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World's Fastest Motorcycle. Y2K TURBINE SUPERBIKE VS. MIG JET.
World's Fastest Motorcycle. Y2K TURBINE SUPERBIKE VS. MIG JET.

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gouravgoury: hi bro, i m gourav babal from indore (mp) india i m ur a big fan pls contact me +919827596675

A2 Trần Phú Hot Boy: great

SicknessDDOEU: ADD-tube

MuelPro247: Pure genius

SphinxGames: mental

Ozgur KUREKCI: HAAHHA Zero safety you must be Russian

Matthew Cooper: Safety 3rd

Shining Armor: 2:14 Don't put white text on a white background. xD

John_The_Starwarsfreek: what did the white text on the white background say?

loganbaileysfunwithtrains: When will there be a turbo jet hover bike?

John Doe: at the old Silent Hills testing grounds

john p: goofy bastard

Dana Steele: 1:29 lol:)

nightb4day: My headphones are bleeding.

Jim: and that's what a buzz bomb from WWII sounds like. Scared the crap out of a lot of Brits, especially when it shut off.

Maya Miller: We are just running with propane, no problem

Muradın bilgiləri: sən dəlisən

Enrico Santarato: the bicycle have the same sound of V1 in the 2° World War.... interesting ahahahah

schizzlschnitzl: Safety third.

A. Oliveira: Bim vídeo
MAKING the JET BICYCLE 5 out of 5

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