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World's Fastest Motorcycle. Y2K TURBINE SUPERBIKE VS. MIG JET.
World's Fastest Motorcycle. Y2K TURBINE SUPERBIKE VS. MIG JET.

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Fire Fighter: Colin don't be an idiot wear a helmet one for motorcycles

Zoid Burg: Obviously I love your videos, but I really struggle with that crape music :(

SG3xHERO: gta did you rob stuff again

G SZ: helmet

Minati Mallik: yo man you are great

Clesh GG: Что это в Русских рекомендациях делает?)

adamjhuber: Darwin Award winner in 3, 2, 1...

Nicolas LeClair: Almost disliked the video cuz of an ad on it that was cringey lol

Jarno Huirne: It didnt say do not try at home

Film Fabriek: 1,375th comment

Robert Miller: Soooo dangerous. Next time can I help?!

Tom Evans: 30 mph? I get to that on my road bike in jeans lmao. Then again, I am wearing a helmet and not directly above a jet engine lmao

what else is on: Did you notice there's a rack on the back of the bike? You have a welder, why not weld on, say, a tank bracket and fuel tank?

Sehsad Miaya: y

Matthias Hünding: Maker du bis echt dum

NinJumper46: Here from Science of Stupid

DonaldDuck Trump11: Syempre bizon

Scott AKA Gypo: yer a nut case!!

Giovanni Spada: My god that's so dangerous

younus shah: llll
MAKING the JET BICYCLE 5 out of 5

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