How To Turn Off Auto Wifi On Samsung Galaxy S3 & S4

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Bill FitzGerald: OMG I have been pulling my hair out trying to figure out why Wifi kept turning on. Thank you!!!!!

PlanetSledge: When I got my S3 back in August I noticed this, found your youtube about it and fantastic. Thanks. Then a couple weeks ago I got my first Android update. Well that thing turned the optimizer back on again! Hmph! So I had to come back here. Thanks again!

Dan B: I too have this problem, however I do not have Sprint, or a Sprint phone. My research is ongoing.

Kevin Bowen: I don't have the connection optimizer button. I think I did before the last update.

Ron Soukup: So happy to find this information. It has been driving me nuts as I drive through areas and I lose the data connection, becuase the device saw a WiFi and decided to connect to it. Thank you!!

personwhoiam: thank you so much!

sevenhornets: Thank you !!!!! I was about smash my phone into pieces..

Michael Amitola: Thank you so much! The auto wifi was really getting annoying.

XxFuguxX: Gooodd this was pissing me off ssoo much! Thanks a bunch : D

John Doe: OMG, I've been living under a rock all this time. I wish that is an option they shouldn't force us at the start.

Mahmoud Sadder: thats true :(

jamieralexify: Ahhhhhh thank you!

Rebbekka Warren: Thank you!!!!!!!

Francisco Mejia: Thanks bro

Keylanis Vargas: thanksssss

Mahmoud Sadder: excuse me sir i have a galaxy s3 and i don't have this option i have only :- mobile data and data roaming, access point names, network mode and network operation can you help me please

Wayne S: Thank you. This actually quite helpful.

Jx1x3: You're a turn wifi off god. Thanks sirr

leomanecen2: hello can you help how to disable wifi in samsung g S3 mini? because after i turn it off the wifi turns on again.

Rocky Racoon: despite the redundancy, I have exactly Michael's thought in mind... "Thank-you so much!" - Not only would the darn thing keep coming on, but then it refuses to go find sprints 3g network (that's supposed to be 4)

LaNae Neal: Thanks a lot! That feature really is annoying.

eclecticwhyzas: Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!! It's the little things in life....

Johnny Thurman: I really appreciate this!! Curious though... will i need to do these each time i turn on my wifi manually?

GrapeKoolaid45: Thank you so much.

Fiona Hammond: THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! ive been living in a hotel for the last 6 months and i just got the word i have to stay another 6 months.. that wifi thing was driving me CRAZY!!!! i soooo appreciate this!!!

Javier Deltoro: I only have a 3g :(

Dawn Iamnottelling: I hope this works..Its driving me crazy!!!!

TheEskimo21: thank you so much

Taylor Maddox: Thank you

C Webb: thanks for this. I was seriously getting frustrated with this damn thing. Thanks again

Marceline Abadeer: Thank you Basil. freak you Samsung.

NSMario1488: Does that mean it won't auto connect to 4G when the network is available?

jjao1989: Thanks that crap was annoying

ivan coffie: Thank you so much

surajcalifornia: Thank you for posting! Very Helpful!

veganintendo: It was driving me crazy, thanks!!

laurynbianco: Thank you!

B3yOnDtH3LiMiT: Thanks this was so anoying men thanks

ryanfranceschina: what if I have Verizon? I can't find the setting on my phone

naturallyurz: Thank you! This has been driving me crazy....

KIA arms: freak u i

KHeartsdiva54321: I don't have the connections optimizer option? :s

Basil Doeringsfeld: No, it doesn't affect 4G, only wifi connecting.

MrEqp123: Thanks alot, I have been looking for this for weeks now. Once again thanks alot

Noelle Chang: I bet you everyone who has Verizon doesn't have this option :(

shawnwade302: The stupid system updates turned that Crap back on..Thanks for showing me how to fix that

Aly Charles: Omg thank you sooo much!!!

Jana ONeal: You rock! Thank you!!

stevew9948: my settings screens are not the same as yours, i cannot find that feature to turn off

ShaneJusticeIsBetterThanYou: I have a different set of options as well
How to Turn Off Auto Wifi on Samsung Galaxy S3 & S4 4.7 out of 5

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How to Turn Off Auto Wifi on Samsung Galaxy S3 & S4