Ruger 22/45 Bolt Release Spring Mod

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Russ Bish: Who shoots upside down?
If you are in that kind of scenario just use the bolt release. 

Zeta Male: I did this Mod and used the spring I removed from the bolt release detent .... works awesome !!!! no need to hunt a different spring ... its already in the gun.

Christian E: Tandemkross makes a part that is called the Kanewolf Slingshot Mod that does all this without all the hassle. Check it out!

womackke: that slab barrel is sweet

Nick Henton: get you a hammer bushing from Tandemkross on ebay-lose that mag detach crap

Christian E: It isn't just an upside down thing....most people when they chamber a new round don't it perfectly 90 degrees perpendicular to the ground. I've recently got the KaneWolf slingshot spring assist and its been even more reliable than my homemade spring mod.

Scott Young: I did the exact same first cut when i did my mod. When I saw your I knew exactly what you did. Too funny. I also notched the receiver to ensure the spring wouldn't move. I used a cut down click pen spring for mine. Cool vid.

mmatt: So far so good. I have thousands of rounds through the gun since I've modded it with no mod related malfunctions at all. (duds are the only stoppage the pistol has experienced in as long as I can remember)

mmatt: Maybe I live in Australia....? ;-)

Joe Preciado: Not me that's for sure....

mmatt: Who isn't?!? ;-)

Joe Preciado: Who is gonna be shooting this gun upside down?

Dearth of Empathy: The Mark III changed from the Mark II. There is a safety on the Mark III that keeps you from firing if the magazine isn't in. I guess this is to keep people from accidentally discharging the Mark III because they false assume that IF the magazine is out of the pistol that is MUST be unloaded (WHICH IS FALSE AND A DEADLY ASSUMPTION!!). Anywho... :P

SooperHBOMB: Check out my Ruger Mark ii 22/45 shooting video i made!

sinblend: brilliant!

bjggjb: I have a Mark 2 Ruger .22/45, and I advise any new buyers to find a good Mark 2 rather than the Mark 3 (the "improvements" of which were intended to stave off lawsuits and nothing else.)

Creeper1313: In Australia on the other hand...

Civiliansoldier762: Great video. What a simple yet ingenious solution.

Waboom1: I am actually going to do this modification to my 22/45 tomorrow. Great vid

mmatt: You know what... that's not a bad idea. I had fully intended on making a range video with this gun after the mod but got into IPSC and haven't really looked back. I've got to teach an IPSC course this weekend but hopefully sometime next week I'll get a video up of me running this gun. Thanks! :-)
Ruger 22/45 Bolt Release Spring mod 5 out of 5

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Ruger 22/45 Bolt Release Spring mod