Nitecore TM26 Vs TM15 Vs Fenix TK75

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Nitecore TM26 vs TM15 vs Fenix TK75
Nitecore TM26 vs TM15 vs Fenix TK75
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Nitecore TM26 3500 Lumen - Fenix TK75 2600 Lumen
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Chefs Corner: I have the TK75 2015 Edition and it is rated at 4000 lumens (the older edition had less output?) and has 4 LEDs not 3 as shown in this video (Hence the 2015 Edition Title). I love this light!! Made the mistake of not reading the directions thinking It's a flashlight, what could happen. After loading the batteries I go to turn it on not realizing the light is pointed right at my face (yeah stupid) and I hit the instant Turbo mode, which instantly blinded me, and as my finger went to turn it off, I switched it to strobe. Now I cant see and feel disorientated!! Finally get the light turned off and just started laughing!! I could not believe what this light was doing and I couldn't wait until dark. Yes it blinded me in full sunlight!! LOL. I like this light so much I got 2 of the extenders and extra batteries for super long run times as I did buy this as my SHTF Flashlight along with a 18 million cndl pwr flood. That should take care of any lighting needs I may have.

isthisforreal04: Patriot... You have the most fantastic flashlight vids! Very precise
and always very informing with lots of details! I finally bought the
TM26 4000 lumen version based upon your reviews.... just got it last
night.... so excited and ripped it outta the box, I have 4 orbtronic
18650's fully charged, through em in there and turned it on... Here's MY
ISSUE, and would so greatly appreciate your feedback on what to do....
after pressing the main button a couple times, I heard a few clicks, and
then the clicks stopped, the button works just fine but I'm confused
because there's no clicking, so there's some sort of issue, but not sure
to how bad the issue is.... in all your vids that I watch I hear the
click click when you press the power button to change between lumen
settings.... do you recommend exchanging it? Is there a way to fix
this? Your response would be so greatly appreciated!

foskten10: Great review. I'm not really a "light person" but even I understood what it was you were conveying here. I looked up the TM26 because I saw it on a website I buy other products from and wanted to see what a $390 light got you today!

brandon: Are any of these good for deer shining?

2010V6RAV4: nice lights. my TK61 is just 1000 lumens but it puts out 170000 candela. makes a difference for range for sure but 1000 lumens poops out after 300 yards. it is bright enough to identify a deer at that distance. I haven't found a light yet that I personally need to get over my TK61. I have the LD60 as well and it has 2800 lumens and just over 50000 candela.

hltsolo: tk 75 wins the duel imo.

Benjamin Manfre: Well done review from the bench as well as throw tests. Bravo !!!

Dan Martin: All I am really looking for is 400 meters throw, yet, for the longest time I was looking at the Tk75, simply because I can not afford a $300+ TM. But I am glad I put it off for so long, because MassDrop just had the TM26 for sale for like $190, so I jumped on that.

Buster Cherry: the light test part of this video reminds me of being at the opticians.

vibe808: Tk75!

Soll Soll: Класний тест. Лайк

Joe Satriani: Check out my fenix tk75 vs skyray king 8500 lumen.on my chanel.

Welder Nate: I feel weird that I got an interest in flashlights.

TheRealMasiaM: Question. Could any of these lights damage a camera lens?

amarjeet singh: i  dont know that maybe its camera exposer correction or what but tk75 is good bcoz it has longer throw but as in video the near by area close to the torch holder is also illuminated by the spill that good for a person to look at distance and also into the path also as if someone moves around in the woods then he is able to see his path and harmful animals that may harm the person,but in case of tm15 and tm26 we see round big spill but not closer to a person holding the torch but i don't know that accurate in video or not..plz comment on this....

ColdTurkey G: Are these light regulated similar to the Pelican 7060?

Grant Maslowski: Great review. TK75 for me. Cheers!

Mappi75: Thanks for the review! I already own the TK75 (2600) and think about getting the Nitcore TM26 or the Lupine TL2.

I cant decide i like throwers and flooders.

I like that TM26 has more different lumens "programs".

The Lupine is really small and light and looks better in my opinion,
but the price... 

Obviousz: The Led Lenser x21r.2 is pretty much all those lights combined. I'd prefer that ^^

SAVAGE308SNIPER: Great video, and etter than most on YouTube.
Nitecore TM26 vs TM15 vs Fenix TK75 5 out of 5

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Nitecore TM26 vs TM15 vs Fenix TK75