Stepp Tree Climbing System Ever Made..good For Hunting...yezzr

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Your systems made brilliant
Your systems made brilliant
Best Tree Ever
Best Tree Ever

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Yasir Wasti: genius

Steve Mick: I'd this a 1950's school video!?

Hoefledorf: Isn't removing the steps a pain?

Fat Racks Tv.: Harry’s a idiot and is very embarrassing for this product! Wow

Joseph Payne: These guys act like a couple of 4year olds trying to explain to some 3year olds ... Terrible!!! Couldn't even look at the whole video because of how annoying they are!!!

Mike Jones: What happens a when you get a 275 lb hunter?

StJohns River66: any of you dumb asses realize the rope can slip off that curve?

James Gow: #kelsey It sure looks and sounds like him lol

flierefluiter johnny: This is crap, a professional has better and faster ways to climp into a tree. For amateurs, the will end into the hospital, climbing up is mosly not the problem, but goiing down, every step you must untie the step, throw it to the ground and try to get save to the next step.

Pinche Pendejo: what brand chaw does Jim have ?

danrich92: Double rope technique kinda makes this obsolete but it is a sweet idea


Carlos Ronconi: muito bom

Jeff Stanton: great idea great guys but this is a recipe for disaster. this isn't safe sorry

Bourbon Town Bowhunter: But you can put up one climbing stick in the time it takes to put up 1 of these... sticks have 3 steps

Blood Trail: I love watching old time VHS productions I don't know if you viewers remember the tree lounge chair tree stand I think that's what it was called old man and woman promoting it I just hunt ground blinds now due 2 a ATV Accident but that's 4 putting this up!!

RLMUD: nice till one pops back up on your way down then your f#cked.

Kajntug Vaj: Is there a site we can order from??

pensnut08: Internet tree step experts... SMFH... Try this: If you DON'T like it... Don't BUY it! I am going to buy a set. Looks like it will work well for me. I can leave a stand up and take the steps with me. TY David for posting this and Tommy P for sharing the link to get them!!! Since many don't know how to read, here is the link....

commonconservative: i would bet you would be up a crap creek without a paddle if you caught your toe on one of those steps and released it accidentally
Stepp tree climbing system ever made..good for hunting...yezzr 5 out of 5

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Stepp tree climbing system ever made..good for hunting...yezzr