Cleaning Of A Ruger P95

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tortillero313: He must have a HD Camera 

gacylikesbrutal: hey great vid im planning on buying one of these and i see you mentioned somthing about a break in perion where you will have more malfunctions than normal i know the guns cheap and it actually kind of scares me, does that mean that after 400 rounds its starts to malfunction and ill have to get it smithed? i dont wanna buy a gun thats only gonna last me 400 hundred rounds lol any insight on this would be awesome thanks!

Scorpiuszeroone: Once I got some oil in it and stripped it down a couple of times, seems fine. It was packaged inside the case within a plastic bag, which had appeard to have been oiled, but there was a puddle of oil on the mag loader. Probably just the way the case was sitting in storage. Seems good now, thanks for the reply.

dokedyaunhe: hey man thanks for the info on Field Stripping and cleaning the Ruger P95, it is my first handgun an wasnt sure on the whole process of cleaning and take down. your videos realy helped me understand the Ruger more in depth... thanks again

clubtc05: ya I bought some of that and Hoppe's oil...did you get my email?

M Murr: Alright Patrick I sold my p345 and I'm buying a new XD today,when is the breakdown and cleaning video coming?Take care.

Ryashon: i have been trying out this gun at the range for a couple months now . i think im going to purchase . i have fired about 400 or so round with the p95 and i really like the accuracy and feel to it. As a novice shooter i think it would make a great first gun. what do you think cure?

metaltiger74: UPDATE: i fixed my gun(ty cure and goodtrick) problem was that pin that holds the lever /spring lock/hammer mech was out just a little(on outside right on the grip by hammer) i pushed it back in,pulled the lever down and clip kinda snapped and it was cool after that now im gonna get me a 30rd mag from CTD.can't wait ! BTW: i use a kit sold at walmart from gunslick contains all the basics oil,solvent ,cleaning cloths,brush/twist rods etc goes for about 15 works just fine

RGMerkel: @stevePHXD I clean my P95 weekly, but I also use my P95 for conceal and carry so.

nuts 4 knives: I have a question about my new p95. When I took my slide off to do the initial cleaning I noticed there is a gouge with an actual hole in it where the barrel goes through the slide on the bottom between the barrel hole and the guide hole. It looks like a tooling gouge or mistake to me but a local gun shop told me it's probably suppose to be there to release air or something? Just want to be sure I didn't get a messed up one because I haven't even shot it yet. Thanks!

stchman: It is pronounced "Hop eez" and you can get it at any Walmart.

twizlathagreat: @pacoemoney cheap ammo or dirty barrell

CureForIgnorance: The powder I refer to is in the cartidges. The powder is in the case and burns rapidly in order to propel the bullet through the barrel and on downrange. The solvent's job is to dissolve the powder residue left in the barrel after the round has been fired.

Varangian1915: I believe the hammer should go all the way down each time. Maybe you should take her apart again to be safe.

tiasecret: thank u very much i just took apart the first gin ever in my life n clean it

metalmodman: hmm how fast can you take it apart and put it together?

CureForIgnorance: Ok, you're misunderstanding the "break in period". The FIRST 400 rounds I had quite a few malfunctions because the recoil spring was so tight. After the first 400 rounds, now that the gun is "broken in" (not "broken") I hardly ever have malfunctions. This is a great gun and it works very well. I took a minute to look at your collection and see you have another Ruger and a Walther P99. Since you have a Ruger already, maybe look at getting an XD. Its $50-100 more but would be a little different.

CureForIgnorance: No problem. I appreciate you making sure I made the video. Sorry it took so long... I was moving and all that. Glad it helped! Any other requests, let me know. I'm all out of excuses for delays... lol

Chuchen: So you should never oil the barrel, not even lightly just to protect it?

PrinceMustDie666: Some ideas that save lots of time and money. Who needs any $10 per oz cleaners, i uset a can of brake cleaner spray for $3z. hose down the upper and lower, scrub and wipe clean seconds. wipe the crannies with rags and q tips. For the barrel i do use hoppes but thats the only place you need that. Iyou will not find a better lubricant than mobil 1 oil, and/or use disc brake grease molybdenum kind on the slide rails and other heavy wear areas, $4 and will last you for years.

CureForIgnorance: It uploaded just fine, its just a reaaally old video. There is an HD version of the take down on my channel, HD cleaning video will be along soon.

05Dubb: nice video i just bought the p95 thanks for posting... dont you just love the easy take down???!!!

