G-BOX Midnight MX2 1080P With XBMC Full Auto Update Now Available!

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Ghenghy: That G Box is the biggest piece of crap I've ever seen. Mine is going back to Amazon tomorrow.

Borman Bravo: HI does this version work good for you? I just can't seem to run without the box clocking and having to reboot to recover from a freeze or just simply crashing when playing HD or live TV, really sucks, Im using the XBMC version that came with the G MX2 box, thanks -  I appreciate it!

Smart Tech Streaming: What skin is that in the video.

Jeffrey Kohus: I bought the gbox a few months ago and pretty much only use it for watching movies on the media player. Now after each movie when I go to back out it freezes up and I have to reset the whole thing in order to watch next show, movie. any suggestions? not sure how to update this thing. thanks

G-Box Canada: We have the fix on our website with complete instructions

Jose Rivera: Hello Phil i have the same problem, stuck in Matricom logo. What can i do?

Phil Macdonald: tooth pick in av hole m8 theres a rest button there

Phil Macdonald: yeah I used it_ it works great thanks thought I was f@@ked but BIG THANK YOU im back on

G-Box Canada: We have an SD image on our website to unbrick "stuck on Matricom Logo" also it might help


Alain Lebret: Hello. My gbox MX@ is not fully working. it powers on and the caroussel menu is there but I can open any icon. The only icon I could click and open is the setting icon. I cannot open, the web browser, the local apps, all apps etc..I don't want to ressett the box again because I already did twice (with the tooth pick) since I purchased the box. Any can help, Thank you

MMReason13: what joystick would you recommend to use with the g box

Glen Normington: How do I turn it on the I click the bluetooth toggle and it says turning on then dosnt ??

G-Box Canada: It is supported, we also sell the bluetooth dongle for it

Glen Normington: Why isnt bluetooth supported on the gbox mate. Or is it coming in a update ??

Glen Normington: Ok thank you so much. I love this box. Do you know I can put the xbmc special edition on my adroid phone ??

G-Box Canada: exactly like before, with all the repos pre installed

Glen Normington: So it will just be the same as before ?? So can play mkv files and that ?

G-Box Canada: we have it available on our website with all other files you may need
G-BOX Midnight MX2 1080P with XBMC Full Auto Update Now Available! 5 out of 5

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G-BOX Midnight MX2 1080P with XBMC Full Auto Update Now Available!