Filtrete 3M50 Thermostat - How To Install WiFi U-Snap Module

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Filtrete 3M50 Thermostat - How to provision  WiFi U-Snap module via your iPhone
Filtrete 3M50 Thermostat - How to provision WiFi U-Snap module via your iPhone
Filtrete 3M50 Thermostat - How to install WiFi U-Snap module
Filtrete 3M50 Thermostat - How to install WiFi U-Snap module
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Andy Bradford: I am having trouble finding another WIFI module to fit my thermostat. I made the mistake and bought a z-wave module (POS in my opinion) any suggestions?

James B: Can I install a wifi module and z-wave module at the same time? I'm guessing yes since there are 2 ports on the thermostat?????

bklasky: I spent HOURS trying to figure out why I was getting no 5-digit PIN number. Most websites talk about needing to ensure that the "C" terminal is functional. I knew that wasn't the case as I'd been using this thermostat for a couple years. Turns thermostat was in "SIMPLE" mode. When in simple mode you don't get a 5-digit code ever. Press Mode so it reads "off" then hold the "Program" button for 12 seconds. It will exit simple mode and you'll get your code.

Drx9000Repair: Well I'll be darned Will, you're right! I wasn't getting the full 24 volts, just 19 volts, but the unit won't run on 12 volts like they claim or even 19, it requires the full 24 volts! Now it works, sort of. The Wi-Fi adapter came on for the first time and I was able to connect with my laptop. It wouldn't connect to my "N" router though, it would only connect to a "G" router. A lot of the comments on Amazon said their unit were shipped with fake Wi-Fi adapters but mine seems to be correct.

Will White: Check the voltage you're getting between the C and the RH terminal. I was powering the unit with a 12V power supply since the manual said it was fine between 12V and 24V, and it would work with battery out. I was even getting the radio icon and the green light would flicker on and off on the USNAP module (not the thermostat face). Once I switched over to a 24V power supply I got the yellow light and the PIN code. The thermostat will run on 12V, but the module seems to need more juice.

Drx9000Repair: Guys, I get the same thing as you two, no flashing light or a pin number. All I have on the screen is the Radio icon. I'm definitely getting power from the "C" terminal because I can remove the batteries and it still works! All the instructions about pressing the Menu button and the up and down arrows is just silly! There's no combination of button presses that will give a yellow light or any other light. Homehandyman101 doesn't seem to have any idea what he is talking about!

Homehandyman101: Once you see a yellow blinking light, there are several ways to connect your thermostat to your home network and the following are the two easiest ways: If using an iPhone, download our app by searching for wi-fi enabled radiothermostat. If you’re using a PC with a Windows operating system go to setyourthermostat. Download and install the app. Connect to your thermostat, then start the app.

Homehandyman101: Still no yellow light? Please follow these steps: turn the mode to OFF, press the Menu button. You should see a blank space in the middle of the screen. Press and hold your finger against that blank space until the screen changes. Press the Up Arrow icon to reset the thermostat, then press the Down Arrow icon. Press the House icon twice to return to the main screen.

Homehandyman101: There should be a C wire in the C terminal. See our videos on YouTube to see why you need a C wire for wi-fi as well as several videos on how to add a C wire. If using a plug in transformer, choose a low amp transformer, 16-24 volt AC with 1/3 of an amp or less. If you do NOT see the days of the week under the large temperature reading, you are in Simple Screen. Turn your thermostat mode to OFF, press and hold the Program button for 12 seconds to toggle out of Simple Screen.

teddynugent: I just bought my house and the previous owners have this installed. I am trying to connect the device to my network but after doing the first few steps of this video my thermostat doesn't show a flashing light or a pin number. What am I doing wrong?

Matt Gowin: Mine has worked for the last 10 months. I have two of them and the second is only a few months old. Suddenly I beeps on both. I have attempted to post a video of this.

Khoi Le: What do if PIN number doesn't even show up? C-wire works as tested with multimeter. Not sure what else to do other than return the damned thing and try again...

Thomas Hooker: @willdav713 thanks for that option!

willdav713: I put my wifi module in on the left hand side.

Steven Levine: Thanks for the timely response. I do not have a 'C wire.' Is that the likely problem? Would an adapter do the trick, and if so what sort of adapter is it and how do I install it? Thank you

Homehandyman101: @mondaydreaming Hi I would make sure the c wire is working by taking the batteries out. If the thermostat does not run without batteries then you need to fix the c wire. If it works without batteries put them back in an then press menu. Press and hold the center of the screen till you see 00 & 2 arrow keys press the down arrow key. Once it goes back to the main screen you should see a flashing amber light and a number in the top left which is the pin number.

Steven Levine: Please help, I've been trying to figure this out and will return it soon if I can't get the pin number somehow..

Steven Levine: My pin number doesn't show up when I follow the instructions precisely.
Filtrete 3M50 Thermostat - How to install WiFi U-Snap module 5 out of 5

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Filtrete 3M50 Thermostat - How to install WiFi U-Snap module