Emotion Code Example By Dr. Nelson Bradley

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Emotion Code example by Dr. Nelson Bradley
Emotion Code example by Dr. Nelson Bradley
Dr. Bradley Nelson showing the Emotion Code Technique 20 May 2012
Dr. Bradley Nelson showing the Emotion Code Technique 20 May 2012
Dr. Nelson. Nikken & The Emotion Code (Part 1)
Dr. Nelson. Nikken & The Emotion Code (Part 1)
Emotion Code Seminar NY May 2011 Muscle Testing
Emotion Code Seminar NY May 2011 Muscle Testing
Dr. Nelson. Nikken & The Emotion Code (Part 5)
Dr. Nelson. Nikken & The Emotion Code (Part 5)

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Jasmine kittykat: Can this heal prelife trauma ?

Daniel Brown: Why do magnets never cure things like AIDS or malaria or measles or provide birth control? Oh, because it's nonsense, I remember now.

Arcanda Aresha: thanks for uploading this vid, i already ordered his book :)
i have always been fascinated by the way our emotions affect our bodies and quality of life on daily basis. 

Arcanda Aresha: Trapped emotion in the subconscious mind.

daz samuels: Muscle testing can be deceptive. Depending on state. It won't always work.
But the core ideas here are interesting.

Brody Winmill: Stupid

ThiVas: I dooooont know about this. What i know is that a person with 8/10 pain from neck through toe shouldt be able to walk so easily. With a 10 you should scream from pain, with a 9 you should bite your teeth to hold and with an 8 you shou AT LEAST feel unconfortable! I would score myself 7 and i cant walk normaly due too back pain. I cant even stay still/straight at all!

MrJbh: When the arm remains stiff it means YES and when it is soft it means NO. iI have a therapist that uses this method but in her case its backwards, Stiff arm mean NO and soft arm means YES. Please Comment Thank you 

Ian Daniel: Hypnosis & NLP Language Patterns in action. Like a damned good car salesman. I've tried muscle testing on a quite a few occasions with the "best" in the UK and it's extremely inaccurate. Sorry to disappoint.

bottleracket: wait wait wait wait....i lied...last thing....so you don't have to read the chart of emotions because the unconscious mind is tuned into universal intelligence which...uh...INCLUDES THE CHART???? I stand corrected. I need not have said anything for obvious reasons...

bottleracket: I'm going to say one more thing here. Simply having Bradley TOUCH this woman on her neck the way he does during the demo (watch that closely) and run an object down her spine is like getting a small massage which releases endorphins, a natural pain-killer. So of course she's going to feel less pain after this. The real lesson here has more to do with human contact and less with magnets. I guarantee this woman today has not been rid of her chronic pain from this method, or else she might be told to keep repeating it and repeating it to get minor improvements each time. I really wish this would work for permanent pain relief for people who suffer but I just don't see it. Even THIS WOMAN can't get lower than saying she's at a 4 or 5 out of ten pain-wise AFTER the 'miracle' was performed. So that's a clear failure.

bottleracket: Sorry folks, the only way to release trapped emotion is to FEEL the repressed pain. This means you might have to re-live some serious childhood traumas such as beatings, sexual abuse, or neglect. This can also go back to birth trauma such as having the umbilical cord wrapped around your neck during childbirth or being deprived of oxygen, which happens frequently. There might be some placebo effect if you truly believe that running a magnet down your back for 8 seconds will cancel 50 years of repressed pain, but give me a break...

Marissa Cooper: 4:40 how does she know which emotion is at which place in the list?! 

5:18 he has not finished his answer yet, but she still moves her arm down. 

soadl80: right on the spot. for some unknown reasons I never liked Billy Joel and because of that I don't have a good vib from Dr. Nelson. I should say that I don't know Billy Joel in person or ever meet him.

piccolovic: Is there another vid on this?? I feel it was cut off then could not find another vid.

loui0008: Really appreciate your quick response, and will check your recommendation - thanks!

Jaro K: Hey Loui, yes you can test yourself but I don't recommend it. Sometimes you'll get results you're expect instead what is really going on. I was trying myself and failed. Most important, unless you take a course you don't know how to ask and in which order to get it right. I work my issues with with Charan Surdhar, UK based practitioner you can rear via skype and I recommend her. She's very fast and professional. likn to her web you can find on video description. Good Luck!

loui0008: Can I do this testing on myself, and how? Thanks

Jaro K: It's called kinesiology, you get Yes/No response from subconscious mind. If is it yes the muscle had 100% power, if answer is no, muscle loses temporary it's power. I recommend you to read the book from David Hawkins - Power Vs Force.

Andromeda: hey so since the video is a part of that conference, can you explain what is he doing with her arm?
Emotion Code example by Dr. Nelson Bradley 5 out of 5

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Emotion Code example by Dr. Nelson Bradley