Cleaning Of A Ruger P95

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zamiryi: holy hell blurr

Ian Porter: Thanks!!

CureForIgnorance: My thoughts exactly. Thanks Flynt!

CureForIgnorance: It uploaded just fine, its just a reaaally old video. There is an HD version of the take down on my channel, HD cleaning video will be along soon.

kevinraven -klarson19: can't hardly see the gun and parts due to bad video quality maybe it didn't upload right great info though thanks.

CureForIgnorance: I appreciate that. I'll get an HD version up within the next week or two.

S Lopez: did a good job on the video but if u can HD it next time that would be great

bigwalt2990: I know how to clean a gun you turd, I need to break it down. I already have Hoppe's. This video was most un-useful..

CureForIgnorance: Just got around to reading this comment and watching the video. Wow. That's really a bad idea. That risks blowback pressure and gives lead and powder something to glob onto. And as much oil as they put on, you also risk attracting and trapping moisture in the barrel and on the frame which would actually cause rust instead of preventing it. I wouldn't put that much on even if I was storing it for a long long time. Thanks for the heads up. I'm glad I watched that Ruger video.

CureForIgnorance: Lol. Actually a Intel Pro PC Web Camera, CS430, about 6 years ago. I agree its time to reshoot and upload an HD video. Its on my list of things to do.

Herman Horkey: was this filmed with a potato?

nuts 4 knives: I have a question about my new p95. When I took my slide off to do the initial cleaning I noticed there is a gouge with an actual hole in it where the barrel goes through the slide on the bottom between the barrel hole and the guide hole. It looks like a tooling gouge or mistake to me but a local gun shop told me it's probably suppose to be there to release air or something? Just want to be sure I didn't get a messed up one because I haven't even shot it yet. Thanks!

Duncan MacLeod: Just an FYI, In Rugers video they do oil the inside of the barrel. Check it out here on YouTube.

SylvanusTheGreenMan: The P95 is a very durable pistol that can handle pretty much any 9mm ammo with little maintenance. Most gun pro's will tell you to only clean your gun after considerable amount of firing. While it is good to be very familiar with your gun break down, cleaning solvent after every range can speed some barrel erosion over time. You will find the P95 can go quite a long time without cleaning & can even wait until it starts to hang (may not be for over 500 rounds or perhaps 1000 depending upon ammo)

shaleko tayson: Just bought one and wanted to learn to break it down for cleaning ect... Honestly not watching a video with poor quality. Informative but doesn't help if I can't see what your doing!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lance Brasseaux: @adammeach Happens to the best of us. =)

adammeach: Oh my god, at 2:25 when you show the guide rod attaches to the case! I've had this similar kit for 5 years and always thought "why does it come with no butt piece to push from?" and the whole time the case WAS the end piece. I'm. Feeling. Stupid. Right now.

Josh White: Just bought my Ruger P95 recently. First time gun owner. Thanks for the video! Big help

CureForIgnorance: @Chuchen Never oil the inside of the barrel, it just gives something for the lead and powder to stick to. OIl the outside of the barrel and chamber only.

CureForIgnorance: @jliu524 Email me... Are you saying after you fire the first round the hammer doesn't go down all the way? Because it shouldn't. This gun is double action the first shot and single action thereafter. If I'm misunderstanding your question, email me.
Cleaning of a Ruger P95 5 out of 5

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Cleaning of a Ruger P95