Fridge Not Cooling? Defrost Thermostat Test Fridge Repair

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Fridge Not Cooling? Defrost Thermostat Test – Fridge Repair
Fridge Not Cooling? Defrost Thermostat Test – Fridge Repair
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Refrigerator Repair - Replacing the Defrost Thermostat (Frigidaire Part # 5303917954)
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Terje Kolbeinsen: What could cause the fridge to work "in reverse" It seem that the exchenger is cold, where the heat from the fridge is suppose to go.

gerodia geendale: can you use a universal defrost thermostat  it has orange and  pink wires  and my old one is dark and light blue if so what 2 colors do i wire together

s.magesh s.magesh: very usefull

c000159: My fridge is getting warm - freezer is normal. Took the panel off and the coils were all frozen. I removed the heater and checked it - it read 24 ohms. I checked the thermostat and it read around 1 ohms. So both appear to be OK. What else could be bad?  

SuperWatson63: mine obviously was bad. it split open. so no testing required. ordered a new one. no more icy,icy.

Jjames Anderson: I think your videos are good , but I this case it would have been nice to have a good explanation of how the part works exactly so the viewer that's watching can decide if there is good or bad. Don't get me wrong I love your videos .

Jjames Anderson: One more thing , this thing should be called a limit switch not a thermostat . Thermostats cause things to start and stop . This is a part that prevents over heating.

Jjames Anderson: This video is very misleading . I bought a new part and tested it my self. The way this part reads right out of the pack is a closed circuit , it stays a closed until it is very hot ,then it will open. The way it works in the fridge is give a closed circuit to the defrost element . If something goes wrong and the element get stuck in the on spot this thermostat will get very hot and internally will open to prevent dangerous overheating. The way I tested my new part was , I took a new thermostat out of the pack read it with meter , it read closed circuit , making it cold did not open it . The I took a hair dryer and heated it and it opened. Then I put it in cold water and it went to a closed circuit . That's how this thing works.

TheRepairGuru: You can also manually close the defrost thermostat by using a can of compressed air dust cleaner. Hold the can upside down and carefully spray the thermostat to instantly super cool it.

sour elghozlane: But electric current passes. When the refrigerator thermostat temperature rises and not when cooled

Mark Tyler: See Rosemary Stevens' comment below!   My experience was exactly the same as hers.  The ice water test failed for me, but the freezer test worked.

jonnydoe85: My thermostat doesn't have plugs to disconnect it. Would I have to cut the wires and remove it just to check it?

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william marcum: pour some salt on the ice it causes a reaction and makes water colder this worked for me my thermostat was bad. 

alex putra wicaksono: please help me solve this problem. my fridge has water drop sound inside the compressor when it start running from a pause. what has caused it? i had a repairman fix it before. is there some flaw that the repairman do?

Amber Wearstler: I had to put mine in the freezer to get the temp low enough to get a reading.

Rosemary Stevens: THE CUP OF ICE WATER TEST IS NOT ALWAYS RELIABLE. I tested my suspect thermostat using this method and it showed no continuity, so I ordered a new one. When it arrived I decided to test it before installing, and it showed no continuity. Assuming it to be defective, I asked for a replacement. I decided to test the replacement, and it also showed no continuity. I thought it was strange that both were defective, even testing at 3 minutes, 10 min. and 15 min. in ice water with 2 different multi-testers. Then I put them both in a working freezer overnight. The next day they both showed continuity, meaning they both were working correctly. It seems the cup of ice water test is not the best test. Try using a working freezer instead.

Mara Natha: Thanks for the video. 
Could you please help me with checking the defrost heater? I did the continuity test and it was positive. Then I checked the resistance and found that it is ZERO. Does this mean my heating element is bad?

Fred Allen: Yesterday I was in a bad mood when my new defrost thermostat (L55 - 35F) tested the same as my original one. It measured 56,000 ohms at room temperature AND after 10-20 minutes of ice water.
Hitting the internet i found ablog that made total sense. My model of defrost thermostat has a high resistance rather than open to allow a low level of heat on the heater for the rest of the defrost cycle to prevent water drops freezing on the way to the drain trough. After I defrosted the freezer totally which allowed air passage through the previously frost filled coils thus freezing could then function again I placed BOTH new and old thermostat into the freezer for an hour. Presto bad mood gone......the original one still measured 56 k ohms (56,000 ohms) and the new one measured 0 ohms. Today the freezer will have the new one installed with issue fixed. I know it will be fixed because the defrost timer was replaced last month and the heater measures 30 ohms. Plus i had placed a wire jumper in place of the defrost thermostat then forced a defrost by slowly turning the defrost timer manual dial till the freezer fan stopped...once the ice cube placed against the heater started to melt fast,,,fix should be A OK once defrost thermostat is changed.
Fridge Not Cooling? Defrost Thermostat Test – Fridge Repair 5 out of 5

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Fridge Not Cooling? Defrost Thermostat Test – Fridge Repair