TT 33/TTC Tokarev Field Strip

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mr3oz: my hammer is not coming out !! first time i try to strip my tokarev and the hammar is just stuck i tried to oil it but still doesnt come out am afraid to pull it too strong and break something what do u think i should do any one ???

Razgriz85: well i field stripped mine and the sticky slide lock works better

Razgriz85: this will be extremely useful since i just got mine (needs to be fully field stripped and cleaned since theres still cosmoline gummed up in it) im definitely getting rid of the stupid add on safety since it gets in my way

snowsniper8: wow that looks easy every one says ist supper hard! thanks!!

MrCannaBeans: @TheTopsable That's what she said.

TheTopsable: Can the Tokarev take a Czech Hot Load???

valiosubaru: Tokarev is made in Russia made by men who name is Tokarev the original Caliber of this pistol is 7.62TT and the Russian Version is more fire traditional gun :)

valiosubaru: @quantummechanics2 well tokarev's caliber is 7.62TT :)

quantummechanics2: If you want to shoot 9X19 or 9mm you have to get a new barrel and mag but i suggest using 7.62X25 it is a vary nice round to shoot and has allot of penetration power.
TT 33/TTC Tokarev field strip 5 out of 5

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TT 33/TTC  Tokarev field strip