Dr. Jonny Bowden: The Forbidden Ten

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arminius1453: Dr Jungy Brongen

caleb cain: Lol you guys it just says forbidden ten. Dudes obviously out to make money but this is hardly false advertising.

SLiQ: DOctor to DocTor, Doctor Jimmy Brungus

Clay Miller: Biggest waste of 1:24 in my life....HE TELLS YOU ZERO INFORMATION BEYOND THE TITLE...

Leutchik: Do studies reveal anything about how to determine whether a particular person has these 'problems', or is it so complicated that ALL people should forswear grains simply because they MIGHT be in the "as much as half" of the population?

betinho1126: thanks johnny. it's a journey but the tide is with me

Jim S: Aren't misleading video titles irritating?

georgiana222free: these videos are only advertising for Mr. Bowden's book! When I hear him talking I learn nothing new or something most of the people already know! His purpose is only make people buy his "famous" book which probably says nothing we alreaqdfy don't know. Losing weight is only a matter of will and equilibrium!!!

tomsim22: Did you know that the he was an actor on that skit? I just watched it and you looked rather surprised/uncomfortable.

lchurch01: This guy is so annoying. I listened to him drone on for about 15 minutes. Just tell us your opinion of the foods that are fat causers. I really don't care for your bullcrap story of how you had to sit with fat kids and you were jealous of attractive kids. You have a degree in Psychology..pfft; well your plenty stupid when it comes to marketing, ill give you that. I will never go to your website or buy your book. Because of stunts like this I feel you are a shyster that can't be trusted. Idiot.

Adeel Mazhar: what are the forbidden ten foods?

Rob Sutton: Cutting out all grains is NOT asinine. Cutting out all grains not replacing them with other foods IS. Tell me what is wrong with this: Water, green juice, blue berries, pineapple, raspberries, strawberries, chia, flax, hemp, sesame seeds, wait 30 minutes, then skinless salmon, avocado, seed milk, fresh sauerkraut, fennel seeds, onion & garlic powder, fresh ginger. Take a nap. Do something active, repeat. Feel 18 with same strength at 150 lbs as when I weight 222 lbs. Rest & water key!!

Rycon182: So is it Dr. Jimmy Brungus, or Dr. Jungy Brungun?

Mary Prince: I hate when they talk around the subject that got you too watch in the first place!

Vanilladye: I thought it was Dr. Jungy Brungun?

letsin: I give it a thumbs down because the title is misleading. It should say. THIS IS A ADVERT FOR MY BOOK THAT I'M TRYING TO SELL.

Tulips ontheorgan: you never said what the forbidden 10 were! false title- thumbs down

Cheryl Cashman: Why are the 10 not listed. What kind of information is this?????

JohnnyCD23: I know about 8- sugar, salt, nachos, hot dogs, corn dogs, all the dog foods, and uh... white foods- milk, rice.

Tulips ontheorgan: yup, give thumbs down for false advertising. Incorrect title. thumbs down for that.

al256byu: what are the forbidden ten? you don't say it in the video. can you please list them for all of us out here watching your videos and tying to lose some weight

mensacyclist: Cutting out all grains is ASSININE!! Cutting out refined grain is common sense.

Ozzman29: Did you know, Dr.Brungus, that one of paper=4 of coin? Ha, gotcha, you're not the only one who's a doctor ya big hunk! For your health!

Marija Čepulytė: Now I *think* I could easily live without pasta rice or other grains (I don't eat potatoes or bread anyway), but I wasn't sure about milk. I have recently developed some sort of lactose intolerance and have switched to soya and goat's milk - are those any better? Also, what about foods like buckwheat and pearl barley - I grew up being told they are incredibly healthy - what do you think?

Gonçalo Veiga: My thoughts exactly...

UFMD1: Unfortunately he forgets to say you must be rich and buy his program to learn. I agree with you georgiana. He does have a video that says our natural diet is what can be grown, gathered or hunted. So I think, and it has worked for me, natural foods, water and tea instead of soda or sugary fruit drinks, positive thinking plus moderate exercise is the key.

2l28DRAIN: I am favoriting this for the comments... FER YER HEALTH

SoulJazzDance: This guy is brilliant at saying nothing !

ryan b: Yeah right... he's a bottom feeder. That's why you searched and watched his video right?

ramonaji08: @mensacyclist why? For many people, it makes them feel much healthier... what do we need it for?

davidhindu: so where the hell is the forbidden ten ?

Remnant Soldier: Are you an allopathic doctor? or a homeopathic doctor? In other words do you put band aides on problems? or do you help to prevent problems in the first place? I don't have to say anything else.

jervis mcdringle: he aint the only one LOL dr jongy brogen ahaha did you even know john c reily was joking with you??? ahaha

Kevin Stewart: Thanks Dr. Brogan.


pl x: Shaking his head and looking down while he describes his "things" makes clear that he does not believe in what he is saying (or the way in which he is saying it, but at that speed its probably the first). His Hand Gesture of the clapped forward hands pictures is inner despair on persuading people on that subject. As this is Jonny Bowden's channel: You may consider to look more relaxed and only use your hand gestures when you are really sure about what and how you are talking about it

Citizen Zeus: The video talks is titled the forbidden ten and then does not list them. Deceptive. Just say them. Should intrigue people to look into it further.

Ron Armstrong: The only point of this comment that I disagree with is that it's probably a lot more than half of the population. Otherwise it's dead on.

Antigen07: it really shouldn't be that hard to figure out.

MegaPhonebooth: hahahaha i can't believe you just said that

Joseph Elias: There's sugar, salt, nachos, hot dogs, corn dogs, all the dog foods and white foods; milk, rice.

Deb IsSassy: Your Disclaimer No responsibility for the accuracy of information?!?
dofty: Who is this Jimmy Brungus anyway? I don't have to say anything, I'm a doctor too.

Jonny Bowden: @dofty Very Funny! you're probably the only person on the planet who would make that joke and i'm probably the only one on the planet who would get it! warmly jb

Timothy Owens: search the Jason Clemens channel

johndela1: start by cutting out all grains (cereal, bread, pasta, rice, etc) then cut out low fat or nonfat dairy (they have higher amounts of opioid peptides than dairy fat like butter or whole cream). If you eat butter and cream try to buy grass fed. Unfortunately grass fed butter and cream are very expensive. You don't really need any dairy products to be get proper nutrition

jthouse51: Jimmy Brungus If you ever want to eat cab legs I know a secret place in the back called the drumpster...

Leutchik: Sorry, you haven't bought a ticket to the big reveal. You just watched the infomercial.

JMMELGRATTI: Millions of people ate rice for thousands of years as staple food, they appeared to thrive and expand as population.

RonaldBarone: the reason why I believe in him is very simple Look at him look how old he is but above all... he looks exactly what he preach
Dr. Jonny Bowden: The Forbidden Ten 2.7 out of 5

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