Playstation 4 Giveaway - Win A Brand New PS4

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Playstation 4 Giveaway - Win a brand new PS4
Playstation 4 Giveaway - Win a brand new PS4
Win a Sony PlayStation 4 - PS4 Giveaway!
Win a Sony PlayStation 4 - PS4 Giveaway!
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PS4 (Playstation 4) Giveaway & Custom Controller by!
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OFFICIAL PlayStation 4 Unboxing + Giveaway!

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Lorena Sarmiento: Please I need that playstation 4 my family have no money we ' ve never had a playstation 4 since the first day it came. So pleeeeease I Really need it! I'm really sad. :(

mike Kuboi: i was blind but the ps4 opened up my eyes

FreshestCG: i would really love to win the ps4 cause i am currently moving houses and my parents are STRICT on money so this would really help in life...Thank You So Much

mercedes power: I don't have any console:(

Ethan Shepherd: I want the playstation so I can play all the awesome first party games 

The Love Of Islam: I hope i win

JKFiner: i wan the ps4 for many reason the touch pad and launch games

Lyle Mancenido: Hi there, I'm from Philippines. And I really want to have a PS4, having a playstation console has been a big dream for me, but due to lack of money, I can't afford to have one, so I just watch game plays on youtube of games that caught my interest. Well, sometimes i spend time inn the arcade shop watch other people play video games, but i want to experience playing games with my own console. So i, hoping to have PS4 this coming Christmas. With high hopes and all regards.

Joshconn390Gaming: Would love a ps4 would love to play it on my channel but I don't have the money thanks:)

Michael Stone: I would like to win this because I never had a game console, and my friends call me a nerd so with this I would prove them wrong.

Muhammad Hashim: This is fake. 

thefluffiestbunnyuno: please pick me its all i want for christmas i can't afford to buy one myself and i want to play with my brother before he leaves for college

yasser alblihy: I want ps4 because i dont have money and i never have a console !! :(

Jose perez: I really want it cuz my mom does not have money and cuz I really want to play with my friends 

Joshua Lavin: Hi, I'm Josh and I'm 44. I don't really know how these things work but last week my 13year old son asked me for the new Playstation so he could play with his friends. I checked the price and to be honest money is really tight and there's not a chance I can afford this. I think it's great what you are doing and I would be forever grateful if I won and was able to give my kid what he wants, Your regards Mr Lavin

IProJohn Slash: Please pick me because till now seriously i have never won something and my parents would never buy the ps4 to Me Plzzzz i mean plzz let me get it

as77gamer: I want ps4 because i dont have money plzzz

Mansoor Ashiq: plese give me a ps4 because my mum cant afford it on because shes to busy with her bills so plese

Max achternaam: I would love to win the ps4! Why me? Because I love ur videos!

Hen Lam: To stay updated with friends and i cant afford it cause my ps3 brokw and ive soent alot of money on repairs and then a new console and now i cand get a ps4 cause i didnt know about it when i bought a new console

wisnu irawan: Hey, level4k, make a video about the people that will win the ps4, so we know, please make it, and i'd like to be the winner please

collin mason: hope I win cause they are all sold out... :(

Kire Xtrans: I want to get the playstation 4 because its almost my big brothers birthday and he has been talking about ever since he heard of a new playstation

kasim ali: level 4k

Issa Tutakhil: I want it because i never had a playstation i would really love to have the ps4!

Marco Salgado: Well I'm in Mexico and the cost is like twice the amount. It's a huge punch in the balls haha, please!!! I neeeeeed this, Destiny and ESO <3

Mr.Vinn: I would like to win the playstation

Andrew lon: I want ps4 my birthday was in 5th of november and didn't get any presents :(

sirxchacho casc: I want it because I like to have fun and I hope I win thank you

Ofek Cohen: i want this ps4 becuse i realy liked the ps3 and i want the ps4 :)

MrAccidentprone66: If it didn't I would want a ps4 because I want to stream it to show my love for song with other people 

RoosterSwift: I want to win a ps4 because my parents can't afford on Christmas or sooner neither can I cause I still go to school :(

M3sar: I want to win because I live in Croatia. Here is bad situation no one has job..and I can't afford ps4. Please choose me.

Jarel Jones: I really really want the ps4 I don't have the money to buy one

Eric Wong: Well I want a PS4 mainly because I don't have enough money to get one so I'm hoping to win one through this method. Thanks in advance.

TheNeXoRsTeCh: i want the ps4 cuz am a jedi lolz

Michael Schmidt: Hi! I like the feature of streaming and recording gameplay. I want to win and become a youtuber and share some cool videos of games like bf4. Greetings from Germany!

Jimmmmaye: I want to win the play station 4 because I couldn't afford a console ever since I bought the play station 2! Which was a pretty long time and my PlayStation 2 died ever since. So if I were able to win, I would really appreciate it! :)

Lord TSunami: I won't even need to increase my chances because i know this 1 shot i will get this PS4. I have been working hard over he summer to try to get this PS4 but failed because i was not able to pre-order in time before it sold out. I really hope you pick me because you basically have granted me a second shot at this. I hope you really choose me.

nonakind: I would love the PS4 for the following reasons: 1) I am a 24 year old LADY gamer and happy to say it. :) 2) I am unable to afford it right now(even though I work full time), our family is going through some tough times and you gotta do what you gotta do as a family. 3) I would love to experience the new console, the games, the beauty of it all. How exciting would that be?! :) Thanks for the giveaway chance! 

kasim ali: my parents cant afford it plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

wisnu irawan: If you picked me on twiterr, then how am I going to put my numebr that you gave me, the num

BallerCu16: I want it because I don't have a counsel to play on and it's sooo cool

Sioleo 96: I want to win because I am graduating high school in june and I would would like something to do( Play the playstation 4) with my spare time when I'm not in my classes in college

BallerCu16: I hope I win

Iamsocoolanyouarenot: I would be so happy if i win i never had a console and i cant afford one

BallerCu16: Please give me the playstation 4 I really need one

St. Jimmy: I don't want the Ps4.. I NEED it!! I'm out of money right now and my good old Ps3 just broke a few weeks ago.. Please Level4k!! 

wisnu irawan: I wantps4 becouse my pc kind of sucks, and I wnat to be a gamer,that's why I want ps4
Playstation 4 Giveaway - Win a brand new PS4 5 out of 5

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Playstation 4 Giveaway - Win a brand new PS4