Honda Accord Fuel Filter Replacement

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Stix: Dude you always make great videos! Thanks for the tip on the Flare nut tool .. hope I am able to change mine out. I have over 300K on the vehicle and I am not sure when that filter was changed (I bought it when it had 92K on it). Car starts then stalls immediately - will not restart unless I prime it by cycling the ignition. I think my filter is due for replacement!

S Sweeney: Great video bush! Can you do a fuel pump replacement video?thanks!!!

Jesse Parker: Great video, but the crickets aren't impressed lol

According To Honda: I pulled my master cylinder off and saw the fuel filter and went "I better get that swapped while I have all this room"

I Still wanna kick a baby....

alejandro ibañez: do you know where is the fuel filter in a 2000 honda accord v6 3.0 engine

KashMoney650: All your videos are so freakin good! I never worked on my car before but after your video I was able to change my heater core hose. It was leaking fluid badly and could have overheated my engine.

Joseph Jehlik: Very good video. Well done. Thanks

Lyle J: Busho man just wanted to say I’ve been watching your videos a while and they’ve really helped me, you do very good informational videos with great view of what your doing at all times. I’ve changed out my distributor, transmission solenoids and heater core inlet hose, I also do my brakes and oil changes, but am going to do a tune up soon here and was going to swap out fuel filter as well, didn’t realize where it was tho I thought it would’ve been near the back wheel or passenger side lol, may need to calculate some extra time for this job tho lol. Thanks for the videos man keep it up!!

Bootney Lee: One of the best instructional videos I've seen on Youtube. Excellent work. Thanks!

david rae: Thanks for the video! Just had to replace a fuel injector and wanted to change the fuel filter as well. What a screwed up piece of engineering that fuel filter is! A part that needs to be replaced on a consistent basis, shouldn't be that hard of a job! The injector was a much easier process.

Larry Morris: great job thanks for the

Jona Mendoza: Hola yo tengo un ploblema con mi auto. Honda accor modelo 96. Le doy a ranque y me suena la bomba que es

CookieBeTheTopic: I'm trying to change mines but i don't know where to get a crowfoot at my local autozone don't even know what that is

Adrian Snare: How this U Tube gentleman was able to move his hands down there .. I have small hands and had to remove several items (brackets, hoses, etc..  A PITA job  ,  a good tutorial for U Tube ..

sledge hammer: crowfoot flare wrench , just when I thought I knew it all , how much did that filter cost approximately  , or I will look on line  ,  great video !

Diego Palomino: Thank you for the great video. I just changed the fuel filter on my 94 Honda Accord yesterday and it was a bitch but I did.

Nick Johnson: Awesome video, one of the better ones I've seen! I also appreciate the tool list at the beginning. Thanks!!!

Kevin Livers: great video 99 accord v6 ,,$400,!paid ,,4 door leather interior ,all the options,,, lol i was suprised ,first non american car,,quite fast ,ad a cold air intake ,,next chip ,then headers an strate pipes ,or shift kit ,,if they make them for ricers,,,still love my good ol american muscle ,,,but ill tinker with this for craps agiggels ,might chew up a ford or two

Alberto Torres: thanks.

Bonewell Jones: Thank you so much for this video. I've destroyed a couple of mechanics' confidence with this task and questioned my own sanity trying to do this on my own.
Honda Accord Fuel Filter Replacement 5 out of 5

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Honda Accord Fuel Filter Replacement