FSX Captain Sim 757 Vs Quality Wings 757

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FSX Captain Sim 757 vs Quality Wings 757
FSX Captain Sim 757 vs Quality Wings 757
Captain Sim 757 vs. Quality Wings 757 [1080p[HD]
Captain Sim 757 vs. Quality Wings 757 [1080p[HD]
Captain Sim 757 Review [FS2004/HD]
Captain Sim 757 Review [FS2004/HD]
Captain Sim 757 vs Quality Wings 757 FSX HD
Captain Sim 757 vs Quality Wings 757 FSX HD
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Prepar3d v4 757 Captain III First Impressions and Review LIVE!

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Cash Watkins: You know - Microsoft would still be making FS if it weren't for dumbasses PAYING for add ons. Sorry - but that's just how it is...

shaxe: Although captain sim has better textures I have to go with QW since it has less issues then the CS.

Mystic Havoc: Captainsim,Since it's compatible with FSX:SE

salih hoş: I use CS because its better and doesnt broke ground services X by modifying bglmanx dll files like QW

My Soft Little Pillow: CS looks better on the outside but the VC of the QW is love. I like QW more

GeminiJets37: Quality wings is the winner!

TranVids STW: Captain Sim's one is it too much for a flight like there are so many 2d panels in parts although there is the full overhead panel and it is also not FPS friendly.Ive flown the QW one and it is a great one and better.

R P: In short: both crap

Concorde Aviation: Captain Sim for me. CS needs to fix the look on the autopilot controls. Looks kinda too big though.

Yon Law: QW products are not compatibles with FSX-STEAM :/

MKM!: captain sim best

manion25: which one of both i can have more fps?

Gamer_Pigz: They are both really good but I'll have to go with the Quality Wings 757

Angelo Busato: Just look at the PW engine in the first few seconds of the video. See how thin the QW engine looks compared to the CS? For exteriors CS is the winner for me.

Piotr CKA: I have been in a 757 roosterpit my self and qw is much Vetter and flying it makes me feel Mike im actually flying

Nick Fenton: CAPTAIN SIM!!! It is the winner BY FAR.

Carlos Sikora: music pliss

s zarella: This is a review taken in my own account and my experience, These are my own opinions expressed. 

Ok. so i decided to give the QW 757 a run for its money and see what all this talk is about QW vs CS and online how many people think the QW is inferior. 

Let me start by saying i have been flying the Cs757 for years, I know all of its working parts, all its systems, Its flight Characteristics, 
Let me just preface for a Know Guide, About what your missing with the QW that you get with the CS, 

Again i have been flying the CS757 for years and have Much experience with the planes limitations,. 

Starting with the Overhead. 

To start, You cant align the IRS in the QW, there is no page 2 3 4 5 on the POS INIT page, and the ICAO is " auto filled "
The Apu start knob is a One click Auto knob, Over Half of the knobs on the Overhead are for SHOW and are INOP. 

a Fake TMP panel. for climb, to 1/2 

Automatic Speed Flags on the Airspeed indicator but no Vref30+ 60 + 80 flags for flap retraction, yes i know it has a speed tape:: but I changed the options for the Ball Indicator instead and still couldnt move the Needles. 

So i started with the FMC, past the POS INIT, onto ROute, Plugged in Route to and from, entered the route, Dep and ARR sids and stars enterered, 
couldnt put a flight number in, And when i pressed EXEC, i didnt see any additional Options, such as Save route, that are available on the CS. 
INIT REF page , automatically put my ZFW, no option for the CG% and trim values, again all automatic, and unable to perform a derated Takeoff, and VSPEEDS were already calculated and PREFLIGHT COMPLETE message was already on the Screen. 

Keep in mind i knew about all the FMC functions on the QW, just explaining the difference, 

Upon starting the engines, i started with engine #2, Turn knob to GRND, and couldnt control the fuel cut off switch, It was all Automatic, Like an airbus startup system,

I taxi out, and start my take off roll, Press EPR, and this thing took off like a rocket! But so unrealistic with the weight i was at, 

Onto the autopilot, at 1500 FT selected VNav and started my flap retraction, But the F/D Guidance bars didnt pitch down the a/c i had to manually pitch the nose down, I did notice where ever I pitched the nose up or down the F/D followed as opposed to the f/d correcting the commanded angle. 

