Piro Flips And Travel - RC Heli Flight School V1.1

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RC Heli Instructional Video - Piro Flips
RC Heli Instructional Video - Piro Flips
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piro flip exercise.
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Buck Lee: So what do you visualize when piroing to keep it level? Do you just look at the 'disc' as a whole and not where head or tail is?

33gate1: This is GOLD. So nice to C how its done. This will help all beginners out there. 7 people have been practicing all there life, and still cant even master nose in :)

Frank R. Pilot: How dou you record the video? I mean which software you using 

michaelgdeleon: MASTER IM NOT WORTHY hehehehehehe

Bruce Key: I used to post here with screen name "Gamezalot", and in response to zfloop's comments to me previously, I DID finally learn how to piro flip using this video as my starting point. In fact, I can now piro flip while traveling right to left, and I'm working on piro flipping tic-tocs. (Well, more like short piro rainbows, I guess.) :P I'm comfortable with piro flipping now that I can do them just a few feet off the ground. Thanks for your instruction, zfloop!! I'm going to share this with another pilot that is itching to learn after watching me piro flip. :)

RCPilot204: Thanks for the detailed lesson (:

dingo1670: What an awesome pilot! The control just amazes me. Thanks for this. 

FOSTER FUNFLY: Wicked...i thought my inverted was okay,i watched you and tried what you were doing,i have learned more in 2hrs practice doing this that my piro flips are sooo much better than they have been in 3 months practice..awsome lesson...!!! Thanks....

Dustoff85: test

zfloop: @Gamezalot Try slowing down your piro rate. Make it very slow so you can keep it in one place. very slow. Once you can do that start to speed it up. You want to slow it down to the point that you are hovering in each orientation. Like one rotation every 4 seconds.

Andy Kellerman: Thanks for creating this fantastic video. This sold me on Phoenix!!

cfrankfly: Great job! I have been looking for a video with clear manuvering and clear explaination to help me get this right. Thank You!

Gus Zan: Thank you for your video , it's excelent. One Question , If I give you the subtitles in latin spanish can you add them ? Or can I reload the video with tem ? There is not so much information in Spanish.Thank you very much.

trexinvert: @zfloop After each flip, do you "really flatten" the disc? I see most "pro's" wobbling it. Looks like a slight funnel. Nose-down during invert, and tail down during non-invert. This seems to work better than a "true flat" piro. Also, can you do a figure 8 piro without flipping? So, you are orbiting the "wrong way"? Very difficult only done by true piro masters.

Oscar GM: Thank you for your advices, stay making it, please. Are greats videos.

MFizzle777: Thank you so much for your tutorials, very in formative and useful. :-)

zfloop: @sjurick You want to key off the tail and do a forward elevator flip. IE. when the tail is at you be pushing forward elevator on the stir.

Eirik RCman: tanks for the video, u are awesome

Alex Bevan: Hey thanks a lot for the videos. Which simulator do you recommend? I have been looking into getting one and I am just not sure which is best. They all look the same to me.

Sharil Irwan: Thank you So much bro..nice tips..

rdsl05: WOW, how long did it take you to learn to fly that way?

RCHeliJet: See you... one Time Online...

zfloop: @Gamezalot Keep at it and go SLOW. It might take a long time to get it down. But you will!

speedjunkie23: By far the Best "how to do/learn piro flips" presentation 10/10

mrsoundsolutions843: WOW great flying.

zfloop: @rdsl05 It took some time. The hardest part was learning to hover and piro at the same time. Once you get that down really well the rest is much easier. Good luck with your flying!

cooldude2863: Great Video,

Raj Virdee: Awesome tutorial dude thanks for sharing. Got me practicing at 3am !

dynaudiofocus: thanks for this vid dude

HeliAddx: Great tutorial! Thanks a bunch!

Mari Rozenbaum: hi there i want to thank u for this video i remember my self 5 months ago was very comfused about the piro menuvers but today i can piro at the field with no problems thank to u . u gave me in that video evrething i needed to know to learn piros so thx:)

ilias patra: Thank you very much my friend really helpful.

SlyOne571: Excellent tutorial, thanks for sharing your skills!

smaze17: Thanks so much for your excellent lessons and tutorial.....incredibly helpful!!! Thanks for taking the time ;)

Juan Velasquez: Excellent video. Thanks !!!

Jonathan .N: hey nice vid what all your setting oyur heli your using on the vid im using pheonix 2.5

motokid032: I'm not sure if my brain is fast enough for this.

StuntpilootStef: Looks like a Trex 700n

flyvernon7: is this a sim?

MicroRCFiend: I dig. Lovely clean flying style as well man, especially the piro circle transition, yum. I was kinda looking for details on which direction the cyclic was circling on upright piro circles. I see lots of inverted but couldn't tell if the upright sticks were still going with the circle like they were when inverted.

sythacus: Awesome tutorial, I appreciate how you teach starting with the basics.

Steven Jurick: This is great. What are the initiating inputs to get the flip to happen. It still looks like you "stir the sticks" to me but I know there are some key first inputs that will get it started. Could you break those down in written form from start to the end through a complete cycle? Thanks!

Herijza80: nice video

trexinvert: @Gamezalot I agree with zfloop, don't waste time trying to "stick stir". Stir sticking is what you see a pro do, but that's only 1% of what's going on. Don't even try to "pick a spot" in the circle. Here's what worked for me. Just fully master backwards, right side and left side flying. Especially, in a circle and then it will somehow kick in. Good luck.

zfloop: Thanks! It is always good to hear from other people in the hobby.

NW Huckin: Awesome video! Great practice ideas! Thanks for sharing..

ILTSYC: Man Phoenix rocks! Ive got to get me a copy of it.

jiuop: what simulator is this?

adamasonyx: Tnx alot for sharing this, the best lesson ever, IMHO.

aye2000: This a great video, thank u for helping people to learn it easier.
Piro flips and travel - RC heli flight school v1.1 4.9 out of 5

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