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Kazz Money: who made that beat in the background?

Xavier “Xgamer” Manto: How do you update the firmware on these?

EL TRYHARD: Is there no mute button? Don't want to shut off the whole mic for my teammates not to hear me.

OgZz: the build quality.. it's absolute crape.

CritiKiL: It doesn't exactly say so, but how can I make this work with the Xbox One console?

Adrian “Immortal Bananas” Elvegård: help, i have only mono sound! :(

Caleb Lolno: +Skullcandy please help my PLYR 1 headphones wont turn on like I was playing then I turned em off 5 mins later I pressed On they didn't do anything please help

Ralph V: What's the name of the background song??

Elite GamingWolf: i actually have had the headset for awhile and i can say that they are pretty nice. the mic could have been better but since most people gaming cant afford good headsets in general a mic would not really make a big difference. i actually use this headset in my videos of grand theft auto V at rare times or far cry 4. as for the sound of the headphones they are actually really impressive,i actually find myself listening to music with these the majority of the time im at home and on the computer. it actually works well for a gaming headset.. only problem would be the battery, it only last probably up to 3 hours before this annoying beep starts up. then you have to plug it into a USB cord. but other than that i think if you want something thats for gaming and a music headset this headset actually does the job well 

I3igMichi: Can i hear footsteps from enemys in a first person shooter game with the plyr1?

Nikola Sitorus: Can I get this for free xD

cesar eduardo pinto lopez: They are really weak, I buy one and they have a amazing sound but got broken really easy like for nothing, I think have to repair that 

BlayzedBlue: I just got these. They sound amazing. The Dolby 7.1 is incredible. They're very comfortable, even for people with big heads like me. Definitely worth it. If you see them on Ebay for around $100, jump on it. 

Rahul Salhan: how is this wireless i saw the ps3 setup video there was alot of wires connecting to alot of blah blah blah and other crap pls write back tell how to set it wireless

ratede91: I wish I woulda known about the plyr1's before I bought these damn plyr2's. These are good headphones but DAYUM I woulda liked that 7.1 sounds tantalizing 

Christian Schützner: I know that these work wirelessly with the PS4 but how is chat? On the official Skullcandy page they only explain how to use it with software version 1.5 but in the meantime the ps4 got 1.7... so does the chat work wirelessly now too?

Howard C: My bro has these and the sound is very good. The range was also excellent during the short time I tested them. The only minus is that the ears fit too snug, which many others have complained about. If you come out with a slighter larger earcup, I'd sell my Turtle Beach headset and get Skullcandy instead.

Tommy Coello: Does it also work on iPhones? 

David Da: Does it works on Xbox One?

Deadlydude392: if i have the headphones in my pc and play a game the sounds are perfect and the same works with skype, i can hear them perfectly and they can hear me perfectly but when i try to play games or anything with sound through google chrome or youtube it wont send the sound. How do i fix this if i can?
Behind the PLYR 1 Wireless Gaming Headset | Skullcandy 5 out of 5

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Behind the PLYR 1 Wireless Gaming Headset | Skullcandy