NYX Cream Blush, Lipsticks, Concealer And Lip Pencil

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NYX Cream Blush. Lipsticks. Concealer and Lip Pencil
NYX Cream Blush. Lipsticks. Concealer and Lip Pencil
MAKEUP Favorites & Hate it's   NYX Cosmetics
MAKEUP Favorites & Hate it's NYX Cosmetics

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seapinkoyster: i bought my first nyx makeup for the first time too....yesterday. first makeup product i purchased made in china. i was so sad when i saw that my eye shadow pallet was swatched by someone else. (i can see the finger marks) but i like the color and it actually tells ppl the ingredients unlike most drugstore eyeshadow.

sweeettart0991: you should try their nyx megashine lipglosses :)

Miranda Mongold: You're awesome!! I love your blog!! :) I can't help but to check it everyday!

Lewis S: lol u seem to hate cheap stuff..

Casey Arielle: I have that concealer! And the more you use it the creamier it gets. Trust me. And the more you use it the more pigmented it looks. You should give it another try.

thehobogirl: I just hope that EVERY EXPENSIVE MAKE-UP everyone purchase, a little goes to a CHARITY. I mean children who can't afford to go to school and who doesn't eat 3x a day...:) It'll be GREAT!!!

Marinshe: Think I'm gonna try some of their round lipsticks and cream blushes :)

flawlessandimperfect: Hey Jackie! So just wondering, other than Circe and Snow white, out of the pink lipsticks, which one is your favorite, and which do you wear most often or recommend ?

killuanette07: Do you go thrifting ? Can you do hauls ?

you're my blue mold: hi.. do you like canmakes cream blushes better or nyx? which ones are longer lasting?

y3rlo: you should try their round lipstick in pumpkin pie :) its a really nice nude color too. have you checked out beautyjoint.c om. they're the same price but you get your things faster. 3-4 days max after you placed your purchase. its amazing. try their mega shine lip glosses too. try beige. i think you'll like it.

makeuphairclothing: If you like nude-y pink colors the Victoria's Secret lip gloss in innocent is SO pretty and pretty opaque.

Katherine: How do you apply the cream blushes?

quartrpint: @MszJackieChu thanks so much! do you usually size up for these shirts?

lilqtxanq3l: Hi Jackie, I looked through your website on the different lashes you tried and I loved the Ardell Demi pixies and Ardell Scanties you had on. Do you know the numbbers for them? I was trying to look for it on the website you provided but wasn't sure which ones were it. Thanks!

quartrpint: @kyuriii oh, and did you get that top at forever 21, too? xD

quartrpint: hi, I was wondering if you could still send me a photo of one of your off the shoulder shirts laying flat? (I'm not sure if you remember me/that I asked before, since I sent you a message with my email, so I'm really sorry to bother you). D: thanks!

kbarbi: smokey eye makeup tutorial? :)

nozomix3: wow great review jackie! you totally sold me one buying some nyx cream blush and lipsticks hahah. one question though: what kind of brush do you use to apply the MUF HD powder?? i bought one but im not sure what brush to use xD

lynna le: Hey Jackie ! You're my favorite guru along with rose russo & ilikeweylie! I was just wondering if you could do a small video on your overall make up collection ? Thanks :)
NYX Cream Blush, Lipsticks, Concealer and Lip Pencil 5 out of 5

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NYX Cream Blush, Lipsticks, Concealer and Lip Pencil