Springfield XD 40 Detailed Slide Disassembly

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MrVideoyoulike: Still stiff in there. That is what she said! LOL!

Steve Mormile: Thanks man! After 3000+ rounds I had an issue with light primer strikes at the range and this helped me get in there and get this thing cleaned, oiled and eliminate a bunch of drag.

Moscato HD: do u need the roostering indicator

Anazman: I just bought one of these today! This doesn't look bad but maybe should have bought the Glock! That's the other gun I was looking at today! I;m all about keeping things simple! Well.... I've got 10 days to decide! Have heard good things about the XD. Will I have to do all of this EVERY time I clean it?????

adam lee: Watched video for slide breakdown. had a couple springs to install from a PRP kit. PRP trigger AMAZING!

But your comment at 10.20 about not have fingernails because your not gay? Really?!?! I mean come on, dont be a freaking biggot!

have you ever met an acoustic guitarist? because it is very common to have nails for picking strings?

but that is besides the point! you sound like a simple minded pickle!

Jeremy Mitcham: Sweet mama boobies lol

Kenneth Thorpe: Ok, have to say that this is a refreshing video. Your explanation of the process is freaking awesome.  No BS, Thanks

Rob: Holy freak!! Start the freaking video! Minutes in and you havent picked up the pistol... Learn to freaking edit.

Ron Shulman: Attemp to remove rollpin it jammd. didnt have a flat punch but a roll pin punch. I think the end of punch slipped off pin jamming the pin and punch.

Troy West: Overall, not a bad video. A few things that would improve it. When taking parts out or putting them back in, dont just say it goes back the way you took it out. Some parts have little notches on them, so pay attention to every detail. Remember, sometimes when ur taking down or putting back together, your hands are in the way and we dont get the best angle to see. Thank You Sir

Moldy Taco: what do you think about the xd mod2?

3pilot: sounds like you needed a hug after talkin about the pinch incident  lol

Jessie Wright: Thanks for posting this video.  Hahah, snakes *ss  Good one ! !

Corey: get a punch block!

02PSU: Pete, you from Picksburgh PA? You sure sound like it. I just bought my first xdm 9mm and after watching this...I'm afraid to take the damn thing apart now!! Great video.

NZX: dude youre awesome, "freakin roll pins" haha, i have an xd, i know the feeling lol.

TShirtCannon: "There is only one bad word: Taxes. If any other word is good enough for sailors, it's good enough for you too." - Ron Swanson

Nick Rodriguez: He does offer a warning on his channel.....you asshole, roostersucker, freakface.

ditto1958: Dang. Nice pistol, but that slide disasembly is kind of ridiculous. One more reason to own Glocks. Good video, though.

DavidsAddictions: "I look like Robert DeNiro with Down Syndrome" BAHAHAHAA
Springfield XD 40 detailed slide disassembly 5 out of 5

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Springfield XD 40 detailed slide disassembly