Wireless Flash Control With The Canon 60D

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Wireless Flash control with the Canon 60D
Wireless Flash control with the Canon 60D
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60d wireless system review
60d wireless system review
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Manny G: Thanks playa!

Brenda Vestal: If the first choice & the LAST choice fire BOTH, what is the difference? Great video, going to try tonight!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU for GREAT explanation!!!

Blmkn Altay: ooooooh thank u!!!👍👍👍👍

aznfatboii: i'm working with a 530 ex (the old one) both flash and camera are on ch 1 but the external flash doesn't go off can you please help?

Farzad Lameh: Very good video but I have a problem. Although I select only external flash to fire, built-in flash also fires that makes my object looks bad. I only want the external flash to fire. Also, I don't know why it doesn't lights up the object well enough.

Thank you for your response in advance.

I have Canon 70D with Insignia™ - TTL External Flash for Canon.


Damaris Rosario: Hi, I was just wondering would this setting also work with studio strobe or monolights?

shitforall .blackcat: when i want to enter to buil-in flash func setting, i get a message that says: this menu cannot be displayed. external flash is attached, why? i have a speedlite 430exii... thanks!

ekpaila: thank for the video, it would be better if you could also share the flash settings

Adil LAMIZI: Hi please can you tell me how can I know how much fotos did the canon like 60d
Sorry for my bad english I write you from marocco

Станислав Штрих: thanks a lot, dude!
You really saved me )

Adi Pplayer: Hi, thanks for your videos! Was just wondering, why not to use a proper softbox instead of expensive canon speedlite? Thank you

Gilson Nunes: THANK YOU Mark !!!!!

agya oppong: it didnt work for me, i have a 60d and 430 exIII
what im i doing wrong

Calvin Kokot: Thanks that was great help

Molinari Pixel: Thank you Mark!

E Miff: Thank you for an excellent video Mark. Thanks to you I now understand wireless flash on my Canon Keep up the excellent tutorials

Pam Reynolds: Thank you for explaining lighting so well in this video, especially for 'us oldies' who have taken up photography in their retirement.  

DonkeyProductz: What flash were you using?

Seanny D: When shooting in LIVE view, for those who don't know, there is an option for the autofocusing for situations. Live View is the default where the white box you see on the monitor will be the area for the camera to focus on. This is good for if you want to get low to the ground and focus on a subject by turning the wheel to move that focus box.

The second option is the Live view Face Detection. Obvious what it means. The camera, in autofocus, will look for faces to focus on when the shutter button is halfway pressed or via remote.

The last one is Quick Mode. I use this to autofocus quickly like during sports games where it'll be easier to look through live view than the viewfinder. Good for focusing on fast movement on the spot. Using any of the other two will take time for the camera to focus.
Wireless Flash control with the Canon 60D 5 out of 5

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Wireless Flash control with the Canon 60D