[CoC:150 Sub Vid!] TH8 Pokeball Farming Base Guide By Junliang ! Must Watch ! :)

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CoC - TH8 Base review (#2) EP #13

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Junliang Gaming: Guys, looks into the description for the 3rd AD layout, thanks !

bryan riou: Tous ceux qui joue à coc venez dans notre clans les lotus noir ont à 2 chaîne ytb clashofclans leslotusnoir. Et une autres que je ne situerait pas alors armer vous de vos meuilleur soldat et vener ont vener on recrute on recrute clans sympa cool et ont et tres actif venez on a pas beaucoup de place lvl60 à 90 et des joueur mature si possible adulte merci ;)

Ruben De Regt: This video takes backes some old memories :'( I got banned from CoC but this base was my favorite farm base, thanks for making this vid!:)

linn andersson: This base.. You suck dude

Tommy Kash: Hello everybody I have just created a new clan called Clash_Of_Clams+ Make sure you use the plus at the end. Anyways our clan is always on and we give allot of good troops and looking for new LOYAL players. If you are interested come check it out we are about to do war so see you then we are mostly th7+ bases and willing to get better (this does not mean we don't need anybody lower). PS. Sorry for the long message

NiburusLP: very nice video. gained a sub for that one. even tho i am not th8 yet. but soon :D

AmericanBoyToday: I just noticed that coc is "rooster".

Varga Jeno: Hi there Clash of Clan players...I found a totally free way to get Gems...i can send you too...just post your name on my chanel...or you can simply download the free gem generator from my chanel...have fun......

cody docheff: NICE music i love lindsey sterling 

xTheClio: Where is the third air defense? 

jonathan gerardo: He did this without base editor ! Mad respect! 

Chew Kathy: What ending was that?!

maricela izquierdo: Perfect circle

Blitzz- Jason: There's a lil flower in the middle of the base marking the center. That's how I know where to put my center building

Elrey Shash: You must have never donated in your life if your max town hall 8 and level 68, I was level 92 when I finished

Clash Of clans rewious: What is this is this a app on Apple or on cydia soooo fast love this i need ! I am noob youtuber XD can you pls say me this app please . I speak very bad english please please please ;) 

Mattia Zinetti: Qual'è il titolo della Musica di sottofondo?

jiang bowen: Search 'LF Robot' on youtube . Its a great tool I strongly recommand. 

Jonathan C: Where do you put the fourth mortar and third air defemce?

eli desruisseaux: This is how people used to build bases back in the olden days lol 

Xboxgamers03: you suck on coc your base suck.

fazal shah: i loved this vidoe 

Michael Haldeman: Yep definetly a gemmer 

Clash of Clans Ottoman Empire: Please help me mey channel

Pepa Slama: it is greate

Frank Applegate: Join Killer Hesh 

evan mitchell: Join my clan for free co leadership 

brian reyes: thank for your pokeball layout. ive been using it for a week now and mY dark elix and golds are untouchable.👍

Bailey Crossley: James frost he dosnt have it moron

Alpha Centauri: Genius!

werewolfpack101: Making your base like that must suck

bradley kistler: 6:52 your barb king is happy about your wall placements.

Mike Brown: sounds like some Lindsey stirling

Alex Zhang: This video was great!!!! Very helpful, awesome music, and I could tell you put a lot of effort into making this video unlike some other youtubers

Kevin Antonio Smith: thank goodness they updated that crap before I started playing. that way of updating your base would have gotten on my nerves. 

xCroSs LuMiNouS: The defense is crap. I came for the music :)

Brandon Carroll: Check out my original coc base building channel all bases are different and have not been seen before I've made them and they have proven to be very affective 

Jae Fish: JOIN MY CLAN IN COC Dragon kings RUN BY JAE

vortexOku: Nice, I was try that base and it worked good!

JongKyong Park: a retard..

วัชรพงษ์ แขนสันเทียะ: What's the name of this song ???????

Machr jé: Jak jsi to mohla natocit prosim odepis prosim

jackichano jackichano: this was pretty bad. we don't want a commentary, just the base build

joker6374: Great video and the music was awesome 

Rosario Bartolo: Can somebody. Tell. Me a good. Th8 farming. Base. Plz: )

Kevin Saravia: Music by Lindsey striking she's hot and a good musician 

bob jayson Labiao: invte me in nana j6192717

Todd Reeday: Everyone join my clan its called FLAIR or FLAIRS with a red badge with yellow fire

Jack Costack: this vid in spired me to play this game and now im a th 8 almost maxed

Evolve phoenix: Hey I just opened up a new clan and if you want to join its called the perennial Union if you want to join it 800 trophies and you have to be level 45 and up and you have to donate level 4 and up so if you want to join come on down open right now!!!
[CoC:150 Sub Vid!] TH8 Pokeball Farming Base Guide by Junliang ! Must Watch ! :) 4.6 out of 5

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[CoC:150 Sub Vid!] TH8 Pokeball Farming Base Guide by Junliang ! Must Watch ! :)