Ruger Mark III Disassembly And Assembly

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Ruger Mark III .22 Pistol Disassembly provided by
Ruger Mark III .22 Pistol Disassembly provided by

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22841unserst: awesome video sir. Instrumental in my NOT throwing this gun out a window.

.45 ACP: Thank you very much for this information. Some members of my club have the Mark III. Shoots good, but after trying to disassemble for cleaning they run into the complications you've describe (especially the girls). My fingers get cut up just trying to use the slide stop. Some members have given up and sold their Mark III. Once again thanks it will help.

Scott Gunsalus: Very nice .Went from frustrated , to how fast can I tear it down and reassemble it!

Jason Newland: Yours is the only video I have seen that shows to pull the trigger when the mainspring is locked.  Extremely helpful.  Thanks!

Richard Tran: Great video and explanation. 

charles bevilacqua: Absolute best video on putting markIII back together. Great explanation at the end explaining why the mainspring housing wont go in, used to drive me insane.

fffdk: Super

Teddy ruxbin: Thanks for the video and making me understand the power of the dingus. My mainspring latch was really tough to get out, aside from that it was a breeze following this video. Thank you again

Klemheist: Great video, I can finally put the gun away and play with my dingus!

docwilkey: Thanks!

bad@chaos: "the power of the dingus"

joshua gunn: Just helped a ton with my mark lol hunter thanks alot

Craig Johnson: This is the best video on the Ruger MK series!  I have to refer to this video every time I break this pistol down. Can never remember where the damn dingus needs to be.  Thanks a lot!!

Jonathan Rubenstahl: Thank you I am glad you know how to use a flashlight to show and explain what you are looking at and what you were doing

Ken Whalen: Thanks for a very helpful video. I had a ton of trouble putting my gun back together until I found your video. It not only explains the dingus but also other very important things like the trigger and mag. Thanks again !!!!!!

Bobzhuman: Thanks, new MKIII with a new cerkote finish.... couldn't get it back together... dingus in the details...

Michael Williams: That god damn dingus!!! Thanks dude!!!

john john: thank you sir after watching many vids F I N A LLY someone explained the friggin dingus which as you say is the key best vid thanks

cody hodges: Best how to video ever

joeb122672: Hey, thanks for the great video....

I had never really fully stripped any of my Mark 2's or Mark 3's.. mostly because they aren't really shot that that much and a regular barrel snake , patches, and Q-tip type of cleaning has usually been plenty sufficient.

But last night I finally had some free time to swap over the bull barrel (from my exact blued target model mark 3 like yours here in the video), to my new Volquartsen CNC'd VC frame..

Everything went 100% perfectly smooth (and scratch less, lol) because of your video here..

Man, I don't even wanta think of the hours that would have been spent racking my brain without the videos examples.

The last step with the main-spring did take a few tries, but for some reason the Dingus on the VC frame seemed a bit shorter(a bit harder to engage with the Dingus)...

Atleast that's what I'm gonna stick with saying, ha ha

Thanks again....

Ruger Mark III Disassembly and Assembly 5 out of 5

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Ruger Mark III Disassembly and Assembly