Stevens Favorite Falling Block

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Gus McCrae: I should also add.
This is a Stevens Favorite not a Stevens 44. Two completely different rifles with the Favorite being a much smaller version of the 44. The Favorite was considered a boys rifle.

Alexandre Costa: BELISSIMO RIFLE

Gus McCrae: Your rifle is referred to as a rolling block model. In reality it is considered a swinging block and not a TRUE rolling block, referrance DeHass bool.

Rifleman2.0: gorgeous, too bad you are having mechanical problems

Revernd Idaho Spud: Very pretty! Hope by now you have gotten it fixed.

scopeboy66: Looks like your dad is a master wood smith. His gunsmith probably farmed out the other work. The extractor on your gun is a 100 year old design any gunsmith worth a damn can fix that. Pay the cash and have it fixed. Your dad made you that gun for a reason..... To shoot  

lambadafan: Ammo for the .25 rimfire can be fabricated using the Winchester.17 Super Magnum rimfire cartridge cases. Very carefully!!!

chapiit08: Go to your local bookstore (Barns & Noble, etc) or to your Public Library and look for the Gun Digest Book of Firearms Assembly/Disassembly. There are several volumes, each covering different types of firearms.

Eagleguts: A good solution for those with a 25 rimfire would be to reline it to 22 which is easy and you can get the liner from Brownell's I am sure. I have a stevens favorite and a crackshot, both of them put together wouldn't be worth 10 percent of the value of this rifle WOW!

GardandGuns: I am sorry, I have not taken apart the internal of this rifle yet.

randomvideoaccount4: I have a cheap one that i took apart to clean and now I can't reassemble it! Got any tips?

Andre Gross: Old guns have a thing, thy work when you don't need them. When you need them. They fail. Happens with my dads crosman 760. man that gun has problems. You could call me a airgunsmith if you want, bringing old airguns back to life. And this gin has me stumped...

crf150f15: i got one camberd in 25 stevens and i want to know if i get a 22 barrel for it will it still go in the reciever

Tinstar2: Wow...that is absolutely beautiful! Good luck with your repairs. I have just ordered one of these, but it isn't the take down model as I can't find one in stock anywhere. Do they still make the take down model? Anyway, I love this kind of rifle, kind of like a small Sharps. I wasn't aware of the problems this model has so I'm glad that I ordered through Davidsons Gun Gallery as they have a great warranty on the firearms that they sell. The dealership that it ships to is great also.

DerputyDawg: I inherited one of these from my dad. It's a .25 Stevens rimfire, so I'll never get to shoot it!

GardandGuns: @eldudeny Thanks for the information, I hope to get it looked at soon.

Ed Schmit: You have a head space problem, common and an easy fix on a metal lathe for Stevens Favorites. (Could be why your cartridge is stuck) You will need to set back the barrel trim a bit of wood from the forearm and maybe re-cut the extractor groove. Often when building a custom rifle from a Stevens Favorite frame, the frame and barrel were threaded to eliminate the set screw and end the problem you have. Beautiful custom gun but I'm a collector of original Stevens Arms. Cheers and enjoy.

GardandGuns: @Jrhoney It has a problem with the extractor.

JRhoney: Great looking rifle! Too bad about the issues its having. Is the breech face dented which is causing the cases to stick or is it just a busted extractor?

OVERKILLGaming: awesome
Stevens Favorite Falling Block 5 out of 5

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Stevens Favorite Falling Block