Tao Tao Scooter 50cc Doing 50mph

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Christoffer Pritchett: The only thing that will make these scoots accelerate faster is larger intake larger exhaust and larger piston. You can get smoother acceleration by installing a nice properly gapped spark plug, adjustable carburetor, and brand name battery. In most tests I have seen the CDI and Coil have no effect on performance. They actually just cause the engine to stay at higher RPM during idle. You can do this with the idle set screw on the carb... Being as the final gear, transmission final gear, and wheel size are static; you wont get more speed unless you increase RPM's (which kills engine life) or increase any of the ladders... Getting rid of the stock carb is key to engine life as it makes the engine run lean on fuel and this causes overheating and engine failure. Don't forget to replace all the vacuum, fuel lines, and fuel filter with quality ones and always use Premium fuel. Follow your maintenance schedule for the GY6 engine and it will stay happy ;)

Christoffer Pritchett: the 50MPH mark if you check with GPS is only 45MPH, once you get the needle past the 50 to the left turn signal, then you are going 50...

Michael Holm: your spose too drive the scooter tell 200 miles than dran the oil when engine is hot than put regular oil in it tell you break it in more that is when it hits 1,500 too 1,200 miles on it than you can start using synthetic oil never had a new car or scooter but i no that is the recommendation thing too do

J Rad Man: I can get up to 40-42 fairly easy probably faster with a longer stretch of road. I just tried it again. I think my crappy road threw it off. Changed the oil when I first got it. The oil in there when you get it delivered is just transportation oil. I do need to check some other things.

GrimmFox: Take kilometres and divide by two to get your real speed. the speedo puck on these things is way off. I have a 2012 atm-50, and stock with the slightest of tailwinds and warm weather, the needle would touch the turn signal light on occasion. Very awesome, very terrifiying.

reetismatic: Well that's probably about right then. Factors such as climate and elevation can weigh on moped performance. I have my sights set on getting a new moped next year with my income tax money. I am either looking to get a 07-09 Honda Metropolitan or a used/clone Honda Ruckus. The 07-09 Metropolitan goes 43 on level ground which is perfect for my city. Right now I have a sweet little '86 Honda Spree and an '85 parts Spree to keep it running. LOVE driving it but it tops out at 30 on level ground.

taotao3288: o i have the 100cc motor now and i hit around 65 level ground and 78 ive been clocked going down a hill.

J Rad Man: gps verified these scooters speedometers are 5 mph over what you're actually going. I got some Star Tron fuel treatment and replaced my plug with an NGK. Getting a race cdi box in soon.

ben watkins: yea he shouldnt be going that fast yet...

Trevor Kemp: I own the same scooter that was in that video mine is a 2013 with the 10" tires on them 50 indicated is actually 36 in mph the odometer also will read %20 high just to let everyone know.

Chris Ducat: Has to be...it was showing 70-80 at the end!

Paraglidermx: Hes going down a big ass hill..haha

Iguanachief91: the speedometer is in kilometers

michael medley: buy a big bore kit

michael medley: your not doing 50 mph mine says the same thing you are really doing thirty nine mph find a rader police put on the road to see if you are speeding that is how i know its not going 50 mph make a pass when your speedometer says you are at 50 bet you are not doing 50 mph..

reetismatic: I ordered one 6 years ago from ebay. Had to assemble some simple stuff that took maybe an hour out of the box before I was on the road. Acid in battery (15 minutes) and bolt on the front tire or some crap. I would highly HIGHLY suggest checking that nuts/bolts/screws/hoses/clamps/spark plug/etc are secured before you drive it. Mine broke down pretty fast because I didn't know any better back then (clogged muffler) The spark plug cap needed pushed back on cuz it had rattled off in shipment.

1nonlyg69: thats right but under that is speedometer,maybe not on that one but on mine its like that,,n yes it cruses 40 to 45,,but will run over 50 at times,,no sht,ive had atleast ten scooters n ill tell u right now this little guy is 1 of the best,,not 4 off road at all,,mine has low profile tires,,n rims

reetismatic: The one I got didn't go 50mph, It went like 43-47 on level ground. Mine was completely stock and went those speeds. I would suggest just giving it a complete overhaul. Check tire pressure, check spark plug gap/cap, check that the airbox is sealed and not over oiled (if there is a sponge in it). IDK your tech lvl with scooters but if you know how to do any of those tuneup things it may help your speed a bit. Make sure you change that oil when the manual says to cuz it's just break in oil. :)

kick start: nice

mikemikemotorcycle: Mine is a 2012 Tao Tao 50. It's a 49cc and will get up to 40mph max on a level grade but needs at least a slight downhill grade to reach 50mph or higher. All is fine at 40mph but you can tell the scooter does not like doing 50.

ben watkins: rule of thumb, dont take it above the red line the first 300km. change the oil, get new spark plugs, and these things run hot so use 20w50 v twin oil not the 10w40 that goes in streetbikes. once you tune to run rich use 10w40 again. change the oil MORE than they tell you to. i changed mine again at 500km and again at 800 and at 1000. oils cheaper than a new scoot.

ThePat6188: its alot on how you break it in. i had one it would go 50 on flat ground all i did was use the best oil and pluges and take it eazy for the first 300 mi. 2011 atm50-a1 payed $640 sold it for $600 after 7 mouths they run great and are good on gas oh and use startron and pure gas

taotao3288: no crap i know how to read. look at it again.

fallen101791: how can i get it to go faster i got one but it only dose 35 and really slow up hill.....????

J Rad Man: I just got mine in. Nice scooter aside from shipping mishaps (cracks in plastic etc.) Got it assembled and can only get about 35-40 mph on level ground. How did you get it to 50? Going down hill? Any mods?

J Rad Man: @ThePat6188 just good oil and spark plugs? That's interesting. What is startron and you mean gas with no ethenol?
Tao tao scooter 50cc doing 50mph 3.3 out of 5

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Tao tao scooter 50cc doing 50mph