DJ28LETHAL: i use Hoppes all the time, it's funny that u mention that, u can find it through pickles sporting goods if you have not found it already

metwo222: does anyone have a vid for changing the back sights. i cant seem to get mine off and there cracked.

sllywbt: Yes , Great video just like all of yours!! An update in HD would be GRAND!! Please continue with the GREAT vids.

shaleko tayson: Just bought one and wanted to learn to break it down for cleaning ect... Honestly not watching a video with poor quality. Informative but doesn't help if I can't see what your doing!!!!!!!!!!!!

CureForIgnorance: Just got around to reading this comment and watching the video. Wow. That's really a bad idea. That risks blowback pressure and gives lead and powder something to glob onto. And as much oil as they put on, you also risk attracting and trapping moisture in the barrel and on the frame which would actually cause rust instead of preventing it. I wouldn't put that much on even if I was storing it for a long long time. Thanks for the heads up. I'm glad I watched that Ruger video.

John Canger: Patrick - Do you ever disassemble and clean the magazines? If so and it's not asking too much, could you please post a "how to" video?

CureForIgnorance: This gun is reliable and accurate, and the trigger pull is just fine. The nicest thing about a Ruger vs. a Glock is that Ruger has no history of slam firing. This gun will eat any ammunition I give it, and I don't have to dry fire it to take it down. They weight is a matter of preference. I think for a full sized duty weapon the weight is comfortable.

Varangian1915: you can still fin hoppes easily in new jersey. since this is mostly resin, the corrosion is slower that on a colt or something.

acs197: Thanks for posting these videos, they are very informative. By the way, I did find that my local Wal-mart carries Hoppes solvent. Thanks again for posting.

isisncasey: You had to make a video on cleaning a P95 ? It's one of the easiest guns to break down and clean ever !!!! PLUS you could get away with NEVER cleaning it since P95s seem to go on and on. PLUS you ONLY need WD40 to clean and lubricate it. Use an old rag and cotton swabs, that' all you need !

87bu11seye87: You can buy Hoppes at Wal-Mart. I usually pick some up along with a spray can of CLP when I'm there.

J White: Just bought my Ruger P95 recently. First time gun owner. Thanks for the video! Big help

Varangian1915: I haven't strip cleaned mine in 9 years, but don't follow my dumb example.

Duncan MacLeod: Just an FYI, In Rugers video they do oil the inside of the barrel. Check it out here on YouTube.

CureForIgnorance: Best way to get rid of serial numbers? You don't. The people I train to use firearms are not criminals and I'm certainly not going to advocate criminal behavior. As for Uzi vs. a Mac 10, Uzi is better. Its Israeli made and they do a very nice job machining them. Frontsight offers submachine gun courses where you could try it, check out the link on my channel.

partyinyourmouth: Nice video, thanks!


kerrih79: I just purchase a P95 and I found this video (and the one on field stripping said gun) very helpful! Very well done! Thanks. P.S. You can find Hoppes online. My local "wally world" even carries it. Very inexpensive and does a great job.

CureForIgnorance: Thanks a bunch! Its kind of funny that the three local gun shops I go to don't carry Hoppes and my local Walmart might? I'll have to check it out tomorrow. Again, thanks!

tripleseven300: Where did you get that pocket cleaning kit?

CureForIgnorance: First I've seen of this post, Mike. Thanks for the tip.

Vitali Klitschko: @metaltiger74 the lever on the right side of the gun, not the slide, but the gun, might be out, and you need to push it back in. same thing happened to my p95.

ianschecter: i personally have shot glocks and own a p95. i think the trigger pull on it is just fine, i have never had any problem with it myself.

CureForIgnorance: I'm teaching a CCW class this weekend with my father. I'll borrow his and do a video for you. I'll have a few I should be putting together. Thanks for the video request.

CureForIgnorance: @stevePHXD I clean mine after every range.

RustyKnight1217: Just a suggestion: You might want to recommend use of solvents that is designed for polymer materials.

bigwalt2990: I know how to clean a gun you turd, I need to break it down. I already have Hoppe's. This video was most un-useful..

M Murr: Thanks alot Patrick.Your videos are so informative and crisp.I've learned quite a bit from all of them.I wish I lived a little closer because I'd love to come and take a class in fact I wish that Illinois would consider CCW but that won't happen as long as Chicago runs the state.Maybe after the Supreme Court overturns the ban in D.C Chicago will be next. Happy In The Suburbs
Cleaning of a Ruger P95 4.5 out of 5

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