Winter Hammock Camp 2013

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Winter Hammock Camp 2013
Winter Hammock Camp 2013
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nope: what hammock do you like the most? the grand trunk or eno? I have both and a ticket to the moon and i definitely like the ticket to the moon hammock the most! I can highly recommend it! The eno and grand trunk just isn't as comfortable. Cheers

Woodsman Adventure TV: Hi i love your channel. Good information and inspiration. So i start my expedition 365 days in the woods at 1. April and i'm happy to see how it works. . .thanks Dirk

Nana the Hiker: Do you use an under-quilt when your winter hammock camping? I'm looking for something that is not as costly as under-quilts do you have any suggestions? Thanks

John Uotela: really soon im gonna test my hennessy hammock for the first time. i cant wait im walking on needles .. happy go lycky to all.

John Uotela: well anyway do you agree that food taste better in the wild well i always thout so

John Uotela: nestle. is for 7 yers old. sorry about that but its true.

John Uotela: you americans and youre fast fix it . id like to cook a real pan off coffee . and also cook some potatos and fry some eggs and bacon or sosige.and atleast some onion. slurp!!! .happy go lycky.

Hoobilly Indiana: Yah baby, Nestle Taister Choice! My wife laughs at me, cause i take them everywhere with us, lol...

JT's Bearfoot Outdoor Adventures: Great camp & hike.  I really need to get myself a decent hammock, that looked comfortable ...
Thanks for sharing your adventure!

WoogooWorks: Love these videos !! Thanks ! However, a common misconception is that pristine snow is "sterile". Aside from the actual term meaning a level of purification where EVERYTHING is dead including viruses, there are TONS of bacteria floating around in the clouds and upper atmosphere from which snow and rain comes from. For instance, you can be very far from a city, but wind from china or another industrial zone carries heavy metals and bacteria from another country ! Boil your water for several minutes.

Jimmy Green: I enjoyed the video, don't get out much these days so nice of you to share Gods country! Really thankfull for the lack of profanity and to know some still value Gods word! Thanks! (:-)) God bless ya real good!

a phillips: one key element is to do instructional videos while your buddy swings that axe and gets the actual wood.

Julio Sanchez: Pork rinds are essential camp food

Julio Sanchez: Camping for most people is an excuse to go into the wild to smoke pot and drink

Indianahillclimber: Looks like you guys had a blast!

Michael Doe: youve probably mentioned this before but what are you filming with?

oushadow: Did you know that you can eat the oatmeal right out of the packet? On Quaker Oatmeal packets there's actually a fill line. 

Rich Allfieldnohit: Thanks for the vid. I almost always end up on or by the NCT whether it be SE Ohio or multiple spots in PA. All within 3 hrs of me. Makes it nice. 

vows2sweden: you brought the BIBLE? Could you possibly be closer to God? Man, you´re in a hammock - in the forest? This s k God is all around you always and everywhere!
If CLint Eastwood invited you for dinner, would you bring the movie DIRTY HARRY-
and be watching it during dinner?

Living Survival: Where was your starting point for this camp? Are campfires allowed anywhere on the trail? Camping?
Winter Hammock Camp 2013 5 out of 5

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Winter Hammock Camp 2013