Kamen Rider Decade: DX DecaDriver Review

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KurokageRider: R.I.P. unaware headphone users

shotaro hidari: thanks for your answer.. thx.. :))

ShadowMagnus: it should be possible. I know ShukuenShinobi had a PDF file with all the printable cards for the Decadriver. I recommend checking google first for them and if not then check ShukuenShinobis review of the driver where in the description he should have the link to the file. I hope this helps you out and thank you for the question. ~ShadowMagnus

shotaro hidari: hey.. nice video. i want to ask. i dont have any of attack ride card can i serch it at google then print it ?

ShadowMagnus: The new reissues are both worth getting if you dont own either one. So it depends on which one you like best and if you are able to get it with the aftermarket prices. If not then you can go with the Bandai Korea versions since those are now the budget ones(bear in mind that the W drivers memory sounds were changed)

ShadowMagnus: Thank you :)

RozzzaSsarcasmo: The cards look fantastic and very close to the cards in the show, might pick this up just for those haha, nice to see they haven't changed much else (unlike the korean W toys), nice review

RozzzaSsarcasmo: Decade's FAR is with his DX figure (like the 9 riders FFR's are with theirs and Diend's attack ride blast is with his), the ridebooker has decade's attack ride slash card in it, if that clears things up

Bagogo si penjual: aq nanti mesti beli punyer

ShadowMagnus: @fagget243 there is someone here on youtube who makes custom belt mods for the decadriver to fit adult sizes. I think his name is mrarmyshop. I people have shown vids of their belt mods by him.

nessy: @unitzero001 Thanks is it also possible to change the belt fit someone's size?

ShadowMagnus: @fagget243 ebay from a korean seller.

nessy: What site you used to buy the Driver?

ShadowMagnus: @mastermanchief21 well you can store the cards inside the ridebooker so its a nice storage device. the k-touch is only to complete the decade gear so if you feel like a completist get both if not then I recommend the ridebooker.

mastermanchief21: Okay i'm gonna get the Belt, should I get the K-touch or ridebooker?

ShadowMagnus: @01kamenrider The belt comes with the same cards the jap ver comes with. Decades Henshin card and the other 9 Heisei rider cards. The Final Attack Ride cards are sold separately. Decades FAR card comes with the DX Ride Booker, the other Heisei rider FAR cards can only be acquired now via ebay or a middleman service since they were exclusive to Japans Gashapon game.

ShadowMagnus: @vistram2 Glad you could acquire one. Its a neat piece to have. belt extenders I recommend CSToys. For the K-touch, theres a seller in ebay who also has the korean version of the K-Touch. Gandaride cards those I recommend Middleman services or checking the tokusatsu forums like HJU and Rangerboard. Hope this helps :) ~ShadowMagnus

Kiaxa: I got me one now I need card a belt extender and a k-touch :)

ShadowMagnus: @whyviki I got them from CSToys International website.

whyviki: where did you get belt extenders?
Kamen Rider Decade: DX DecaDriver Review 5 out of 5

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Kamen Rider Decade: DX DecaDriver Review