Threading My Moustache And Eyebrows

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Threading my moustache and eyebrows
Threading my moustache and eyebrows
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Nisha Davdra: I read all your comments and thank the Youtube community for helping others with this topic. Β Yes it will hurt if your hair is thicker and more stubborn. This will hurt if your hormones product more hair but only initially. After you've been through the whole hair cycle, you will notice the hair is thinner, less stubborn and over time it will get patchy. I've been doing this since I was 21 and have huge patches where there is no hair growth on the upper lip. It does not hurt at all now. I don't even get the sting in my eye. Hope that helps. Love you guys x

Rajani Roka: thank you sis, it helped me a lot!

Radha Desai: Okay, so I could do it better when I tried it this evening. Apply some talc/powder, the thread will glide over your skin and that really helps to pluck off the hair. Also, if your thread is old, try using a new one. This one is for all of you who found threading difficult. Of course, you need to practice this. But these tips should defi help y'all.

Radha Desai: I have attempted this several times in the past but with no success. Tried doing it again after watching this video and could remove a few. I guess I'll need some practice. Thanks for the video, very helpful!

Kimberly Ann: Yep this is how I do it :)

rupali Jagtap: really nice πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

Shanaynay O'keil: I am in loooove with your nose that I had to sub ! You are so beautiful and seem so sweet ❀

Darko Shmarko: Your eyes are lovely :)

Peter Piper's Pickles: I just lost my tweezers like 2 weeks ago and idk why but i thought using nail clippers was a good idea? It did work but i'll try this

Jasmeet Kaur: the games called cats cradle

nay 1621: does it makes the hair thicker and darker after threading? please answer this

StoneWroc: Really gave me the courage to go for the small hairs at side of top lip. Will do some more later. I think this could become addictive! X

kanokon kaewla: Thank you very much.

Lynn Velasco: Thanks Nisha for this! I just saw your video and I applied after watching it.... I will not go to the salon to thread my mustache! Yes!

Alexiveosi: I've been doing it for 2 hours and not a single hair has been removed πŸ˜‘ am I doing it wrong?

youngmedusa: I love when you said "tache" lol

priya kutty: Apply castor oil and after sometimes remove your hair. It won't hurt :-)

Ankita Das: great video vd illustration. I've seen my videos n tried numerous times to do this. But You've been the best and I could actually understand how the fingers need to work in coordination like scissors. Although it took me quite a lot of time and now literally my fingers dug into the thread and it hurts now. it took me an hour.
video was superbπŸ‘ but can u let me know how to avoid the thread being dug into your fingers?

Cool k: Omg this is by far the best facial hair removal video I love you girl and you know what you earned your self a beautiful subscribe β€οΈπŸ’πŸ˜˜

404now: this is the best tutorial I've seen yet. Thank you so much for doing it.
Threading my moustache and eyebrows 5 out of 5

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Threading my moustache and eyebrows