Playstation 4 Giveaway - Win A Brand New PS4

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Playstation 4 Giveaway - Win a brand new PS4
Playstation 4 Giveaway - Win a brand new PS4
Win a Sony PlayStation 4 - PS4 Giveaway!
Win a Sony PlayStation 4 - PS4 Giveaway!
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PlayStation TV Unboxing + Giveaway!
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PlayStation 4 GIVEAWAY! (International)
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Win a Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4 Giveaway. Worldwide. October 2013)
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OFFICIAL PlayStation 4 Unboxing + Giveaway!
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Triston Stevens: why I want the ps4 is because I never really got to play a game console in my life because my dad left me when I was 4 yrs. old and left me with my mom that is the greatest mom in the world all she want to make her kid happy but she cant because she is scraping with money and my dad does not want anything to do with me so he wont get it for me I think I should win a ps4 is because I have nothing to do and I don't want my mom to fell like she has to ask people for money so she can make me happy

ggggggggg: i want it plz

southern stampede: I would love the ps4 because it comes out on my birthday and I know my mom wont be able to get it. Thanks

Gall Anoniom: im a ps2 and xbox 360 owner and want the ps4 soo much! completed all steps 50 extra chances from ur website

jonathan rodriguez: I want the ps4 because my dad sold my ps3 and don't have enough money to get the ps4

Kostas Lolos: very nice video

stacy arriaza: the reason why I want the ps4 is because my son is Autistic and it is his bday on the day it comes out and my hubby his dad is severely disabled and we live off of SSI and SSA and I can't afford to get one for his bday and hubby would be able to play he is very sedentary due to his Parkinsons disease and he has had it for ten yrs now and he is 40 now and is mostly stuck at home due to his problems walking and we also have three other sons they would faint if they saw it they really are begging!

Steve Mc Inerney: I would love to win a ps4 more than anything.The ps4 represents to me a true escape from reality; to come home after a long day sit down press one button and BAMMM suddenly you are transported to a different world; were anything and everything becomes possible.Turn down the lights load up your favorite first person shooter; feel the tension building what will happen next; who or what is around the next corner?LoOVE IT.Connect with friends new or old for experiences as yet untold. Pure creation!

Jumpman L.: I have entered 3 times and nothing happened. I did the download for the market and it never entered me.Remember this username. I did do it, nothing happened. I really want the ps4 because I love PlayStation. My ps2 broke and I never was able to get another one.This is why I want to win.If I don't now, I might not ever get it. It's too expensive. May someone on this channel read this so they'll know I entered. Thx for the giveaway and good luck to everyone else.

stann Fayer: Please add me to the list

whitecliff: I would love this counsel because i love playing video games and would like to have something nicer than the wii to play them on.

TheDodgeman70: I would love a PS4 because in the past i've only had a xbox 360 cause that what was given as a present, and it tore up quickly, i always wanted a playstation, but never worked out, seems as if everytime i get to where i can get one, something comes up (life), and holds me back from getting one. But it would be a life changer for me and the greatest gaming of my life to get a PS4! GO SONY!!!!!

Angela Bon: My boyfriend and I are huge fans of video games and I am a college student at the moment who is currently not working. My boyfriend who has been supporting me since he was 16 years of age so I can have a bright future. We met on modern warfare 2 when we were 15. A year later we decided to take a huge step forward and he moved from California to Washington state and we have been together since. I was hoping to try to find a way to get a PS4 to thank him for all that he has done for me.

Sergiu XCLOUD: Hey Level4k, i´ve done every step, subbed,commented, liked and also done the extra winning chances thing on your homepage I hope ill win thanks for the contest :)

MrBakuking: I want a ps4 because I can't afford one.

czaph typhus: Not gonna lie to u im just gonna come out clean that i really dont have the money and im not gonna say that o blah blah blah im poor blah blah blah my parents r devorsed no i just cant afford so plz consider my comment

nonabover: wow cool really love this kind of contests

Level4k: I wish you the best luck! :)

ana re: "Oops, this offer isn't available in your area" :-( that came up out of all the links I clicked to get more chances at winning :( to be honest I would LOVE to win the ps4 for my brother, he's turning 30 on july 18th but you can barely separate him from his ps2 so I think a ps4 would be a brilliant present :) XO

TheSkotty7: Because i need to find something to do,when the cold winter will arrive. Brr..

officerboy21: I want one because it looks so awesome with the graphics and the next gen games that are coming look great and I just cant wait to play them, I am so sick of watchin other people play it on YouTube and want to get my hands on it, hope I win and u are very generous for doing this giveaway of a $430 console

Dorfdude8: If I don't get one my asian mutated unicorn will find out I'm not a real liver doctor and will eat my liver off. Then it will suck the livers from white people from their penciles (penii???) Idk the plural for that...plzz pm me if I won.

Matthijs931: I need it really badly i entered my username on your site. I need it for my father, he wanted a ps3 for his birthday, i never really gave him a good present for his birthday, So please i will do anything for it.

Elijah Rivas: i want the ps4 because i never owned a game consle and i just want to be like other kids and have fun so please pick me

VillainNL: I want the ps4

Paul Sanusi: when i was a kid i only had a ps2 and i couldnt buy any other consoles because my folks are super mean so if i win this it will change my life

Connor Thayer: I really really want the Playsation 4 because it is such a superior console to the Xbox One, and I can't wait to play some Killzone Shadow Fall.

UJ Roberts: I Would Love to Win the Giveaway as i cant afford A Capture Card as my recent one has broken and i have always Been A Big Playstation Fan i Have had the PS1 And 2 I Did want the ps3 but I couldnt afford it so i had an Xbox 360 Slim instead it would mean alot to win this so i can start my own youtube Montages of Call of Duty and other Games

Eduardo Rangel: i would like to win a ps4 because i cant afford one and it would be cool to win a give away

Joren Roberts: I want the ps4 because I loved the ps3 ps2 and ps1 and I know I'm gonna love the ps4 better

megahacktoolsful: wow i cant wait for the contest to be over

te ch: plz there r millions of reasons

xplosion2222: I want a ps4 because well, who wouldn't!

TheDietBurger: I would like to get the ps4 because I think it would be a great opportunity to get the next-gen in gaming consoles.

Looneymob Daffy: i love to win because its a great system to start a new gen

Jack Millwood: I want it because I heard it is gonna be a great console with great games


Lavaughn Mcrae: i grew up under the sony banner and to certain influences (friends) i moved on to the 360 and for what its worth it was cool but personally i always thought sonys product put out more games that appealed to me and ever since the e3 conf. this year i know i will make MY right choice.

Jake Cerez: i want it because i finnally want to have better than my brother and my sisters they all have p23 and i only have nunthin so

ThePoohssy Clan: Really want get a nextgen console to try get my channel started :D love you videos

antwan burston: im 13 mom is finationally unstable and father refuses to buy me one in the state of maryland im to young to get a job and i will never sell my ray lewis sign picture cuz its my prized possesion youll get an extra follower on instagram and a shout out if u follow me back

VillainNL: I want it cuz i don't have enough money tot buy it :(

MrTheBrutalizer: ok completed everything wish me the best to win the ps4 :)

GermanJokers: Wow awesome, im really happy that this gieaway is worldwide!

ghostblade500: One more thing.. ive never won anything before. If i were to win it would make myself and my two brothers very happy.
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Playstation 4 Giveaway - Win a brand new PS4