Honda Magna Carbs Install (Part 1)

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Imagine A World: Are you growing pot in the back ground?? xD

Gonzalo Artigas: Thanks for taking the time to teach, the only thing I did different was after pushing in the carbs with the straps as you showed I used straps but wrapping carbs on the vertical instead of using a pry bar to set them in place. Thank you!

Kevin E: Hey Bud just wanted to Give you a Huge Huge Thank you for your Video I've been stuck trying to figure out just how I was going to get my V-65 Back together after breaking 3 brand new Gas Tubes in the process Not sure what would have happened with out your video Got it figured out now & Again Thank you So Much bud 👍

Tyler Stewart: Thans for the videos I took mine apart and put them back about 3 months later and forgot couldn't remember where crap went haha

Skipper Willis: I have the same bike.I took the carb.s off and I put them back on, but I couldn't find anywhere to put the fuel line (hose), so I took the carb.s off again and I still can't find any place to attach the fuel line. The fuel line is about 11 inches long.It has a steel protector spring around it. It has a 90 degree elbow on the end that attaches to a male connection. This fuel line is coming out at the same spot where the little 2 inch line (hose) that goes to the fuel tank is coming out.Thank you for any help you can give me.

Carlos Errea: la verdad que te agradezco me sirvio de mucho tu tutorial

Danny Hinton: Do the 84 vf700c's have a different frame? I can NOT for the life of me get the carbs out in one piece. I've disconnected the throttle cables, got it out of all 4 boots, taken off the radiator, disconnected everything, and they can not squeeze out.

Tyler Gallimore: Hey I have a Honda sabre 750 v4 its a 1982 the gas tube ts broke and I was wondering if u have any ideas to fix them

Brass Monkey: Good video but I do have one suggestion. You state to coat them with oil for easier installation, I would avoid using oil. Oil degrades and swells rubber, best choice would be silicone lubricant as it is safe to use on plastic/rubber parts.

fctotal: You'll have to pull the rack, take that carb off (#1 carb) and disassemble it to replace the idle stop adjustment adjustment screw. If you go to eBay NOW, there is one listed for $9.00 w/ free shipping. Go to eBay and search for CARBURETOR THROTTLE STOP IDLE SCREW and you'll find it.

fctotal: Google v4hondabbs and register on there. Go to the "They All Do That" forum and do a search. Nothing I could type here would be any different than the info you'd find there :)

john querubin: i have a 84 vf500 magna how can i troubleshoot the charging system? thank you

rudy behr: fc help ive got an 85 magna and cant find anyone who knows exactly how to hook up all the linkage to the carbs if at all possible could you help me out thats all i need to get done on this bike in order to hit the road cant even find a book on it anymore

fctotal: That could be a number of things. The first thing I would do though is to take apart the slave cylinder, clean it up, and bleed it. Could also be a simple matter of the clutch master cylinder needing to be rebuilt from sitting so long.

ThePresidentialTouch: I'm getting mine to run again, but due to it being stored at someone else's residence, teenagers got onto it and locked the rear wheel in gear. Having never dealt with this problem before, I don't know how to get it free again. Any help heap much appreciated.

fctotal: That was Joey, the Honda-Sponsored Spotted Moth. He elected to be our helper for the duration. He actually appears in a few other spots for one to two frames at a time as he flies just on the egde of the picture. Good eye on that one though! :)

JRL3: anyone see that huge bug at 5:20?

Tom R: Great how to's. Appreciated very much. Roll Tide Roll!

fctotal: @Magnageek I'd start with the air filter replacement & carb cleaning. If they haven't been cleaned in a few years, then it's definitely due. The enthanol & methanol additives in gasoline these days gums up the older carbs and has prompted more frequent cleanings.

Magnageek: Hey, buddy, help a fellow motor-head out, as I'm out of ideas. My 1995 Magna runs like crap. It will start and idle, but it won't even get over 1500 rpm without cutting out. It's had new plugs, fresh gas, air filter, vacuum fuel valve is good, timing is on. It seems that I'm down to carburetion, but I loathe taking them off. I ran carb cleaner though the fuel lines and let the engine idle a bit. Still nothing. What do you think? Thanks!
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Honda Magna Carbs Install (Part 1)