Tao Tao 1 Year Review 5000km

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Tao Tao 1 year review 5000km
Tao Tao 1 year review 5000km
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Yaroslav Sherling: I just got a green one like that and different rims but I can’t figure out about CDI it seem like missing one cable that supposed to be the one that restriction cable so now I don’t know how to derestric it bc not sure which cable I need to remove ?can you help or make a video about it

Hailey Phillips: I owned a older Chinese scooter and it was pretty good but I’ve heard that Italian scooters are some of the best you can get

sam3d: thats a frankenstein scooter

Cory Palmerini: best RTV gasket silicon is 'The Right stuff' it had partials of aluminum it's 8 times stronger than any Silicon n takes more heat

Victorian Sculptures: I have over 6,000 on my 2012 TT50, I ride it all year round here in Iowa, even in the snow. The first thing I got rid of was that ridiculous trunk thing on the back when that broke, but kept the metal rack under it as its a handy handle and the required flag attaches to that.

SandStorm Power: Oh dear... Shall I mention my Italian gilera stalker with already 50000 kms?
Was crashed by the previous owner, everything works, still reaches 80km/h, and downhill manages 90km/h.
I take it to off-road because that's what she is good for. And... Runs! Just regular yearly maintenance.
Only bad things in 21 years of use? Had to replace the fuel vacuum petrooster. Started motor and starter button.

Yes that taotao is pretty. But won't handle the treatment mine suffers. Piaggio engines rocks

D PIW: You needed a "ziptie mafia" sticker for that so bad!

Eddie Emery: I have a tao tao thunder. I was thinking about a big bore kit. I talked a guy who rents scooters. Awesome advice. He sold me a 20mm carb. and a a aftermarket cdi unit. I'm getting 50 to 55 mph now.

Sharon zacharias Louis: mine is allready ride about 1700 km...so far i didnt do anything maintanance except oil changes,even though its electric ignition is not working since it has 100 km..but as long as i can use the kick start i am not going to fix it.

Defiant Deity: Got to love that Chinese quality control on these scootah's! LMAO I want to buy one of these just to see how long it would take for me to destroy the engine and then I can light it on fire and let it fly off a cliff at the end.

Rikkan4: Lol all your screws fell out, oil leaks, constant mantience, that's the reason people pay 1 to 2 thousand to not have to deal with that stuff, but I mean if you have the time and patience and know how totally man I agree

lokey 7: How fast did it go stock ?
Tao Tao 1 year review 5000km 5 out of 5

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Tao Tao 1 year review 5000km