Winter Hammock Camp 2013 - 2.0

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Rich Allfieldnohit: Thanks for the vid. I almost always end up on or by the NCT whether it be SE Ohio or multiple spots in PA. All within 3 hrs of me. Makes it nice. 

jerry sowards: I love my Stanley cook pot

Julio Sanchez: Pork rinds are essential camp food 

FriedmanSalvation: Yes, I was eating GV oatmeal when I watched this video. 

Jess ica: I dig the bible reading :)

Indianahillclimber: Looks like you guys had a blast!

oushadow: Did you know that you can eat the oatmeal right out of the packet? On Quaker Oatmeal packets there's actually a fill line. 

Living Survival: Where was your starting point for this camp? Are campfires allowed anywhere on the trail? Camping?

Craig Kidney: DAVID!!!! I live in SW Michigan and would love to do this sometime. 

Bryan Robinson Van Devender: The other dude is chopping down a tree?!

Scout Noa: Great time to be out, I got one of those Stanley cups. I love mine.....

dillion600: Hey do you live in Michigan?

David's Passage: lol, too bad it's not that "free" down here in the States.

David's Passage: The NCT is beautiful! Can't wait to get out there to see more of it.

Brick Vader: Ty for the advice, I'm on the case.... I lived in South Carolina for years and am somewhat used to lots of space and being left in peace. It will take a bit of getting used to living here in the UK, awesome country despite a few differences to what I am used to.... Anyway, stay safe out there!

Joseph Dziadyk: Ok smart but what's with the sounds when you are that penetration

David's Passage: I would actually try that if I had enough fire wood :-)

MiWilderness: Looks like a lot of fun. That reed plant is horsetail and makes a good sandpaper or scrubber pad for pots, it's also called scouring rush.

Rockeroutdoors31: Hey brother! Diggin the vid my friend, I noticed key words in your video, which made want to watch, to see if you were a believer, I thought right!! :-) As well as I! I just subbed ya, hope you wouldn't mind returning the favor!! Thanks so much!!

David's Passage: No problem, thanks for watching :-)

William Scarmardo: I found this very helpful when learning about winter camping conditions. thank you for sharing.

seattwa: I think I'd put a little powdered milk in with that oatmeal. I like honey in mine too, but probably wouldn't work to well in the cold.

Bear Yote: Awesome videos man. I am a junior in HS and I live in Kalamazoo. This is how I spend my life, brother. I am starting my own survival and hunting/fishing series and any support would be much appreciated. Blessings!!

Brick Vader: Awesome! I am really jealous of you guys. I live in the Suffolk region of the UK and there's no wilderness here. Just lots of farmland with a few clumps of woods and an Englishman behind every bush. I do manage to stealth camp on private woods here and there but you have to be careful as many a land owner hates that crap, campfires have gotten me caught on a few occasions..... Anyhow, thanks for the video!

Cassandra Mae: Winter camping sounds really nice and peaceful :)

iamredeemed949: I have that same pot! Stanley cup. I actually like using the green plastic cups to eat out of so I dont get the pot dirty

David's Passage: It is an ENO Doublenest hammock.

lonwlf68: Really enjoyed the video! The NCT is only a few miles from my house,here in NW PA. keep the good vids coming! subscribed!

BeastReviews21: Cool man. We never get snow, in Georgia:(

Jc Pepin: Lol, so long as you're on Crown Land, you're free to cut as much firewood as you like for personal use, so go nuts!

David's Passage: you too!

rmstudio: I did not know that Radar went hammock camping.. LoL. Someone must of stole Radars glasses. Enjoyed the video and camping tips. Good stuff here. Sad to hear that stanley mug did not work on the alcohol stove as I use something very similar and it does work but I need to watch the video were you tried this set up and find out what happen. I am just ribbing you about your camp buddy.

David's Passage: lol, that's what I tell my kids. I used to work in a school and somehow picked up the nickname "baldylocks" :)

TomsBackwoods: Awesome trip! Thanks for sharing!

David's Passage: Not to encourage illegal camping, but you should check out the Dakota Fire Hole. It's a kind of fire that is very stealthy, smokes very little (none if done right), and can be put out in a matter of seconds. Thanks for watching!

Jc Pepin: Cool stuff, dude. Sometime you should try winter camping up where I live, in northern Ontario in Canada :D. 25 degrees farenheit is a practically sweltering in winter here!

Pearson St. Lawrence: What a great winter camping experience. Your video is GREAT! I envy you for these great experiences.

David's Passage: I'm not sure what you're asking. Russ was chopping a dead tree down in the background.

Ron Spomer: What pack are you using?

David's Passage: My friend likes to take a sled in the winter. He likes more comfort than myself. I'm happy with a simple pack with the essentials. I will say though that the sled really helps in the process of collecting firewood. You can sure haul a lot more wood and use a lot less energy by having a sled on hand in the winter.

Craig Veasey: Looks like you had a good time.

chrizzz: Man, this just looks so nice. I wish I had more chances to get out into the woods. It looks so peaceful.

David's Passage: Yep :-)

bighoss1121: its like all the hair on the top of his head and eyebrows slowly fell into his beard

David's Passage: It is! Folks will think you are crazy, but the peace you get out there is like no other.

David's Passage: It's a Molle 2.

equallywrong: What's that in your mouth?

Zepply Ledson: I'm not to far from this spot. You made me goggle map the St. Joseph river. I have fished it many times, from South Bend to Silver Beach on the lake. Never realized it was connected to the St. Joseph here in Ft. Wayne. I camp up north a lot around Mesick Michigan. Real nice places to camp!!

OutdoorEnthusiast101: I can really tell you love being out bud , love it . I thought it was cold here .. Still no reason not get get out though . Thanks for sharing your trip . Happy hanging Luke

John Knox: I also love the stanley cookpot , you can pack your stove and fuel inside. The kelty noah 12 is also the best winter hammock camping tarp their is, due to the many configurations you can get out of it. Keep up the good videos, stay warm, and happy swingin.
Winter Hammock Camp 2013 - 2.0 4.7 out of 5

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Winter Hammock Camp 2013 - 2.0