UPDATED 2014 (CE 6.3) - Google Chrome With Cheat Engine (Choose Right Process)

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bero231: Thank you for the amazing 100.000 VIEWS!!1!!

FurionSRB: It doeasnt work , you cant download it

Patrick Star: how do u tick the boxes? it wont work

ShadowDueler97: Thanks for the help

awesomeperson108: omg thank you sooo much, i've been trying to hack some games because i'm lazy, and never could find the right process, so thank you c:

MonsterKiller4100: Hi guys, i'm having issues using cheat engine. I double click on it, and sometimes it doesn't load. Other times it loads up for 2 seconds and just disappears! It only works if i shut down my computer for a few hours (not occasionally). I have recently discovered while using task manager, it appears as a "Background Processor". Can anyone help me fix this issue? Thanks!

stephan edgerly: thanks for the video been trying to figure out how to use chrome in cheat engine for a while tell i found it being 2978

dheeraj menon: thanks a lot . you helped me so much . i knew long before how to bring that calculator but you thought me how to use it

zia alibaba: Hi i cant download it can some one sent to my email

harold johnson: hey, how do i find out which is star wars the old republic in my process list then?

William Engman: Thanks man :D

altin rexhepi: thanks

bero231: Thank you guys, for the amazing 27,000 views. I did't even hope my video could reach that amount of views, and thank you for the good comments!

Prabhu Bandreddi: bro about memory os not opening in my chrome browser please help me

UrielXN: Awesome. I'd give you a thousand likes if it was possible. :D

Jerald Baroro: hey bero231, why does chrome doesn't work the cheat permanently on my game 8 ball pool?

bero231: e.g. you type in "4421 to hex" and you get 0x1145.... you take the number after 0x... the 1145....

FallenSoldier21: 1+ sub for you ;))

bero231: I put the link of Shockwave player in the description....

bero231: Dude I sound stupid when I talk.. and this is just enough...

MrMillerboy6: ERMAHGERD!!!! THANKZ!!!!! I LOVE YOU!(No homo)

bero231: Thx! LOL, if it at least.. well you can subscribe instead ;)

Travon Ferguson: Guys if you dont know how to get your calculator to look like his go to (VIEW) in the top left corner of calculator and then go to Programmer. LIKE SO EVERYONE COULD SEE

kanishk KKPRO: That was really really helpful, you rock. But then on the calculator part how do you get all that hex and stuff? Thank you

Skeld: thanks dude

achmad santoso: what did still worked????

Arjun Sankar m: IT says error

Aaron Vinson: Nice that helped. I sat there switching back and forth trying to decide which was which

bero231: np

julio kautsar: you just solved my unsolved problem bro (y) RESPECT o):

WUBWUBWUBWUBWUBWUBWUBWUBWUBWUBBOWOWOWOWOWOWOW no: thanks works i look it up every time cuz i always 4get XD

bero231: go to this link mathsisfun(.)com/binary-decimal-hexadecimal-converter.html and type in the number you have under decimal and in cheat engine find the one that you get in hexadecimal :D

Ichigo Kurusaki: hey how can i get the calculator

nickster715: just asking i tryed the same thing but for btd5 but ddnt work plz help

bero231: "approved" - lol THX for support!

bero231: Hacking values directly with Cheat Engine may crash the game (Flash or shockwave player) because it detects the value was changed unexpectedly so it crashes, when hacking games that have anti hack systems you have to be very careful and smart.... Don't just search the value and change it.... in 99% of facebook games those stuff wont work :) I really don't know what could it be you have to type in "about:memory" it has to be done in chrome.... Try reinstalling chrome or something... GOOD LUCK!

Arjun Sankar m: it says error

thekajal2000: you are awesome

Eko Pradiono: what is that that chrome://memory.... < the blank is what

Arafat Rahman: u r great man

bero231: Hmm Idk if i can help you... i get the same problem sometimes.... maybe it is simply blocked by the app or site you are trying to hackk.. idk..

Shade: Trust me, you don't want him to talk. His voice sounds stupid.

mmrxyz: thousand likes if possible for this video, really helpful bro!

Sean Phillips: press alt + 3 or go file and go on programmer :)

Hallan Andrew: Gtfo

Major Danger: Thanks man :) That was really helpful

Lorenzo Games: how get the calculator in your video

james hughes: Google chrome wont work and i only know how to hack bloons tower defense3 which is really easy any advice?

bero231: of course it is working...

bero231: This is 100% correct... your hack doesn't work not this..
UPDATED 2014 (CE 6.3) - Google Chrome with Cheat Engine (Choose right Process) 4.8 out of 5

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UPDATED 2014 (CE 6.3) - Google Chrome with Cheat Engine (Choose right Process)