Stepp Tree Climbing System Ever Made..good For Hunting...yezzr

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calculator0101: esa chingadera lastima a los arboles el acero daña el cambium vascular, no aguantan sus culos gordos por ello suben a los arboles al estilo C.V. directo el sujeto de mejorando la casa que se ponga a sudar la pompi y a subir con cuerda!



Damir G.: another bulls hit advertising

MrCRAIG5550: here's the problem....its a great product.... BUT.....Ameristep sells their 20ft stick ladder at Walmart for 39.00.......I just bought two this year. You cant compete with that.

nyctreeman: dude ... get a pair of climbing gaffs and a saddle with a lanyard ... I would have been up that tree by the time you tied your third knot

itscork: I made it 1:30

Kaleb Ison: Not only was Jim Stepp smart enough to design this marvelous invention, he was also smart enough to make Harry carry it during their instructional video.This man deserves two thumbs up.

Monkey Ropes: Great Vid Jim thanks.

Bluegill20: Just found some of these on eBay but made in Russia and looks and works exactly like these. Pretty spendy to ship them also

Nick Lawton: thats all there is to it

Steve Tipps: I think Jim could do this video by himself , quicker and with a lot less b.s.

Ambrose Munai: Jim Stepp, Sir, Is this product of yours available in ebay? Would love to place an order.

MrPDG79: Jim should try using Kickstarter or Indigogo to raise funds for this great invention.
I do think this is awesome, very practical and works. I don't see any issues with the design and functionality.
Contact me if you guys need help setting up the funding websites.

Best of lucks!

joe c: Where does he live? There are a ton of fabricators in the Detroit area that can make these things.

alan30189: That tree is not straight, you nut. It's at about a 70% to 80% angle.

Slim Jim: These are great.  Where I hunt putting spikes in a tree is illegal.   Also you cannot use a motorized vehicle.  So carrying anything gets tedious because you have to carry everything.  I have a cheap climber and it's a pain in the butt. 
   However I've sat some cheap hang on stands that were great.  Problem is climbing up too it, and keeping people out of it.  This system solves both of them without much inconvenience other than tying on 4 steps when you head in, in the mornings.

Ozzie Jim: Boy Jim, that sure looked easy!!

Joycee B: Will this product ever be back on the market? 
Stepp tree climbing system ever made..good for hunting...yezzr 5 out of 5

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Stepp tree climbing system ever made..good for hunting...yezzr