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How To Adjust The Carburetor Idle On Snowblower With Tecumseh Engine Toro Ariens
How To Adjust The Carburetor Idle On Snowblower With Tecumseh Engine Toro Ariens
HOW TO Remove & Clean Fixed JET on Snowblower Carburetor
HOW TO Remove & Clean Fixed JET on Snowblower Carburetor
Tecumseh Carb snowblower cleaning 1 of 2
Tecumseh Carb snowblower cleaning 1 of 2
John Deere Snowblower Carb Adjustment
John Deere Snowblower Carb Adjustment

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John Nelson: This was awesome!  Just what I was looking for.

tony nourbusiness: thk u i got it running i just got to play with it..

Joseph Anderson: Thank you for your Videos on various small engine problems. I'm so glad that I'm a subscriber to your channel !!!

M Morrissey: Donyboy73 - thanks for the instructions.  I followed these last fall and my Toro ran better than it has ever run, and ran well through the record setting Boston winter.  Thanks for taking the time to make this video.

Pete Massey: Very clear instructional video. Definitely removes the uncertainty I had when approaching this carbs adjustment. Nicely done. Thank you!

John Sin: Good job.

goodfly1: love all the tips ,i have a 8hp snow king  with a tecumseh that in dark you can see fire out exhaust and truns muffler red hot what could cause this ? thanks 

John Tumolo: Excellent job. Easy to follow. 

Pete Ciallella: I have an older Snapper 24" snowblower that has a 7 HP Tecumseh Snow King engine, with the mixture screw at the bottom.  How to raise the running (high) idle?  With the idle lever on high, the engine idle seems a little low.  If I press up on the lever the idle will go up a little.  Is there an adjustment to increase the high idle?  I have a mechanical RPM gauge by B&S that I can use.

rojasj10: My Ariens 932 % + 2 Sno Thro with a Techmuse HS50 engine has had a problem from day one where it will only run with the chock closed even after the engine has been running for half an hour. As a result I have not used it much even though it is twenty years old. This evening I removed the bowl and main jet and everything looks new and clean. Just in case I cleaned the main jet. Of course the spark plug gets fouled up do to the way I have to leave the choke. Where would I start to fix this problem?

Kevin Logozzo: Hi, thanks for posting these, they are very helpful. I have ~2003 Tecumseh without the adjustable fuel mixture screw under the bowl. Is there a way to adjust the fuel/air mixture on this carb? I've noticed just this year a reduction in power where the engine struggles with even 5" of light snow. I have to go very slow. Now it's really starting to struggle and I noticed a blue flame coming from the exhaust when under load. Might have been doing this before but it's usually not too dark out and it wasn't noticed. Cleaned the bowl and jet although they looked very clean.  I always use fuel with stabilizer. I am replacing the spark plug tonight too. Any advice?

Bertminator: I have a similar snowblower (as the older style), and wonder if you have an answer for me.  Yy starter spins nice & smooth (no rough sound at all), however in -40° C weather, the starter gear won't engage the engine, but will still be spinning nicely.  Basically the gear doesn't come out enough to engage the engine gear (flywheel or whatever you want to call it).  I already lubricated the starter gear with silicone spray as well as penetrating oil (NOT WD-40), and still on cold days it won't engage.  It engages fine if the snowblower is in my shop and warmed up.  Any ideas or tips would be great.  Thanks.

bilibob rut: My 8hp keeps backfiring like crazy on full throttle, what should I do?

Brian Marzan: Hi Donyboy73,
First, thank you for taking the time to film these videos. All the shops here in New England are backed-up for three weeks or more, with more snow on the way, so I’m trying to maintain my Toro snowblower with a Tecumseh HMSK80 the best I can. I just installed one of those $18 replacement carburetors from China. The blower is running better with the new adjustable carb, however it is leaking gas from the fuel adjustment screw. I’m having to use my fuel shut-off and then dump the bowl as a work around for the problem. Ideas on how I could fix the leak would be appreciate. Thank you.

aaron schoessow: Hello I have watched your video on how to adjust the carburetor on my Toro it is a 8 horse. Tecumseh engine. Still seems to backfire out of the exhaust quite a bit... I pulled the air mixture needle. Also have turned out the needle at the bottom of the float bowl. Turned it all the way in. Then out one and one quarter turns. I also did this with the air mixture needle so it is at one and one quarter turns out. The cover on this, I have removed, for easier access... Will that cover make that much difference??? Also I just bought a new fuel cap. Any suggestions you may have or questions please feel free to ask. Thanks for the help...


Joe W: I've got an older Tecumseh 5hp snowblower. I bought a brand new carb off Ebay (Tecumseh branded). It runs great for 2 minutes and as it gets warmer runs poorer and poorer as it gets hot. I'm stumped. Any ideas? Points? Coil? Spark seems fine. 

d barboza: Thank`s for the help!

Frank Rivera: Donyboy,
Great video! Thank you for all of that useful information.It wad just what I needed to learn. Thanks again!!!!

78726222: got it.  just needed to remove the cover...

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