Bresser 5x50 And JXD990 Mp4 DVR

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Bresser 5x50 and JXD990 mp4 DVR
Bresser 5x50 and JXD990 mp4 DVR
bresser nv 5x50
bresser nv 5x50
Unboxing Bresser Digital Night Vision Nightvision camera NV 5x50 with video out
Unboxing Bresser Digital Night Vision Nightvision camera NV 5x50 with video out
bresser nachtsicht 5x50
bresser nachtsicht 5x50
Bresser Digital Night Vision / Nightvision NV 5x50 Camera with Video Out Test
Bresser Digital Night Vision / Nightvision NV 5x50 Camera with Video Out Test

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Erich Maia: Where did you get this camera support/adapter/grip? Does it have a specific name? I couldn't find it.
I like the way you put it all together. Way better than looking through the view finder. And showing the image at the screen you can share the image with whom is with you.

trident01101: I have the same Bresser night scope and the JXD990, but when I focus in on the stars the JXD990 screen shows the stars but they are all black in the middle, the stars are not clear white balls of light, I tried all settings on the JXD but cannot fix this problem. I changed the settings from standard resolution to full but no difference. Has any one got a solution to this problem ?. also when looking and focused in on jupiter it is a black ball with a white halo of light around it, am I missing a setting or something ?.
 The stars look like dounuts with a black hole in the middle.

Thor's Channel: where did you bougth the JXD 990?

dazzler B81: Pretty cheap and simple way to record but works a treat thanks mate

UFOHunter64: HIya dazbanks71 yeah will work, check out this video from offerman first before buying though also search ebay for '2.5 inch LCD Portable Mini DVR SPY Camera Camcorder' as may be another option

dazzler B81: Would this work with the Yukon ranger as well ?

UFOHunter64: Hi Offerman, great thx for the update, I will check out your video :-)

offerman: Hi Bud, Just thought i`d post my first video narration. Just talking a bit about the Yukon Night ranger and my setup. On My channel, I`ll soon be doing a side by side comparrison video of the ranger and bresser night scope to see which one is best. Hope you like the vid and feel free to leave a comment on it good or constructive.Thanks. Offerman.

UFOHunter64: Hi John, Yes seems it is hard to get hold of now, I had a look, perhaps not produced any more?.. there are other MP4 recorders but all seem quite expensive such as the Archos, sorry can't help on another cheap MP4 recorder. Will take a look at your channel later thanks :-)

offerman: Thanks for taking the time to reply. I have ordered the bracket and bresser unit and might sell my yukon with its mpr player recorder as screen tiny. One more thing , not sure if you can help, can you point me in the direction of the jxd990 viewer recorder, can`t find one anywhere. Or can you recommend a simple recording device like this that might be cheaper and more easily available? I also have some ufo footage if you are interested in seeing it. Thanks, John

UFOHunter64: Hi Offerman, Thanks for the comments ....I think the Bresser is similar to the ranger, but I don't own a ranger so can't comment accurately. the Bracket I use is a Yukon digital camera adapter, about 15 -20 quid on ebay. and yes it also mounts to a tripod. You can use the Bresser in the daytime also, although I find a sony camcorder with nightshot function and an IR filter better for the daytime. Good luck in UFO hunting and hope this helps :-)

offerman: To answer some people questions below i just bought my bresser from France,11£ postage. If this bresser is any good then i might consider selling my Yukon Ranger 5x45 with MPR recording unit. I`ll wait and see how Bresser is first though.

offerman: Update, just bought brand new Bresser unit 125 buy it now off ebay. Can you tell me where i can`t buy the bracket/tripod you used in this video and wil the whole bracket also mount to a tripod.? If you can answer my question soon as you can mate , would be big help.

offerman: Expensive to, Can i use a tripod with the Bresser, can i film straight from day to night or do i have to use different lenses. The yukon films in IR which is great for filimng ufos which i have done but would like to in the day to.Can i use a tripod with the angled bracket device you are using?(whats it called). Many thanks if you can help with all these Qs. Cheers.

offerman: Hey there bud. Brilliant video so thanks for taking the time.. I`m after a couple of pointers I asked Lou20764 but he didn`t get back to me. Firstly I have a Yukon Night Ranger. He recommended putting a 50mm lense on it which i might try. Then i came across this video of yours. Can you tell me why the Bresser Nightscope is better than the Yukon. I might get a Bresser as looks good uses less batteries and more portable and the jdx looks way better than the yukon small MPR unit (expensive)

UFOHunter64: The Bresser gives a black and white image

Ufo Sydney: what colour is the image . green or black and white ?

reddog694uk: I like the image intensifier, i hope their next model has an sd card slot for the latest high capacity cards, it seems like an oversight that it wouldn't have one as standard. Nice vid !!

UFOHunter64: Hiya zeb120 .. I was lucky it was for sale on ebay, new in box .. the seller i bought off sold a couple like that.. but after didn't see them selling more, but i don't look now, so check out ebay regularly if you are after one, you may find another :-)

D PRoZT: excellent setting JXD 990 very good
Bresser 5x50 and JXD990 mp4 DVR 5 out of 5

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Bresser 5x50 and JXD990 mp4 DVR