How To Install Airblue Sharing V1.0.1 For Free

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Airblue sharing - Avoir le bluetooth complet sur son appareil apple
Airblue sharing - Avoir le bluetooth complet sur son appareil apple
AirBlue Sharing for FREE !!!!
AirBlue Sharing for FREE !!!!
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AirBlue Sharing Cracked Gratis
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johny bravo: What is the source of it in cydia the v1.0.1

TheLeomazda3: me da error al enviar y no recivo

Vector: HOW TO REMOVE ???

Alvin Chin: Doesn't work

Frederic Van Kesbeulque: Ça fonctionne pas sous ios6.1.2

Venkat Raghava: Is this compartible with iPhone 3g 3.1.3(wd)

Vikram Tez: help please

bakki TBA: thanks man ;)


momo koko: ca marche 100% merci think's

Ovidiu Ovy: you're the best man !

Moe Moelyadi: I've tried it... but, it doesn't work to share with other device (samsung, android, etc..). Why ?

akon lee: iphone 4s ios 6.1.1

mostafa m: activTION FAILED WHAT TO DO ???

Serwan HD: does not work

akshay fatehpuria: Doesnt work bro

bineeshbabu07: The application has been installed and usable but cant find devices on my 3G S

Mohsinali Matiya: stuck at Refreshing on my iPhone 4s device

akon lee: can't send or receive file ... please help

erdo odre: helllllllppp.. air blue sharing not finding any bluetooth device iphone 3GS 6.1.2

Johnny: i will test it right now, will come back with feedback

kako sahed: i do it but he s nt working what ido me ios is 6.1 helpppppp plzzzzz

Rana Umar: i have a problem in my iphone 5 ios 6.0.2 itz keep searching devices with no result :(

Jihed Joe: good job man , work

Ever Guerra: Help me not let me send or receive files I have an iPhone 4 with iOS 6.1.2

Dh7004: which device you have?

Алина Хазиахметова: "AirBlue Sharing Daemon Not Found!"

omkar bhalerao: Nt working for ipod touch4g cant connect to device.......

Yadratorex: Can't recive and can't send files :S Help! iPod Touch 4th Generation But your video works for made it free, thanks!

Bibek Shah: It doesnt wok for me either. Cant connect to nokia mobile. How to solve this?

vfpprogrammer145: So how you installed it

Qayum Hibatullah: i installed Erica Utilities and then i opened Airblue, it said "Activation Failed - No valid payment in Cydia Store Database." help!

Kelton D'mello: its not searching for devices ply plzzz

larelique: t'es sur quel ios?

gamebond007: while sending stuck on refreshing and also not able to receive files I have 3gs ios 6.1.2.

Jeremy Carrasco: thank you very much you're great friend

Ovidiu Ovy: iphone 5 - softwere 6.1 .... bleothoot it's work but wifi is doenen't work ....

Huntar Motsumi: not even gonna bother....

Ashale Ashale: doesn't find any BT device in Iphone 4 IOS 6.1, any solution?

Vikram Tez: stuck at refreshing on my ipone 4s bro ios 6.0.1

Ceraza Maza: not working !!!!!Thanks for trying keep going bro :)

Johnny: it doesn't work for me, i followed each step, it says, please consider buying airblue sharing from cydia store when i open it. Using iphone 5 ios 6.1

Zuhayr Dalwai: how to uninstall?

anmol vijay: not activated

coolnhotstorage: You son of a bitch freak you you've stuffed my ipod with your freaking buy from cydia thing now I'm freaking stuck in Dufu mode hope your happy bitch it isn't even working don't download from this fat crap!!!!!

Ever Guerra: I already try and not be from cydia helpmee

KaiDreK: in cydia you can remove it!

Deepanshu Sharma: activTION FAILED WHAT TO DO ???

EVHblw: no valid payment found in cydia store (IPad2, 6.0.1) help pls

luis: Ayuda no me deja enviar que ago
How to install airblue sharing v1.0.1 for free 4.6 out of 5

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How to install airblue sharing v1.0.1 for free