2004 + Lincoln Navigator / Aviator Shifter Is Stuck - Won't Move From Park Or Move

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2004 + Lincoln Navigator / Aviator Shifter is Stuck - Won't move from Park or move
2004 + Lincoln Navigator / Aviator Shifter is Stuck - Won't move from Park or move
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crosschofas: sucks that it's a little different concept with a 07! i hope its just something like this?

Mared Jaffar: Thanks for the video

Art Baisley: To get the top cover off... once you have pried down the boot and chrome trim ring if you look closely at the base of the knob (you can see it int his video just above the screw hole) you will see a white tab. Pull or pry that tab down to remove. Once that is off the top cover pulls right out. Complete the repair, install the top cover, and reinsert the white clip.

Whitetruedat2: Dude, Life saver. Thanks for the video.

mememe001: Thank you!! I watched your vid and then fixed mine in less than ten minutes. You're a lifesaver!

inocencio reyes: My 03 navigator got stuck on park....I don't know what to do...please help

clauscaceres: Thank You very much for your video, you are gonna save me $600

Mitoska1977: Thanks so much for posting this. I was able to fix my shifter with out have to replace the whole thing or pay the dealer for anything. One thing I was not sure of since you already had it off when the video started is how to get the top cover of the shifter off that gives you access to the spring area, I got mine off but broke it in the process. Thanks again though

mj moore: I have an 05 aviator ..same assemble... my shifter button stopped working so i took it apart and the "oval hook" that the pin behind the button is attached to that u see in the video.. is broken.. it snapped in half.. can someone tell me what the name of the part is and and how do i replace it.. its about 8 9in long and has a T at the bottom to keep from pulling out.. PLEASE RESPOND even if its jst the proper name.. thank you

Eric Kirkhuff: A local Lincoln dealer might sell it, I am not certain. If not, go online and look for a specialty hardware sales. It is about the size of a old ball point pen spring. Find one of those and try it but the spring is much stiffer. That will give you the reference you need. You only need it to go over the pin and fit up into the housing that will keep it in place. Hope that helps

Eric Kirkhuff: Sometimes I get random calls from Canada and Mo, desperate to see if I can talk them off the broken vehicle ledge. Sorry, that I cannot do much.

nickpierce77: This was very helpful! Thanks alot. For me to get the top cover off I took out a small white plastic clip that sits on the opposite side from the button then took my thumbs on the shifter and pushed up on the plastic piece and it came off with no breaks.

durrans200: Hi Eric, Thanks for this great viodeo, I am from London and I have Lincoln Navigator, had exactly same problem and went to the Mechanic and he asked me £500 (about $800) for part and repair, as he told me whole mechanism needs to be changed, I came home watched this video and bang on, I DID IT MY SELF, without spending a single penny, Thanks a lot mate, you dont know how much this is helpful for the people having this problem. You are Gem!

priceless630: THANK YOU THANK YOU!! very nice of you to take the time to post this video. It was very helpful.

TheDarkPhoenix23: It was working fine, but was loose. They went to move my truck and the salesman was messing with the knob and dislodged it. The service manager (Ford no less) told him that in order to shift it, he had to pull "Up" on the knob at the same time as depressing the button. They snapped the shaft in half.

Eric Kirkhuff: @musictlc1 You know, I do not know, but it is a very very unusual one that has a tapered head and is like 4mm long. I would order it from Lincoln. You may want to look below and see if you can find the screw, you just may get lucky. It is magnetic so it just might get picked up with a extension magnetic wand.

TheDarkPhoenix23: I have a 05 Aviator and the dealer ended up breaking mine. It was $1200 just for the replacement shifter. Glad I didn't pay for it!

Eric Kirkhuff: I love it. I get feedback at least twice a month and I am glad this is providing a service for others. E

ElKoMpItA2008: Thanks for posting this video it saved me. Time and of course a couple large bills...I performed tjis in ten mins after watching ur video a two times.. I'm in cen cal...

Rajiv Ganesh: hi i accidentally lost my spring do u kno where can i buy a similar one

Eric Kirkhuff: @MrCHUCK5NORRIS Chuck, At the time, I had no input from anyone anywhere and I looked at a number of top shifter bezels and there are many types. Mine was actually lightly glued so, yes it was that or $1,500 with the dealer. Please let me know if you have a better way to remove it so you do not leave any marks on it.

