Honda Accord Fuel Filter Replacement

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Honda Accord Fuel Filter Replacement
Honda Accord Fuel Filter Replacement
honda accord fuel filter replacment 2.2 diesel.
honda accord fuel filter replacment 2.2 diesel.
Fuel Cleaners And Your Car
Fuel Cleaners And Your Car
honda accord 2.2 i-ctdi fuel filter
honda accord 2.2 i-ctdi fuel filter
honda accord 2.2 i-ctdi fuel filter
honda accord 2.2 i-ctdi fuel filter

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CookieBeTheTopic: I'm trying to change mines but i don't know where to get a crowfoot at my local autozone don't even know what that is

Adrian Snare: How this U Tube gentleman was able to move his hands down there .. I have small hands and had to remove several items (brackets, hoses, etc..  A PITA job  ,  a good tutorial for U Tube ..

sledge hammer: crowfoot flare wrench , just when I thought I knew it all , how much did that filter cost approximately  , or I will look on line  ,  great video !

Diego Palomino: Thank you for the great video. I just changed the fuel filter on my 94 Honda Accord yesterday and it was a bitch but I did.

Nick Johnson: Awesome video, one of the better ones I've seen! I also appreciate the tool list at the beginning. Thanks!!!

Kevin Livers: great video 99 accord v6 ,,$400,!paid ,,4 door leather interior ,all the options,,, lol i was suprised ,first non american car,,quite fast ,ad a cold air intake ,,next chip ,then headers an strate pipes ,or shift kit ,,if they make them for ricers,,,still love my good ol american muscle ,,,but ill tinker with this for craps agiggels ,might chew up a ford or two

Alberto Torres: thanks.

Bonewell Jones: Thank you so much for this video. I've destroyed a couple of mechanics' confidence with this task and questioned my own sanity trying to do this on my own.

1occulas: great video. accurate, concise, with great images.

jkatman: Thanks for the helpful vid!
FYI: here's an alternative and afforcable fuel filter removal wrench made for removing the accord filter:

Roy Parungao: hi, txs for the helpful videos, I got a 1997 accord, it starts ok, idles ok, but when I drive it after a few meters it suddenly sputters and dies..what I do at times is pump the gas as fast as I can revive it, sometimes it works, but most, it dies, and I re-start..most of the time it does right away, sometime I need to try it 2-3 times before engine runs..HELP PLEASE..

Jj Sanchez: This video was very helpful.
-My 19mm crows feet wrench is a little to thick to fit the top of the filter. But did not need it as the filter was sturdy enough and the banjo bolt came off and tightened down fine without using crows feet wrench.
-The flare nut should be hand started onto the new filter first before attaching the filter bracket 10mm bolt to the car frame. Otherwise it is very hard to line up the flare nut to the filter threads.

ldm128168: excellent video!!!!!

Jeff G: Hi, nice video! I have a 1990 Honda Accord LX which has both fuel lines on TOP of the filter. That said, do you know if the inline from the gas tank has a 14mm flarenut on it?

Rocky corbett: thanks for the video!! it's my next project

Frederick Cruz: thanks

Shega! G: He makes me think I can do this!  Thanks!

Jawni Boi: Did you relief the fuel pressure before doing this?

Nathaniel Garrett: this explains why the auto shop wanted to charge me a crap ton of money to replace my filter. i decided to watch this video before i do it my self but it looks like it would be safer and easier to have a shop do it. and the fact that i have none of those tools (except your basic socket ratchet).

Dan Elmer: Wow mam great video. Very helpful I will be investing into some of these crow feet tools.
Honda Accord Fuel Filter Replacement 5 out of 5

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Honda Accord Fuel Filter Replacement