808 Car Keys Micro Camera - Operating Instructions

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Rodolfo Edrehira Gonzalez: Compré la 808 car keys micro cámara pero NO trae las instrucciones en español . Total. de nada me sirve.

Protogryme - Justin Thoreson II: i turn it on and it automatically starts flashing then turs off, what do i do?

Azwar Channel: hello, i have this camera, but when i plug it into computer, the video cannot play dan photo cannot view. can you help me with these issue? thanks

megadaisy01: To play back the video I found Irfanview works and is free from http://www.irfanview.com/

Elektrikovo: Simply and smart... thanx

PLwhyduck: Hi, can you help? Yesterday I got 2 808s, now plugged in to my PC (with my SDCard) and neither of them work. I press >power< and nothing. Should I load'em for a few hours or (better) send back?

toumei64: +Charles Lohr Thank you for your website and all of the information. It's been very helpful. I'm having a problem, though. My camera starts recording, and then after about 15-30 minutes, it shuts off. I can turn it back on and usually start it recording again, but it always does this, so I only get 1-2 files worth of video (plus a 0-length file for the recording in progress when it shuts off). I don't think it's the battery. The only thing I can figure is that it's the memory card, but I've formatted several times and also tried a different card. I'm about to send it back for a replacement, I think. Have you ever seen this issue? Thanks.

neil a: Hi Chuck....Can you help? I have a 808#26 and want to turn off the date time stamp , trouble is I have a mac and can't seem to do it, and ideas would be gratefully received , thanks, neil

Charles Lohr: @FEROZMOM2501 Ir a la página web de examinar y determinar qué versión de cámara que tiene, entonces usted sabrá cómo configurar la fecha y hora. English: Go to the review webpage to identify the camera version, then you know how to set the date time.

Yu5b0w: while i'm recording, sometimes i accidently press the on/off button and then nothing works. the light is off and i can't turn it on, what could be the problem?

TheLollyFreaks: hello:) I have the same camera but when I got it, it doesn´t work, when I connect to computer comes with an error message what should I do?

Charles Lohr: Go to the review website and read "What version is my 808 camera?" and "My 808 does not work. What can I do to fix it?". Slow flashing can mean the battery is not charged or the flash card can't be written because it is not formatted or it is full.

Charles Lohr: @pbl136 On most 808 cameras the LED is not a reliable indicator of battery charge. While USB connected a flashing LED is suppose to mean charging. With a good USB cable and good USB port, a fully discharged battery will be charged in less than 75 minutes. Symptom: Camera records only short videos. Problem: Camera has a problem writing the flash card, or the battery is almost empty. Solution: Format the flash card or charge the battery.

Layman Productions: Thanks, I needed that!

LoganE15: Charged my camera, it is recognized as free storage on the computer, reformatted anyways. It turns on, yet if i push shutter button, it flashes quickly and then starts blinking. Anybody have this problem?

Lord Mik.E: Nice vid :)

cheetohman2: Thanks for this vid. I've had this exact model (#3) for a couple of years, and it's just sat in a drawer, since I could never read the darned instructions. With your website's help, I've set the date, and started using the camera! Great thanks!

Charles Lohr: @otelosimpson TRY - Re-format the flash card, or try a different flash card. The 5 blinks usually means the camera can't access the flash card.

Charles Lohr: Usually blinking indicates the camera can't access the flash card or the card is missing. Follow all best practices including reformat the flash card after one or more files are deleted. Don't use a flash card that has been formatted in a different device. Have more than one flash card and try each. Benchmark the card with Crystal Disk Mark to verify the random write speed is fast.

Deimos and Jo: hi, my 808 cam doesn't work! when I turn it on (long press) the led lights up, but then I cannot do anything more, whatever I press anything it does nothing, a long press on the video mode and nothing happens, long press on ON/OFF button and that's the same! Nothing! when, suddendly, after 20-25 sec. it simply flashes four times and then turns off itself! what's wrong?

Charles Lohr: I just verified the instruction in the #16 instruction manual work with my v0.67 MOV firmware. Do a full format of the flash card. Follow the #16 instruction manual to have the #16 generate SYSCFG.TXT. Verify the file exists but don't edit it.. Follow the instructions to have the camera read and delete the file. Verify the file is deleted. If all of that works but fails when you edit the file then maybe your editor is corrupting the file. Try a different editor. Good luck.

