Playstation 4 Giveaway - Win A Brand New PS4

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Win a Sony PlayStation 4 - PS4 Giveaway!
Win a Sony PlayStation 4 - PS4 Giveaway!
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Emma Saif: I am a 14 year old girl who always wanted a ps4 apparently it is too expensive to afford , if I ever get it I would be playing it with my siblings my older brother who's going to leave me and my smaller brother who has Down syndrome since he has to go uni. My siblings and I would really appreciate this precious giveaway . Please please pleeeaaase

Kenneth Smith: I am a single father of a special needs child and she really wants to get this

the assassinator: I wanna win the ps4 because I can then give it to my nephew for his 10th birthday

Lorena Sarmiento: Please I need that playstation 4 my family have no money we ' ve never had a playstation 4 since the first day it came. So pleeeeease I Really need it! I'm really sad. :(

mike Kuboi (mk2): i was blind but the ps4 opened up my eyes

FreshestCG: i would really love to win the ps4 cause i am currently moving houses and my parents are STRICT on money so this would really help in life...Thank You So Much

mercedes power: I don't have any console:(

Ethan Shepherd: I want the playstation so I can play all the awesome first party games 

BallerCu16: I want it because I don't have a counsel to play on and it's sooo cool

BallerCu16: I hope I win

BallerCu16: Please give me the playstation 4 I really need one

The Love Of Islam: I hope i win

Gifsfor all: I want to win because I am graduating high school in june and I would would like something to do( Play the playstation 4) with my spare time when I'm not in my classes in college

Lyle Mancenido: Hi there, I'm from Philippines.

And I really want to have a PS4, having a playstation console has been a big dream for me, but due to lack of money, I can't afford to have one, so I just watch game plays on youtube of games that caught my interest. Well, sometimes i spend time inn the arcade shop watch other people play video games, but i want to experience playing games with my own console. So i, hoping to have PS4 this coming Christmas.

With high hopes and all regards.

JKFiner: i wan the ps4 for many reason the touch pad and launch games

Joshconn390Gaming: Would love a ps4 would love to play it on my channel but I don't have the money thanks:)

JegLikerKebab: really? a freaking survey?

thefluffiestbunnyuno: please pick me its all i want for christmas i can't afford to buy one myself and i want to play with my brother before he leaves for college

as77gamer: I want ps4 because i dont have money plzzz

Joshua Lavin: Hi, I'm Josh and I'm 44. I don't really know how these things work but last week my 13year old son asked me for the new Playstation so he could play with his friends. I checked the price and to be honest money is really tight and there's not a chance I can afford this. I think it's great what you are doing and I would be forever grateful if I won and was able to give my kid what he wants,
Your regards Mr Lavin
Playstation 4 Giveaway - Win a brand new PS4 5 out of 5

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Playstation 4 Giveaway - Win a brand new PS4