Ruger Mark III Disassembly And Assembly

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Jbog07: Best video I've seen on YouTube for this! Saved in a special playlist!

Jeremy Wood: dude....2 hours on this. thanks for the vid. this helped me tons

delaero: Great video. knowing exactly what's going on has really helped me with disassembly and reassembly of my new Mark III. Thanks for your effort.

entropyhappens: fantastic, thanks.dingus has been freed.

liam neil: FREE THE DINGUS ! ! !

Jbog07: Awesome thank you!

Curtis Kempton: wish i had seen this vido befor i got so frustrated that i detaild striped my gun

Daniel Dibiaso: Good information bad photography.

Jeff Donner: Dingus? How about call it what it is, the hammer strut.

Steve Day: good video

P Guitard: 6 hours of freaking around until I found you. thanks,man!


cardguy0: Dingus = strut.

JC: Thanks for the great explanation and video. I was ready to put this gun in a box and sell it cheap. Hope this video never goes away. I have a Mark III competition model. Your video was right on for that model. Thanks again.

john bortolazzo: THANK YOU! You Sir are amazing. Thank you for going threw all the trouble shoots

Reelup: Thank you so much! Just bought one and figured I'd learn about it first, take it down and reassemble. Thought I broke it at first lol, but your tips and tricks made it easy. Thanks Again!

Ghostdc7: Great video....I always come back to this video. This gun is a nightmare to clean!

JupitCrush: Thank you dingus man.  You are my hero and I am forever in your debt.

Lee Levy: Very helpful, thank you

Tom Hosea: Thanks for the detail in your video. I have been trying to reassemble my handgun for an undisclosed time (embarrassing). I was able to complete the job in minutes after watching.

22841unserst: awesome video sir. Instrumental in my NOT throwing this gun out a window.
Ruger Mark III Disassembly and Assembly 5 out of 5

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Ruger Mark III Disassembly and Assembly