

isaiah Bryant: Where is the hopper

Cody Brownlee: @djlyric can of spray paint lol. picked it out from the shelf

QUINKSTER23: The paint looks great!

Cody Brownlee: @ARomanianKid14 i kept the sights just because lol. I was making sure that my red dot was in the correct spot for shooting

Giannis Tzagarakis: how did u disassemble the stock??

Huzzle2: @thecodeman1269 How'd you do it? Just wrap the parts you dont want sprayed with tape? Or is there a more specialist way?

freakinfuzzball: Hey man, I just bought a project salvo and was looking at some videos bout them when i saw your discription mentioning DMZ in Medford! How often do you go play?

Tracy Spevak: Rap4 has good products but they are so damn expensive for the littlest things.

Cody Brownlee: Hey sorry it took so long. Go ahead and message me any questions you have

ThatsNoMo0n: looks like an m14

chiel jansen: Where you buy the gun?

Cody Brownlee: @hockeyNmusic16 yes it comes with the basic hopper that the tippmann 98's come with, I replaced it with an A-5 hopper.

chumbrega2: can u aim with this scope during the game with the mask?

ThatGuyOnTV564: dude how did you paint that gun it looks like a regular marker

Jesus Rosales: lookes beast .. looks like one mean mother ****** ... the paint looks better then black lol reminds me of the scar-h

Cody Brownlee: @clownslider yes i painted it, its in the description

Cody Brownlee: spray painted it.

Cody Brownlee: ebay amazon. or any paintball stores. Look up remote coils.

xxSonicMonkeyxx: Where can I get a tan camo from ?

dacel88: @thecodeman1269 Hey man, how does the color stick to the plastic? does it get worn off easily?

Chris Amirault: How do you get the response trigger and cyclone to work together? i mean to put them both on

Cody Brownlee: @ziggychris24 care to elaborate your distaste for good looking paintball guns?

Cody Brownlee: @Xbowguy lol it is quite sexy aint it? lol

zemnas4: it looks like a scar

Trevor Gannon: @xX4Daniel4Xx i hate the concept of buying a piece of crap first gun, just get a gun that will last forever and do the job, a tippmann a5

Cody Brownlee: @Cadjuice2 The only similarity with the scar is the paint scheme im guessing. Looks sick though lol. I used Krylon Tan. the color is in the video description

ANoobsGuide: thecodeman1269 whats the name of your scope/sight thingy? please reply thanks! great vid i love how the gun looks...

laxm0nkey: @hockeyNmusic16 go to amazon and look at the packages

xxEXsoulsniperX: hey i have this gun iv paintballed for years and love the salvo but wanted to know if you painted this or had it done 4 you


Cody Brownlee: @ANoobsGuide thats the Rap4 LETS 1x46 Red/Green dot sight.

Evilturnip1996: SWEET GUN

Cody Brownlee: @Jkiller2895 yup =] pretty easy

Cody Brownlee: @freakinfuzzball i used to go play at the field all the time. Then i used up all my funds haha. But now that i im back home from boot camp, ill be going quite often once i find another job.

Cody Brownlee: @ThatsNoMo0n lol =] only thing i did was remove all the parts that i wanted to stay black, and spray painted everything with Krylon Desert Khaki

jose rodriguez: how u get thatt color

calinikka4life: @ziggychris24 its tan not white the sun makes it look whitee soo get ur facts straight stop haitin on his paint job

Cody Brownlee: walmart

ThatsNoMo0n: @thecodeman1269 yeah

andyd151: tha colour scheme is awesome... i have mine red tiger and im tempted to change to this tan/black combo :)

Luke Beaman: this is probobly a retarded question but can this run on air and co2 im new to the paintball world and a buddy of mine told me you might have to get an air adaptor for the salvo

tatararaful: @xX4Daniel4Xx bro u cant compare this gun with the delta elite.. IS it gonna b your first gun? I live in toronto as well.

Cody Brownlee: @zemnas4 yes, its a very good sight

Cody Brownlee: @dacel88 it hasnt worn off yet, and its been put through some pretty rough games.

Cody Brownlee: @legofreak887 internally yes. The Project Salvo Alpha Black and Tippmann 98 are all the same mechanics. Only difference is the looks on the outside

Cody Brownlee: @Huzzle2 i just removed the parts that i wanted to stay black. and tape off anywhere that i didnt want paint getting on. Such as the opening for the bolt and all the allen screw holes and ect

skoockumchuck: My 98 is sexier :)

Brandon Vera: what is the cost in total??? for that gun and all the things?
Tippmann Project Salvo/ Sierra One Response Trigger Shooting Review 4.7 out of 5

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Tippmann Project Salvo/ Sierra One Response Trigger Shooting Review