Paraffin Wax Spa Hand Treatment At Home

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Paraffin Wax Spa Hand Treatment at Home
Paraffin Wax Spa Hand Treatment at Home
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DIY Paraffin Treatment Hands and Feet
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Destinyatk: Great post. Where do I get one at in the USA and how much is it?

Nenita Cerro: Thanks for the info:)

dimwitty: You gonna really operate the unit on the edge of a bathtub, huh?

CL Honey Galicia: I tried it on my foot soo relaxing ever! Definitely reccommended :)

Amanda Lutterman: I have one of these little wax warmers. I purchased it 50% off at an after Christmas sale. I use a Ziploc bag to wrap my feet. It really does feel good and makes them softer.

george tse: just by from pharmachy... ready and cheap!!!

Rebecca Panayi-Sjotun: Oh my god, I'm in so much pain right now, & my mum told me to look up paraffin wax treatment, so now I'm just watching people on youtube get wax treatment & I'm so bloody jealous! I'll have to get some, but until then it is just torture knowing there could be something that could make all my pain go away, but I can't use it yet!!

Sora Hallam: lux-z-ewr-e-ay-ting. lol

CleverDjembe: @kymelle You could ask your picklehead boyfriend for help.

CleverDjembe: @Ivana6Y5 You need your picklehead boyfriend to help you.

stargatefansg1: My hands get so dry that they crack peel and bleed. I bought a similar wax system and it is amazing! My skin looks new. I def recommend buying one :)

kymelle: Notice how when she applied and removed the wax she only had it on one hand, but when she was relaxing in the sauna- both hands were done? Think how awkward it must be to do both hands by yourself at home. But I guess you could chill with one hand at a time, hmm?

FashionistaMay: @Ivana6Y5 U would have to do one at time hun. I thought so too after I read your comment. But I guess, take care of one had for about 10 mins and then do the other hand. It would be annoying to do one at a time, but if you don't have someone full time to help out, that's what u gotta do. I want one of these things treatments!! loll

waln492: hilarious. but she hasgreat skin i must admit

Ivana6Y5: If by yourself, how do you do the other hand if one is already in its little oven mitt? The video shows here with both on willing relaxing but at the end she takes off only one...I can imagine this takes another person to assist?

Amy Greaves: This helped me alot with my Beauty test. 5* and thumbs up. Thankyou!

ParaffinX: Hello guys If you would like to view the latest Paraffin invention check out my profile and watch the video subscribe and give me your feed back thanks you will be amazed.

1jaq: my hands are really looking a shambles at the moment, always the last part of me i try an sort out, maybe coz i use them constantly..... gonna try this treatment..

Bear On A Trampoline: Thanks for posting this! I bought one of these a few months ago off Amazon, but I've never used it yet because I wasn't quite sure how to do it. Now that I know, I'm going to try it tonight! :)

Madalene garcia marin: does that feel good?
Paraffin Wax Spa Hand Treatment at Home 5 out of 5

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Paraffin Wax Spa Hand Treatment at Home