Asus Transformer Charger Fix

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Asus transformer Charger fix
Asus transformer Charger fix
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DIY Asus Transformer wall charger
Asus transformer charger fix hd..Brighter.
Asus transformer charger fix hd..Brighter.
Charger for ASUS TF300TG not work normally
Charger for ASUS TF300TG not work normally
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How To Fix ASUS Tablet Battery Issue

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Roachy: It works and can see the light flashing on and off and can’t turn it on though. Any suggestions maybe I need a new charger, your theory works at least. Thanks

Fabrizio Alessandri: I used it not for a year, for this...
Thank you so much.

Santiago Luz: Thanks for sharing this solution. We have struggled a lot because of this design issue. I wasn't able to pull USB female piece out of the charger, so I trimmed a lit bit the plastic housing of male USB connector of the cable. Now it can be inserted a little further and it is working perfectly! Thanks!!!

cavco: Your video kept alive my old TF101. Thanks.

qwerty20416: Thank you so much ... I was having trouble with charging my transformer and I saw your video and all is fix .

Cara Lewis: Omg thank you sooo much u saved my life

Dos Ghb: i don't have the charger , i want a solution for that , can i extract two wires from the inside and make it charging again

avoumvakis: You are a true brother I almost buy iPad cause it didn't charge again and again

Randy White: yeah it worked. What at crappy design Thanks

Hurtio: Bro thank you so much you saved me some $$$

Delia Esperanza Proa Aburto: ive tried it but it didn't work for me what other thing can I do ?????

cragezy: it helped :), thanks a lot!

Krebbin: It worked. Found this just before it was gonna shutdown😁. Thank you.

claire lositano: it actually worked. thanks for this. just fixed my charger now.

Yoni Goldenberg: thanks man this helped a great deal

TheDavidbooth: TY worked!

tyesha Stokes: at first it wasnt working for me when i plugged it in the wall(original charger) but i thought about my old xbox 360 so i plugged it in there and its working so far. but thank you i will be buying that one from radio shack

Nahuel Dubois: Hi Nathan, i've tried it and didn't work, could you confirm if the pad charge when you plug to your computer?? becouse my pad doesn't, thanks!!

PoliteTia: i just bought my second Asus, ASUS Transformer Pad TF103CE.
I can't say that I am happy with it.. There is intermittent charge and it has to be wiggled, The docking station , which came with it, is NOT another power source, like the 'eee' series, which means the ASUS Transformer Pad TF103CE does not last for 15 hours, like the eee series.
Seriously, I want my money back

slaapkamer: omg it worked !! thanx man
Asus transformer Charger fix 5 out of 5

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Asus transformer Charger fix