[CoC:150 Sub Vid!] TH8 Pokeball Farming Base Guide By Junliang ! Must Watch ! :)

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TF2Chicky: Guys, looks into the description for the 3rd AD layout, thanks !

Lucas Mendes: How do you make this a not-farming base?

ShadowKilla4nia: Join larrys boys and ask for the leader!!

TheTaylordennis: Lindsey stirling elements and crystalize?

ILikeTomahawks: <3

karasgold: The only thing i didn't like was that the elixer storage were far out from the center, also ill give it a try in the near future. I'm a th7 player.

MIGUEL ANGEL GONGORA PERERA: Great vid, by the way i love lindsey stirling :*

TheCryMan: what is the music

PerishingFlame: well, to find the dead centre of the map in coc, if you zoom really close in to the ground, you will see a small red "X" marking to centre. Amateurs... 

Valik Slovo: if i am new to TH8 can i bulid like this? or i need to upgrade it to 100% first

Thunderstrukt: awesome desighn but mine is way better but mines got gold and iron walls but ur base desighn is still sooooo awesome

James Martyn: you dont have a 3rd air defense

FarAway: @ 4:58 Starts the "Ringtone" of my phone! xD

Gta 5 wow: Wow

mark withers: I have three air defenses with th8

AgUszT1: HaH, i visited your clan, such a pro.

vitalik awful: Really crap .

BabyImAcodPlaya: I was wondering where I can put my 3rd air defence better than the photo she provided for us! Help! 

Filip Jaksic: this base is great

adam haugen: thats not dubstep, thats crap. good vid though

like a pro: I love you your music is so epic its Awesome, thx for watching i love your music <3 <3 <3 

Marcelino A.H: There is a mark on the ground that defines the center of the base you don't need to do all that work to find the spot. How can you miss it?

Afro Samuri: Dubstep violin wright I got tht

[I|MT]DEX-RTE-RTM: Wow dude nice video and love the ending.

ozan yaranlı: Nice vid! I subbed

bo tlaf: one word. respect!

Marcel Deniz: Good Video...

Jose Corral: This video has music I was just literally listening too cx

gaming met Jackie: what is this for a base you loot dont defense and clancastle???? than you need good clan

Luka Maric: but they will steal your elixir with archers

אביב תוגמן: And More Ask you Gems Kid ?

Benjamin Ryman: Great vid just warning some peeps in this vid when ya look up base vids sometimes they buy loot all maxxed loot to make it look like a good base just little sometin i thought id put out there but i doubt this guy did 

Meowcat47doof: Thx really helped!

romena916: Awesome!

Sonia Vecchini: I love this song, and I love this base!! :)) Good job Junliang!!

biblioboy1: Everyone go join the clan FrozenRatchets

Kirosamu: Good base, i like it, and the video is awesome too, Subscribe ;3

Amirul Haziq: Junliang is a guy,not a girl...lol

Djah1999: This base Is Nearly exactly as mine base only difference is that I have th lvl 7... ButI came up with my base by myself and this look so similar.. :) it's kinda amazin' I think :3

Haniba81_Pcgammes: You a BOSS

isidisi: epic

Mantas Bubokas: pleaze invite meeeeeee

Jim Krail: This base gave me an orgasm.

Nuclearcx: It's a strongish base setup. But you do have a few costly mistakes. The most important one is that you don't utilize the barbarian king in your defence, it's super important. Many a raid on my base have been cut short by the BK cutting down giants. The second problem is a little less of a one, more of a rule of thumb. In all my TH8 bases I've managed to only leave 2 elixir storages (or gold if you're saving elixir) exposed with only 1 wall separation from edges. So this speaks to a little inefficient use of walls in your base - this is caused by two things - too small core (only clan castle) and the super staggered walls on the outer rim. As a side note, I've seen many people use this base and it has been really helpful for me when I needed elixir cause I could pick it off easily :P So, thanks I guess?

Jack Schafer: Awesome video man! I am only level 4th so someone should help me with that though):

Zenn: Join my clan, Titanfall. It has a blue and yellow flag

Emanul Manu: U know if u put the TH outside it's pretty bad.Whoever attacks u, could just go for the TH.And if he destroys it he gets 1 star and he wins the battle.

Dominic Peterson: lindsey stirling!XD

Nathan Nimo: Awesome vids keep it up

Justin Tan: suit video
[CoC:150 Sub Vid!] TH8 Pokeball Farming Base Guide by Junliang ! Must Watch ! :) 4.8 out of 5

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[CoC:150 Sub Vid!] TH8 Pokeball Farming Base Guide by Junliang ! Must Watch ! :)