Mercruiser 4.3l V6 Thru-hull Exhaust

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mercruiser 4.3l v6 thru-hull exhaust
mercruiser 4.3l v6 thru-hull exhaust
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Mau Menendez: It sounds amazing!!! I'm trying to do the same thru-hull as yours, but can you help me with some pictures? please let me know! Btw nice video!!

windsorboat: @draycoent3853 no search grew powerboats. more important is finding a direct route from the manifolds to the transom. remember the tubes should run down on an angle to prevent water running back into the motor. you could go out the side too if it works, there are special recessed tips for this. look at crownlines and campion chase.

Tyler Endres: thats a v6

flashes94: im not so sure thats a v6

Paulsmarine .Services: Uhhh,,,,,,,no!!!!! No chance,

612lsaFendt: sounds better than a v8

windsorboat: @draycoent3853 this will prevent spider cracking. insert tips with plenty of marine sealant so water cannot get into the transom... VERY IMPORTANT!!!! next measure lenght and cut tubing and tighten clamps. done!!!!

BeastModeBabbay: @guitarboy12341 my dad said that was a straight up lie to no where nere

draycoent3853: @windsorboat I owe you big time, Thanks so much. I will be looking forward to learning all I can before I take on the task at hand. You ROCK!!!!

rudolphna54: It's a GM 4.3L Vortec V6, the same V6 used in the S10 pickup, and blazer, etc.

BeastModeBabbay: wow such a lie

windsorboat: @draycoent3853 hey bud, any luck with the thru-hull?

windsorboat: @draycoent3853 did you get my other comment.... i don't think it went through. anyways when i go home next month (i work out of town) i will take some pics and send them. i posted this cause i could not find any other clips on the net. i'd be glad to help any way i can.

windsorboat: @draycoent3853 i'm sure a marine place could do this in a couple of hours as they have the expereince. shouldn't cost too much and then you can be certain it's done right. i had a friend help me from the industry.

Paulsmarine .Services: 60 to 65 what? Not mph!!!

windsorboat: @rchceramics plug the y pipe inside the boat.

RLWSNOOK410: That sounds awesome!!! that boat sounds angry.. in a good way!!

draycoent3853: I have the same motor and drive....What have you done to it and How can I do the same.

draycoent3853: @windsorboat I might run into some problems with location, My boat has a builtin platform that might prevent me from goining out the back, I just might start crying here......Well anyways I have to do some research and see what my options are. But you have giving me hope and for that I am thankful I might take a pic of the back of mine and maybe you could give me some input on what you think. If thats not asking to much of you. I don't want to become a pain in the butt.

92sonoma: I believe you that its a 4.3 V6, theyre awesome engines and i have worked on them for years. Sounds awesome by the way. I need to do the exhaust on my 88 rinker that way, older boat but still has the 4.3

windsorboat: Its a 2007 stock v6 with Carb and NOTHING done to it.

windsorboat: @draycoent3853 totally stock motor with about 50 hours. 2007 grew 185, does 60 mph on speedo, 57 on gps. ventilated and padded hull gives it the speed.

Michael Stallman: That's a v7 people shshhhhh Ps4.3 rock

612lsaFendt: shure mph. a 205 hp v6!

rpellerin87: I never knew you could get a 4.3 mercruiser to sound like that! and the rest of the motor is stock??

flashes94: a v6 with a radical cam could possibly pull that off. as it warms up it starts to sound like a v6.

draycoent3853: did you have anything done to the motor? I'm thinking maybe a cam can you take pics of the work you did on the inside of the engine compartment. The more pics and different views the better..I have been wanting to do this for several years, you are the first that I have found that showed what it sounds like and I MUST have it done to mine I have a Mariah Z195 Barchetta What boat do you have?

windsorboat: OK all you idiots who don't think this is a v-6..... why would I post this and lie about it. Grow up.

draycoent3853: @windsorboat not to be stupid but, I Windsor the brand name of the boat, I want to look it up on line and compare to the back of my Mariah

jtm1st: im installing a thru hull exhaust on my 4.3l what are the dimensions to the exhaust holes

FriscoJarretts: That sounds more like a V8

draycoent3853: @windsorboat well, any work that gets done on mine unfortuneatly has to be done by me I cant afford to hire out any work right now. I'm not afraid to do the work, just need to know what to do and what NOT to do. Thanks anyway! Hope you have fun with the boat.

tmann0717: yea try running it with a gps in your hand. dont believe that speedometer, its never right in a boat

windsorboat: @draycoent3853 next remove elbows from manifolds and tubing that goes to the y pipe. next cut some 1" thick teflon the exact shape of the y pipe opening (one for each side) insert them in the y pipe tubes untill flush then reuse old clamps to seal. next the fun part.... measure and remeasure the placement of the tips on the transom. using a hole saw that will allow the tips to fit snuggly, make your holes. for the first bit put the drill in reverse untill you get through the gelcoat.

windsorboat: @draycoent3853 all you have to do is get some 4" flexible marine exhaust tubing, some SS exhaust clamps and some exhaust tips (many choices).

windsorboat: @draycoent3853 ya mariahs are very well built meaning heavy... but thats good for big water and busy lakes.

draycoent3853: @draycoent3853 doea a tip Have tobe completly topside of a waterline since they have flaps

rchceramics: hi how do you stop water coming through the prop exhaust presuming it had this before you converted it. btw sound awesome

draycoent3853: @windsorboat mine gets about 52 mph. I have been told that a Mariah is a very heavy boat though I OK with the speed (OK not really) but I must have more noise from the exhaust......I can't wait.....I have not been this geeked in a long time.....Sawweeeeet!!!

BeastModeBabbay: @guitarboy12341 listen to this its a v6 (Donzi 16 4.3L V6 Open Exhaust ) type that in and listen becuse ur dad must have lied to u

BeastModeBabbay: @guitarboy12341 staright up bs:)

MrKyleg76: yes its a v6 people these motor have around 470 lift and the exhaust is only like 2ft long straight thru hual i have it on my bayliner 185 sound like a v8 but its a v6

windsorboat: @draycoent3853 yup, mine are atleast 6 inches above. all tips have flaps either internal or external to prevent waves from rushing up.... this would be bad.

TheNewalta: Nice sound.Same boat I have Grew just wondering what your top end is,My grew is 17.5 in length and cranks to about 60 -65 and almost leaves the lake thanks

windsorboat: @draycoent3853 nah dude... i totally understand! i sleep dream and eat boats. no problem at all. while you're at it check out my other videos and the one of the little rocket i built for the kids... i get the fealling you'll like it.

draycoent3853: @windsorboat Yeah, I have seen the crownlines and do like that I have seen some bigger Mariahs with them on the sides too...I have to think it will be easier to go out the back for my first attempt Are your tips completely topside of the waterline?
mercruiser 4.3l v6 thru-hull exhaust 4.8 out of 5

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mercruiser 4.3l v6 thru-hull exhaust