SHTF Ammo Stock Pile

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How much ammo should preppers store for SHTF or economic collapse?
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Gun nut 1911: Don't know what ur stockpile is now but if ur still stockpiling invest in steel 50 cal ammo cans help keep the ammo fresh

skyym3: The bird shot is excellent home defense ammo because it tears a formidable basketball size chunk out of anything it hits within 30 to 40 feet. When it comes to shooting farther than that, you might want to consider stocking up on the #4 shot and then going into buck. So far you are well armed for any close quarters scenario and that is probably (God help ya) the only scenario you would probably come across. Those bird shot rounds are inexpensive and plentiful, kinda like the 22lr used to be about five years ago. It is not a bad idea and actually a very smart idea to stock up on these round while they are still under priced for our modern inflated economy. You can always cut them or melt them down into buck or slug. Everyone should have 2 to 5 hundred dollars worth of these common bird hunting rounds as they are very versatile in anything one needs them to be adapted to. Great video bro. Cheers

Beltmaker09: I like how people don't use the term clip or mag right when talking about firearms. The 22 he describes in the video takes a mag not a clip. The 10/22 takes a mag. A 6.5 Carcano takes clip because it's on clip, or stripper clip depending on the gun but usually with military rifles

ŹÈÚŠ: You can make cut shells out of that 12GA. Bird Ammo. The whole shell leaves the barrel like a slug. Rabbit ammo is good to have around for fishing too.

Dillon DeClue: for everyone talking about him getting attacked by  birds let me shoot you with birdshot or a few rounds of .22 and tell me how that feels

VP Prepping & Survival: Nice video.  I love seeing other people's ammo stash vids.  I just subscribed to your channel.

Eli Cline: Do you want shot with a .22 or birdshot?

Tunechi Lee: Why does 80% of the ammo consist of bird shot and .22 lr? Plan on being attacked by birds and squirrels or other people with guns?

newhuskytwenty: Yeah, nice accent, but from where? Japan?

newhuskytwenty: Things I would always have at home are: shotgun 209 primers, several kilograms of black powder and muzzle caps. Once fired all you have you'd be able to reload the 12 and 20 gauge hulls with BP and fire old guns stocked as last resource when modern ammo was imposible to get. Some bullet-buckshot lead molds too. Getting lead from plumbers or old houses is not difficult.

idahohuntfish79: dont be a freakstick, pal.

bucki58: What size shotgun shells where those again?

eyeofth3b3hold3r: BUY CHEAP AND STACK DEEP!

Jason Wood: You should probably get buckshot if your defending your rights from the government birdshot won't do much damage

1977BangBang: hey nice stash , becareful buying that winchester bird shot stuff (the nickel casing is really weak and expands to much causing it to swell in barrel) stick with federal bird shot

zerk54: Go Yankees!!!

GunsAreEssential1975: @IJP9 Nice stockpile you've got going there. I havent seen anyone answer your question about shooting slugs, so here's some advice. Never shoot a slug out of a full choke. You will at the very least ruin your choke, possibly blow up your guns barrel, and injure , or kill yourself. Improved cylinder would be the best. They also make rifled choke tubes to improve your accuracy and range. One other tip, never stop buyin' ammo man, it will be worth more than gold soon.

IJP9: That's a good idea thanks. I will look around and when I see them on sale I will try to pic some up. Thanks

doctruptwn: Even if you don't have a handgun, not a bad idea to have some ammo on hand. In the event of a total failure of society, it can be used to barter, without hurting the stock you have for guns you own.

ParasidicGeneration: nice stockpile
SHTF Ammo stock pile 5 out of 5

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SHTF Ammo stock pile