NVIDIA GTX 660 Vs GTX 660 Ti

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NVIDIA GTX 660 vs GTX 660 Ti
NVIDIA GTX 660 vs GTX 660 Ti

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Lee Neighoff: I recognize those opening chords! Burn for You by tobyMac

Galaxy: I have a MSI NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 4GB Gaming G1 - I run all games 1920 x 1080 Ultra Settings - And the 960 Is a cheap Card It is 200$ Minimum

one human123: nicolas11 i like your review very much and u do a good job ,better than linustecttips ,...keep up the good work .but  i would really like you  to help me out to select the version model  of gtx 660.i mean i live in india and here we only get zotac,asus and msi brand and zotac is very popular here .i have made my mind to buy zotac gtx 660.but it has two model one is zotac 660 standard wth two cooling fans and the other is zotac 660 synergy edition with one fan .the synergy edition is slightly overclocked .booh price is same so which one should i go .plese help .

John Smith: cool thanks for this test. helped me in what gpu to buy.

potpolima: yeah on planet mars

Juan Cruz Fernandez: Why chuck?

Josh: I think he wants all of the GPUs. Nuts


Juan Cruz Fernandez: GET A 760!

Sulli: What are the parts?

DahOnlyNpuna: i need your help, im new to this pc business and im thinking of getting a gtx 660, ill mainly be using to for my games design course but is it worth me getting it? my budget is roughly £150-£250 " sorry dont know what that is in dollars" would appreciate your help pc pros :)

xXmrflipXx: not realy... not even two 780 require even 600 watts alone, maybe in a system, but there you can go with two 780´s and an i7 3770k overclocked with a good and solid bequiet silver or gold 750 watts ?! :D

goonsmile: GTX 660's isn't enough. you need a bare minimum of 900 watts. The two graphics cards alone require 900 watts. haha

123412341234: Idiot. My custom built $450 rig can do the same thing at 1080p too. I feel sorry for you, lol.

Diavolo222: dont decide between those.instead of getting7870 or a old as 660 ti get a 760 which is cheaper and better.

Gašper Čarman: I've checked around on google about your problem a bit. My suggestion would be that you try using different cable for example if you are using HDMI right now try VGA or something like that or test your monitor if it's if I'm not mistaken plug for example for VGA is not broken. It's possible that it's monitors fault if it's not than either hardware or rarely software. Even if suck a thing would happen on their driver they would fix it I doubt that they are that sloopy.

The Diamond Play Button: No... it says "HD 6800 series" I tried this before... and aboud drivers, they are correct, cuz I'm checked few times and after that installed

Gašper Čarman: For exact model try chacking under device manager for Windows 7 it's right click computer Manage than select device manager tells my exact model under Display adapters whan it comes to drivers crashing it sounds like you have wrong drivers installed at least I've never heard of that happening.

The Diamond Play Button: I preffer Nvidia, my HD 6800 (exact model is not shown anywhere) drivers crash every day by making my screen black for 10~20 sec and freezing all the games that I played at that momment

Gašper Čarman: I know alot of people using AMD GPUs and they never had any problems with drivers unless if you use steams detection for drivers or something like that and you end up getting drivers for wrong graphics card.
NVIDIA GTX 660 vs GTX 660 Ti 5 out of 5

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NVIDIA GTX 660 vs GTX 660 Ti