So i had set 5000ft on the MCP, and upon hitting 5000ft, i noticed the VNAV was still managing vertical guidance, but not Kicking off and going to speed managed as it should. 

I also noticed there was no RMI pointers, and no vertical Guidance line on the HSI map, on Climb, It was there on Descent only. The VNAV really dissapointed me, Was totaly unpredictable. 

And the Autopilot is intergrated into the mainpanel and no extra second full Autopilot Panel, 

What i Liked about the QW, was the sounds, particulary the Engine start Clicks from pwr transfer, The Spoiler deployed in air Sound, supurb and the speed break Clutch sounds on landing, On point and perfect. 

I can see the alure of someone who loves this plane and doesnt want the complexity of systems, and a nice flying plane, and keeps it simplistic. 

I can tell those who dont have the CS what to expect differently, 

Every Knob In the plane, Moves, and Controls. Every KNOB! You start by Turning the 3 IRS knobs from OFF to ALIGN, and transit through NAV, if you lost IRS data in flight, YOu can put the IRS#3 to ATT and will get your IRS Situation back. 

You have Manual control of systems, and subsystems, say for instance, move over to the Cabin Pressurization panel. You can set the Landing Elevation, and custom pressurization, and Activate EQUIP cooling, 

FMC has the most complex 757 FMC for FS9 FSX, 

POS INIT page, Manual ICAO entry, IRS coordinates Entry, Multiple IRS and GPS pages to see IRS 1 2 3 to make sure #3 is aligned, 
Also use for GNE error calculations. 

Route page, More options, Save FLight, Company Routes, 

PERF INIT: Set ZFW, See your Cruise CG% and can modify step size for Climbs, 

TAKEOFF: SET derated Thrust!!!! Save those PW engines!! and all important!!!! Set CG% and any of you that has seen my work in the cooler this should be easy for you! 

And getting that all important Trim Setting. 

You wont get a PREFLIGHT COMPLETE message unless youve selected the Vspeeds, and have completed all the FMC required steps. 

Moving onto the main panel, Able to Manual control 4 Speed Flags, 

And Engine startup is Manual. same turn of the Knob, But MANUAL control of the Fuel Cut off switch.

Also a treat is the all included Weather Radar built into the HSI. with full control tilt and gain. 

and the bonus of a full Autopilot Gauge, undockable with realistic function, Say, Set your cruise alt in the FMC to 34000. Then set your MCP to 10000
select VNAV at acceleration Height at let the autopilot climb to 10000, Upon reaching within 500 feet VNAV switches to SPEED managed, and levels off,. letting you know to reset the MCP. 

You also get a Altitude Vertical Guidance Bar on both CLIMB and DESCENT,   

I have both and choose the CS  for the Systems and Realism. 
I have fully tested both aircraft together, Including a Tablet FMC for both, I Now see the Vast Difference between these 2 757s. 

I finish with one thought, 

The QW is a great 757 for simplicity, Excellent exterior Model and great Flight Dynamics, Its Over simplicity is good for people hobby pilots and not hardcore simmers who want the most control like PMDG ect,. 

The CS757 is an exceptional aircraft that gives the User complete control over all its systems. It closly Mimics a real world 757-200. if you followed my weight and balance MOD you'll see this bird fly even more realistic and understand 
Weight balance and CG%. 

In the end its up to the user to see what level simulation they want. Since i am a hardcore sim pilot and being able to use this plane in a custom Home roosterpit that i cant with the QW is the Deciding Factor for me. 

I hope this side by side comparison has shown who doesn't own one or the other what These 2 planes are head to head with, and use my vast experience and knowledge to help in their experience. 

Either way Both Companies Pride them selves and bringing this aging beauty to Life as she fades away but keep her alive in our world. 

Niko: Quality Wings in a heartbeat. I have it, and it is truly amazing!

psour33: Captainsim is just a joke not a sim. FSX standard planes are better.
FSX Captain Sim 757 vs Quality Wings 757 5 out of 5

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