Ruger Mark III Disassembly And Assembly

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Ruger Mark III .22 Pistol Disassembly provided by
Ruger Mark III .22 Pistol Disassembly provided by

Did this video help you?

Scott Gunsalus: Very nice .Went from frustrated , to how fast can I tear it down and reassemble it!

Jason Newland: Yours is the only video I have seen that shows to pull the trigger when the mainspring is locked.  Extremely helpful.  Thanks!

Richard Tran: Great video and explanation. 

charles bevilacqua: Absolute best video on putting markIII back together. Great explanation at the end explaining why the mainspring housing wont go in, used to drive me insane.

fffdk: Super

Teddy ruxbin: Thanks for the video and making me understand the power of the dingus. My mainspring latch was really tough to get out, aside from that it was a breeze following this video. Thank you again

Klemheist: Great video, I can finally put the gun away and play with my dingus!

docwilkey: Thanks!

bad@chaos: "the power of the dingus"

joshua gunn: Just helped a ton with my mark lol hunter thanks alot

Craig Johnson: This is the best video on the Ruger MK series!  I have to refer to this video every time I break this pistol down. Can never remember where the damn dingus needs to be.  Thanks a lot!!

Jonathan Rubenstahl: Thank you I am glad you know how to use a flashlight to show and explain what you are looking at and what you were doing

Ken Whalen: Thanks for a very helpful video. I had a ton of trouble putting my gun back together until I found your video. It not only explains the dingus but also other very important things like the trigger and mag. Thanks again !!!!!!

Bobzhuman: Thanks, new MKIII with a new cerkote finish.... couldn't get it back together... dingus in the details...

Michael Williams: That god damn dingus!!! Thanks dude!!!

john john: thank you sir after watching many vids F I N A LLY someone explained the friggin dingus which as you say is the key best vid thanks

cody hodges: Best how to video ever

joeb122672: Hey, thanks for the great video....

I had never really fully stripped any of my Mark 2's or Mark 3's.. mostly because they aren't really shot that that much and a regular barrel snake , patches, and Q-tip type of cleaning has usually been plenty sufficient.

But last night I finally had some free time to swap over the bull barrel (from my exact blued target model mark 3 like yours here in the video), to my new Volquartsen CNC'd VC frame..

Everything went 100% perfectly smooth (and scratch less, lol) because of your video here..

Man, I don't even wanta think of the hours that would have been spent racking my brain without the videos examples.

The last step with the main-spring did take a few tries, but for some reason the Dingus on the VC frame seemed a bit shorter(a bit harder to engage with the Dingus)...

Atleast that's what I'm gonna stick with saying, ha ha

Thanks again....


Thomas Dow: The darn dingus was in the wrong spot! Thanks man, this video helped me with my dingus......seriously. lol

Tom Brown: If you are having issues with the bolt not coming back all the way, hold the pistol; at 45 degrees (up) when you close the spring.
Ruger Mark III Disassembly and Assembly 5 out of 5

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Ruger Mark III Disassembly and Assembly