Charles Lohr: @BOOMhaha5433 Make sure the USB cable is good to insure the camera battery gets charged. Sometimes this helps: Connect the USB, then when the LED comes on, immediately disconnect the USB cable.

bayuush: hi, I can't watch the recorded videos and the pictures that I've taken, please help

Charles Lohr: @bflatt Format the flash card, or try a different flash card. Take photos and video and see if the problem has gone away. The camera is not robust so anytime a file is deleted from the flash card, reformat the card.

Prince Of The Wicked Elixir: hey i have a question the video does not work but the camera and mic works but it goes black when in video mode what should i do?

prytytyt: I got the card but still got flashing LED does it charging? I have remove card when charge?

John Andres: are these cameras Mac compatible? @Normandy5

BOOMhaha5433: just got one of these today. led stays on while charging like it's supposed to, however when I unplug from charger after about 3 hours and try to use it, it fails to power up. any suggestions?

Boby Pallan: when am recording i only get audio files..video is not available .why this happens..shall i have to make any changes ?

Oran Tamir: i did what you said but when i am connecting the camera to the computer i just see the TAG file. how am i can see the video?

alexriesenbeck: Thanks so much for making this video. Forget the Chengrish instruction manual, this is all you need to know~

Charles Lohr: Some 808 cameras only have internal flash memory, and some only have external flash memory (micro SD or SDHC card). Today, most 808 cameras use an external flash memory card.

bflatt: I have an 808 micro-camera and every picture or video I take says: "Could Not Open File, File may be corrupt or in a format Preview (on a Mac) doesn't recognize" this issue only started a couple weeks ago and after playing around for a long long time still hasn't gone away - i can't access anything (pictures or video) i've tried to take in a long time. Any help?

Charles Lohr: They are sold with or without an SD (SDHC) card. Usually, do not buy a camera with a card because some sellers will supply the worst (slowest) possible card. For a micro camera, don't buy a generic SD card because the random write speed can be too slow.

otelosimpson: @Normandy5 Hi, thanks for answering. Unfortunately, i couldn't try it because my cam has half died. Just works plugged to a USB port. Unplugged, I can only turn it off or unuselfully record (the led blinks five times and then the cam self-turned off). In both cases, when I turn it on, the only thing that does is to discharche itself. Buttons (including reset) don't respond. I tried the hard reset (unsoldered and soldered one battery's wire in the board) with no success. Is there still a hope?

Solomon Vandi: Thanks bro (y)

kneel: Ha. Nice. The instructions that come with these are hilarious, just about un-readable.

Sibodeh: thanks

dedded101: @Normandy5 I do, but is there a particular way you need to format the card? It's fat32.

Charles Lohr: @iiiiMangoz A flashing LED usually means the flash card is not installed, the camera can't access the flash card (might need formatting), or the battery is low.

Morenower: the best manual ;)

wanaero: Apparently i bought mine and it starts recording only when the led turns off. Switching on the 808 is just by a single short press.

Steve Burdette: What about instructions on how to put it into webcam mode?

otelosimpson: Could you please help me? I have an old MP3 that has a battery (3.7 - 500 mah) but it says Li-ion. If I replace the original cam battery (3.7- 280 mah), will this work and be safe being not exactly a LiPo? Would I get more recording time? It seems to have a protection circuit module, cause it has a small green board. And will I diminish the battery/cam life by adding more mahs (from 280 to 500)? Thanks a lot in advance!

FuckingNativeWomen: Lol what the freak is a "Long time press"? :D

fsm83: Does it come with TF card mine didn't?

AbdHaziq: yea! i bought it just now. can't wait to try :DD @Normandy5 how many hours do we have to charge it? :)

Charles Lohr: @iiiiMangoz On most 808 cameras, the LED is not a reliable indicator of battery charge. To just charge the battery, no TF card is necessary. One hour will charge the battery, and longer than that can cause problems. See the review website for best practices, and common symptoms, problems and solutions.

Oona Mustonen: Thankyou, this video was very helpful.

Hio Ontario: why the hell cant they put instructions in the box saying very simply all the things it can do? btw i just got mine from ebay 4 6.99 and the only way i can get the led on is to connect usb. i press power button really hard and nothing! no life! so now im gunna take it apart!
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808 Car Keys Micro Camera - Operating Instructions