Samsung Galaxy S2 Disassembly//Take Apart/Tear Down Tutorials

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Sabahan YouTuber: not a complete tear down. u didnt remove th screen and the home button.

NamekHoe: i'm gonna buy the charing port, but i'm unsure if if found the correct type. i got the samsung s2 i9100, but i'm looking around on ebay and i notice some have pointed out that there is a difference between "GT-I9100 REV 2.3 / GT-I9100 REV 2.2". can you help me out finding the correct type before i order from ebay? i live in europe in case the charger ports are different in the US

rumvodkaf1: WTF I thought you said it would be easy!

That first song was good.

Ritesh Mistry: Thank you for your repair video, helped so much repairing my old phone used by my son :) Now need to do the same process for my S4 o_O

threehappypenguins: Ahhhh! And here this whole time I thought I had to pay someone to solder on a new USB port! I can just replace the whole ribbon piece! I see them for $10 on Ebay with free shipping! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Sooooo happy!!!

mibars: Wait, my i9100 looks completly different inside, even battery connectors are on opposite side!

Amine mokhtari: Hello . i have a problem with my samsung galaxy i9100p when i click on switsh off it keep restart the phone wont turn off .. please i need help

rarmst2: Worst music I've ever heard.

baggins555: You should talk in your video. Have to turn sound down to even make it through the video due to the crappy music. Thanks for the tutorial anyway.

Playstation FIVE: how to take apart the screen?

Evan Englezos: Thank you, worked for me, did not remove the whole motherboard, just the bottom right screw on the motherboard.

Hama A: Good video thanks, but I had to undo the back again for I found two extra screws!!! you forgot to screw the charging port flex cable back :) or may be it was unscrewed already for i didn't see you unscrewing the charging port after you took the back housing off!! also u don't need to remove the motherboard and camera...etc

Snowpuff420: no good horrable music mute function broken couldnt watch vid it was makeing my ears bleed

kattysat: My opinion on the guy removing a lot more than needed to replace the charging module is that it's probably helpful for others who want to replace other parts in the phone apart from just the charging port... although the video description would be better titled 'Galaxy S2 complete disassembly' or something along those lines.

Toxi Core: lol why does he remove so much he doesnt need to remove ?!

bell lab: ok, I didn't do all this because I just sent it in to Samsung because replacing the port may not be the real issue people... beware.. and you can see from other comments soldering issues/not needing to remove motherboard and stuff....
but lastly.. I'm sorry but why did you torture me with that first song?? cries 

jsamuelmejia: Loved the second song and the vid! I hope I can do the same with my phone!

infi coelho: y did u do such a long cut to remove the charging connector dude???

Martin Melendez: Hi what's name artist of the second song? please

Bob Christopher:      CAUTION! - Choose the correct part when ordering this.  Before ordering, take off the back as instructed in this video and look at the USB board on your phone.  Note what the microphone looks like, a little to the left of the USB port when turned over .  When you are looking at photos of this circuit board at the site where ever you shop, make sure you get a board with matching mic.  Don't be fooled by a rev # that might be higher than yours, thinking you are getting an improved version.  Get the one that matches!

     You will see two different types, one mic has a small gold metal enclosure, and the other has a larger gray plastic enclosure (like in this video),  and they will both be said to work with the S2 i777 and i9100.  I made the mistake (fortunately only a $6.00 and 20 minutes of my time wasted mistake) of getting the gold version when mine was gray.   The board with the wrong mic worked fine, and corrected all the problems I had been having with my S2, but when I went to use the voice to text function, I had to literally yell into the mic from one inch away to get it to work.  And even then it was not nearly as accurate. People I called also said they had some trouble hearing me unless I spoke loudly.  So I spent 8 bucks for the matching one, installed it today, and everything is back to normal.  Lesson learned.  But still a very cheap repair for a vexing issue.

     Oh, and as others have said, there is no need to remove the entire motherboard and all those extra parts at the top. At least not with the i777.   Just unplug the 3 ribbon cables on the right side, the one at the upper right top, and the antenna wire.  You only need to left up the motherboard a bit near the bottom where it covers the USB ribbon cable, enough to grab the USB plug, and begin lifting that board out from underneath.  The USB cable has a peel and stick coating on the back holding it down, but it's the removable kind, just be gentle.  You can stop unplugging and removing stuff at about the 2:43 part of the video, and skip to the 3:50 section where he actually starts to remove the USB board.  I have now done this process three times - once as a trial run, once with the wrong board, and finally again today with the right one.  Be careful lifting the bottom of the motherboard.  Go only high enough to pull off the USB cable, and you should be fine.  Unless the i9100 is constructed differently, it should be the same with that.

     Thank you ETrade Supply, for this great video.
Samsung Galaxy S2 Disassembly//Take Apart/Tear Down Tutorials 5 out of 5

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Samsung Galaxy S2 Disassembly//Take Apart/Tear Down Tutorials