Eric Kirkhuff: Well, typically you find the spring in the area sometimes floating around. It pops out because of the tiny set screw coming off. So basically your putting it back together. I do not know if they sell the spring if you cannot find it. I has to be a stiff one. I would try something like Harbor Frieght or look on line for a company that sells an assortment of springs cheap. e

Dave Lewis: I was installing an aux input in my 2004 Navigator and the shifter got stuck on park. I came across your video and it totally saved the day. You saved me a tow plus what ever they would have charged me at the dealer. Thank you so much for posting this!

Eric Kirkhuff: I am so pleased to hear this and you saved yourselves hundreds of dollars. I get reports like this allot. Great job.

Eric Kirkhuff: @seanbay37 Good call, you should list your phone number here. I am all for helping others. Maybe you can post what city your in and what your range of fees are.

Chris Howell: Hi Eric, thank you for the video. Using your video I was able to get my navigator to shift out of drive. Unfortunately when I took everything apart the plastic sleeve (or whatever its called) that the spring sits down inside was totally broken. The lower part where the pin goes in still functions so I can get my keys out by pulling up on the button on my shifter. Am I forced to get the whole shifter assembly now that I have no where to put the spring or can the plastic part just be replaced?

Eric Kirkhuff: @witoescobar call me if you want to 714 329-4860 I have about an hour.

fmosquera1: Eric, just want to say THANK YOU... I really appreciate you taking the time to share this video. I had the same exact problem.

ReshinX: Thanks a lot you saved me a lot of money. Great vid.

musictlc1: what size screw?

Melissa Burns: Eric, thank you for the video. Our problem is that our shifter is stuck in park and won't move. My husband was able to remove the console underneath the shifter & we now have to push the little white release button (sorry don't know tech. term) at the same time we move the shifter in order to get it to move. Obviously, we want to find a more permanent solution. Do you have any ideas or suggestions. Thanks, Melissa

Staccor: Thank you so much for posting this video! It saved us 400.00 dollars! I was doing the samething as most, cleaning the leather boot and the shifter popped up. We shared this video with the mechanic who had just quoted us 500.00 for the shifter knob and labor. We are so very thankful!


MrCHUCK5NORRIS: @EricKirkhuff haha i just thought it was a little funny that you said that =P.

eldodiaz: Eric, I'm not sure exactly what you are saying to do. Did you just replace the spring to fix it or what?

Eric Kirkhuff: Sean, glad your helping others with a viable solution. My question is to explain to the readers how to correctly remove the shifter without breaking stuff.

Vinita Long: Good job Eric and thanks for posting this video. I may do a video response to show how to get the shifter plastic cover off without breaking it and show why yours is "fixed" but not repaired. If yours has always been loose and you can slide it up, it has always been broken. The set screw is the key part. If it comes loose and falls out, you will eventually twist the shifter and break the plastic shaft it is attached to. Then the shifter will slide up allowing the spring to come out.

diana melo: How did you take the top off

Eric Kirkhuff: Just curious, how did they break yours if it was not working anyway?

LoGruvz: I have a 2004 Nav and I have this problem. The plastic tip is too broken to work with but I have found replacement shifter rods on eBay for 50 bucks. I am buying one as they are all aluminum and won't break. Hope it works.

MrCHUCK5NORRIS: did you really say use a soft screwdriver? lol

Eric Kirkhuff: Good to know but nothing broke that was critical. The place where the spring broke on the edge, but not to the point of being non-functional. The screw is typically still there and loose or has fallen out of the hole. Use blue Permatex to keep it screwed in for life. Yes, taking the cover was a bummer as i think I did pry it and get a small edge to break off, but it is just cosmetic and the break was internal so I use a dot of rubber cement to keep it in place. My alternative was $1,000.

ledzeffla: Thanks for This!
2004 + Lincoln Navigator / Aviator Shifter is Stuck - Won't move from Park or move 4.8 out of 5

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2004 + Lincoln Navigator / Aviator Shifter is Stuck - Won't move from Park or move