Tricopter Setup Test And Controls

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Tricopter Setup Test and controls
Tricopter Setup Test and controls
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Sir Pascal: nice tutorial, we need stuff like dat.

Tony Vincent: Can you tell me what flight control board you're using? I'm having trouble keeping my machine from spinning like a top all the time. Any advice?

rexempire1: You sound like you have lived in South Africa before......(accent)

CPsVids: Hi. Sorry, I have only used the KK2 Board on my quads - the board on this tri is a home-build. As you know on a tri the motor must be angled to counter the rotation. I fine tune it with the trim. On the KK board there are many parameters that can also be adjusted - have you watched the video guide that HK guys have published as I am sure it will help. I can't post the link here, but it is called : HobbyKing - KK2.0 Complete Guide Pt.5 - X900 Tricopter

nicholasjacobs1967: Hi doc. I had the same issue (Multiwii Pro from HK). Futaba 12FG tx. Turned out I needed to set endpoints to 110% both directions on aileron, and also throttle. I ended up setting all sticks and aux1 and aux2 to +- 100%. Config shows nice range from 1000ish to 1500 to 2000ish on all axis. Now I can arm with thr down+ail right or thr down/rud right and disarm too. I'm in Burlington but I'm also new at this. Maybe we can join forces later.

Jorge Vargas: Sounds Good, thankz so much Chris

CPsVids: Hi Jorge - I am in Newmarket so possibly can help. Send me a PM (private message) with the details of your setup. What board are you using and what problem you are having. Maybe we can figure it out over the phone or get together. Chris

Jorge Vargas: Hi, I can see canadas flag, how far are you from Kitchener, Ontario, I ask cz I wonder if maybe you can helpme with my tricop, is been almost a month since I finished assembling, but not yet a nice hovering, is it posible to met you if close to Kitchener. Thankz

CPsVids: Phil - NP. Great progress! You got it figured BTW. Your trims are out. Self Level is just that. It does not do Position Hold or compensate for trim. (You need a GPS, Flymentor or the like for that). So yes, set up your trim and use your sticks. Make sure you can easily see the orientation of the tri with lights or some kind of "flag" and learn to fly with the back facing you (as if you were sitting in it). Let us know how you make out and post a video. Cheers Chris

Phil Fouche: Hi Thanks a lot for your help.I have updated my kk board and made sure all my props are turning the right way.At the moment I can get the tri to lift of but it is not hovering in one place and starts to drift of in a direction.My self level setting is turned on.Does that mean my trims are of or do I have to do a sensor calibration again or is it just not possible to hover in one spot without having to compensate on your sticks? Thanks Phil

CPsVids: Hi - It depends what board you have as how the arming works. Most of the time the problem with arming is the throttle trim is not low enough. Set your trim to its lowest point. If you have a digital radio you can adjust travel. WARNING : Take your props off when experimenting - It is not good if you are experimenting and suddenly the motors all go to full speed!

WINGS RC: Hi nice vid I have built my first tried copter and so far all is good I am having trouble trying to arm it.. can you using the rudder dose not work but the servo dose move . I have 4 sets of wires in my receiver throttle elevator aliron plus my servo and 3 sets in my flight controller throttle elevator aliron but no rudder , can you tell me what's I have done wrong so that I can arm and disarm it please

CPsVids: Hi Phil. The radio should be in Acro mode. Set it up just like a 4 channel plane. Throttle, Elevator, Rudder and Ailerons. Your faster motor may be the trim on your radio being out? However if it is happening after take-off then it may tri's balance or one (ore more) of the props the wrong way around? (Easy mistake to make). On the KK2 make sure to have the latest firmware - the earlier versions sucked for Tris as it was unstable. Let me know if you need more and I can send you some detail.

Phil Fouche: help needed please!!!!!!!!!! I have built a tricopter using a kk2 board and a spectrum dx6i radio.there is a wealth of info on setting up the kk board but not a lot on settings I need to have on my dx6i.i am a complete novice and is new to the world of the moment motor no1 on my copter is spinning way faster than the other.i have calibrated the esc using a prog card.i also don't even know if my settings need to be on heli or acro mode.any help will appreciated thanks phil

Avery Kucan: It's impossible. You must have 4 or more motors, OR a little tail servo for movement.

CPsVids: Hi. Sorry, I have not built a 6 motor system. However the info you are looking for seems to be in this video: "Y650 Scorpion Glass Fiber Multi-Rotor Frame 650mm Vol.25 test flight" from yasuo840 at the 8 second mark. Also have you looked at the RCGROUPS thread on this machine? There seems to be a great deal of info. Sorry I can't offer you any more help than that. Good luck and it looks like quite a beast you are building!

grandchancellor: Can you tell me please what direction the motors should be turning when not using that rear motor tilt system ? I'm building the Y650 Scorpion with only 3 motors and am uncertain about prop direction. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

Thomas Jeffery: thanks for the info,theses things could really bite on the fingers!

CPsVids: The SW in the board is designed to not start the motors until it gets a specific input sequence. In this case with throttle at zero you hold the aileron to full left for 1.5 seconds. The light comes on and the system is "live". Then when you land you do the same thing to "disarm" the board. This means if you accidentally bump the throttle it will not take your head or fingers off! I learned this the hard way once and since them I am pretty wary :) Good luck on your build!

Thomas Jeffery: what do you mean when you talk about arming and disarming 'it' for safety's sake? i don't understand why that effects the motors function... btw im building something like your awesome craft so thats why im interested as to controll setup. Thanks!
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Tricopter Setup Test and controls