How To Install An Accu-Wedge Into An AR-15 ( AR15 M4 Rifle )

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Edward Rios: Awesome, Thank You! Very simple and straight to the point.

Richard Fabbri: Sweet great vid man!!

Richard Lamoreaux: Cheaper and better way, using an o-ring.  Tight fit and you can still easily break the receivers apart.

Check out

DirtyBill308: This would NOT fit my Windham AR-15.

slopothacrop: yes, as stated before the accuracy improvement is mid to long range, not any thing before 200m, and only in rifles that are custom builds, or poorly fitted from a cheap manufacture, or a worn out drill bit used to tap the receiver holes, you will never see a difference in accuracy with a well fitted receiver (about .001 - .005 fit tolerance, that's the optimal range for good manufactures) and shooting at 50 - 100m, there will be no single thing you can add to your gun at those distances, that will make you a better shot, at those ranges any one can learn to shoot well with iron sights on just about any gun, be it a 10/22 to a Mosin Nagant, if you suck at these ranges it is shooter error, start to move past 200m out to 500m and your shot can be thrown off by a small gust of wind downrange. the less your gun moves the less trajectory interference, plain and simple and as for the Acu-Wedge this will help a rifle as mentioned above achieve these shots consistently where as with out the consistency  degrades to unacceptable for reliability

ELITEHAMSTER123: No problem. So have you shot with and without the wedge yet? There really is no difference in accuracy.

ELITEHAMSTER123: I actually got the PRS from ebay for about $100. I thought it was one of those airsoft clones that magpul licenced, but it seems solid enough. I did use an A2 with a foam pad made from a exercise mat and epoxy as a cheek riser until then though. It was very short due to the charging handle and so I switched it out.

ELITEHAMSTER123: Two ARs, different buffer tubes, different optics but same iron sights.

slopothacrop: my belief that you have not shot past 200y/m is derived at by your stance that a long range shot can be taken with a rifle that is not fitted with a fixed or locking adj stock. as any one who has attempted these shots know its almost luck to get to get 5-6" grouping with the mil spec adj stock and a poorly fitted receiver at 300m. you say argue with facts and that's all I've been doing except my assertation that you have not shot long range but you made it easy to spot. no insults meant sir.

slopothacrop: sorry i forgot the prs requires the removal of the castle nut, adj buffer tube (and all the springs and pins to go with it) installation of an A2 buffer tube and castle nut and endplate. this is not some thing you can take to the range and swap out for test comparison this is semi permanent gun modification. the prs is about 300$ almost the cost of a savage bolt gun. you could have had the same if not better amenities with a ctr and a cheek riser if your scope mounts are med- high for about 80$

slopothacrop: really, thats funny i dont know how you would swap the two stocks out in the field to get a comparison, as the PRS stock is a fixed stock and requires removal of the castle nut. are you saying you do all this in the field? or are now you saying you have two lowers/ ars? or are you saying you shot one before and now you have the other on it? either way it dont matter, distance does, shooting at 50m vs 300m will make a world of difference with those two stocks.

slopothacrop: well i answered that question for you well over a year ago but again, the acu wedge reduces movement between receivers to allow a more solid purchase and is the difference between a 2" group and a 5" group at 200+ yds/meters for me personally. ive been shooting well past that range since 2004 when i enlisted in the US ARMY and graduated from basic training from FT Benning GA.

ELITEHAMSTER123: And so how exactly does the wedge help this? We keep going into a loop about this with you always trying to prove your point by saying I never shoot past 200 yards. Were exactly did you pull out that range? Perhaps you have never shot past 200 yards until recently? Argue with facts and not ego please. I never once insulted you.

ELITEHAMSTER123: Ok, but that tells nothing. Someone else could shoot that same sloppy rifle and still get a good score. I have an AR with a magpul PRS and a dpms adj stock. I shoot approximately MOA with both. Its not the equipment at fault, its the shooter. I cant explain it any more, go out to the range, shoot both with and without the wedge (or with collapsible and fixed stock) and see the difference. And please keep bias from affecting your groups. Prove it to yourself.

slopothacrop: here's what you should do, go down to you local ARMY or MARINE recruiters office ask who is qualified to shoot marksmen or better, and ask him if he can make the exact same shot with the exact same weapon at the exact same distance of 500m and open sights with the only difference being one has a mil spec adj stock, and the other has a fixed stock and see what his answer is. or save your self a trip and watch a video on how adding a fixed stock adds accuracy to previously adjustable stocks.

slopothacrop: again its obvious you have never shot at anything past 200m. if all you got out of what i told you was i think a gun with mated receivers are the same as bolt guns, you missed the mark again, all "dual receiver" guns that are built for accuracy have furniture that will mock the sold feel of a bolt gun. plain and simple read a gun magazine, read a forum, educate yourself btw barrell optic shift is when you remove an optic and put it back on and have a different zero than before.

ELITEHAMSTER123: Again, remember we are talking about AR-15s. It is a dual receiver rifle. Why can we remove the receiver FROM THE STOCK (lower) and yet maintain zero? Because the optic is mounted to the upper which in turn is mounted to the barrel. there is no misalignment between sight and barrel which causes shifts in point of impact. This is a misconception that many members of the armed force have unless they previously worked on variety of firearms.

ELITEHAMSTER123: Again, shooter error not mechanical error. Also you keep thinking regular stocked guns are the same as dual receiver guns. They are not. Even if the receivers are misaligned, the optic is mounted to the upper, and so long as you visually check that your aim is on target the rifle will still perform. With or without the wedge. What you are thinking of is barrel optic shift, which does not happen in ARs (minus the two piece handguard mentioned previously.

slopothacrop: i think you comment's illustrate you have never shot at any thing past 200m, your talking of point of aim when im talking about minute forces generated by shooting in the prone, (uncontrollable ones like heartbeat), lemme break it down like this, US ARMY training VS keyboard commando pickle nuts. fyi every D.M.R. and every hunting bolt gun has a solid stock, and what a strange coincidence that when any of these rifles are fitted with a non locking adj stock's their accuracy degrades past 300m?

ELITEHAMSTER123: That's a shooter error not a mechanical error. Every time you look down the sights you don't fire if the POA is moving you wait until the POA is on your desired target. Either way, holding the rifle tightens the pins which eliminates any wobble as well as using a bipod or sandbag. You really have to try and get an alignment error by twisting the stock to the side while holding the forearm the other way.
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How to install an Accu-Wedge into an AR-15  ( AR15 M4 rifle )