NFS World-Ultra Tuned Pagani Zonda Cinque Performance Test

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Fatih Yilmaz: gigaxero can u tell which colour parts will be the best for cinque. that would be realy nice so i dont need to waste ultra parts for testing

Kyriakos_Qr ♥ xKyriakoZ- ♥ 250 xSubZ-: how the f do you understand the handling???

Gigaxero: Its based on level, higher level you are more parts you get and rarer parts are. However its quite normal not to get too much parts even on level 50, I think drop rates are worse than before car classes

Gigaxero: Apex US


shadowzz599: as F1 is the best ;) but closest enemy is CINQUE whoth 4 star skill, pro driver, and a tunner :P

Gigaxero: Change to your inventory by clicking arrow at corner of box where skills are displayed. If you have one better skills from races and TH you can find em there

Deza !: how do you get it in kmh? pls anwer

Gigaxero: options, gameplay, change from imperial to metric

Arsenii Koliada: these car stats are hellish!

victor costa: muito massa!!!

Iosif Belega: 820 McLaren F1 "ELITE" Edition all PRO with all ULTRA 839

YayCupcakesLol: How can I buy boost in the us?

Kazier312: I know where I can find them but like, Ive done Team Escape Farming and got tons of Lucky Draw's and Im on a 22 treasure hunt streak and I still have not gotten any kind of Headstart skill. 1s, 2s, 3s, none of them !

Deza !: Thnx bro

Ivan Guerreiro: wath is the best car in the game?

DjAAV: Murcielago SV can hit 400 KM/G too

Cristian Martinez: Nah, the MR2 is THE 'noobish car' Yet it's quite jarring to see all those Cinques, F1s and GT2s driven by awful players. I mean, the only reason I'd like to have a Cinque (Other than its awesome engine sound) is to show them what a monster they are not using well

Gigaxero: ok, well its just about luck. Drop rates are very random for different skills, I haven't got either, just ready cooldown or rapid refill. Seems like PS increase is quite rare

Cosmin Bejinariu: I've got to give in again with my Zonda Cinque as they are to 796. You play on Apex or Chicane?

peniku8: nope, green is better in higher rpm

Matthew Totani: Everytime I try record with bandicam it is always black the scren

Ivan Guerreiro: thanks

Bleibaer: today i loosed against you because u used your slingshotstart^^ i thought you was a cheater

Ryan Cooper: Best value for money (other than Cinque)??? Like Nismo Z-Tune or 911 GT2??

raul ayala: I love that car

Dominic Victoria: Dude! could you try taking all parts from your cinque just want to know the stock performance. What i mean the HAT and the overall of cinque stock. thanks

Gigaxero: Of course from treasure hunt and races since I used to play a lot. Some of them I got when skill system was changed

Stan Allosserie: thx giga

epicfail18081: This needs an update. I only have pro parts on my Cinque and it's at 811 overall.

Gigaxero: There's few cars close, but if you are looking absolutely the best, Cinque is the only option

Gigaxero: Cinque is the best, but I'm not sure about 2nd one because Reventon was just released. Once I know more about these cars I can tell more accuretely which one is better

SolX9: 1) I dont drive a zonda 2) If you want to race your Aventador against one of my rides, then gimme your IGN and well see..

Ryan Cooper: At last a car which hit 400 KM/H after the introduction of skill mods

bushabob: cellphone or credit card.

peniku8: I've seen one with 826 (/watch?v=z4r0VVA3Zoc) But this is still not maximum. Max combination in parts is green/green/green/red/red/red of course best ultra parts

Gigaxero: I dont use them, with yellow parts power output is smoother, acceleration is better and its easier to control

Gigaxero: It would be timemachine, able bend space and time xD

Gigaxero: Change colour of car on dealer, the last option is in game cash if car is available for that

peniku8: nfs-s[dot]com/nfsw_cars 831 is max.

MarshallLarshall: Haha oh stfu, you freakhead, zonda newb, now lets race and see whos car is "crappy", fat ass

liew teckken: my zonda cinque overall 830, max speed 404km/h

Asher Anwar: damn nice bro thats fast!

shadowzz599: IF you all really need good stats try green-green-green-red-red-red ;)

Cosmin Bejinariu: sin, I play on chicane

YayCupcakesLol: k thx :)

MarshallLarshall: aventador all ultra 851.

Rob Bully: how do i buy cars via cash not boosts?

SmokyHD3: tis car looks like sperm

SmokerFace12: Zonda Cinque and Porsche GT2 997 are the noob car of this ame
NFS World-Ultra Tuned Pagani Zonda Cinque Performance Test 4.7 out of 5

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NFS World-Ultra Tuned Pagani Zonda Cinque Performance Test