Clash Of Clans - Unbeatable Base

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Soviet Ball: Did u know that it don't seem to have a town hall

Lets_Do_Heelys: The walls are only level seven and on the defense log it says your defense lost. My village sucks though town hall level four I started a few days ago.

Jayden lim: the only reason this base is "Unbeatable" is because of the Clan castle troops

Jimmy Torres: Too Noob For TH8

Harrison Pao: if its unbeatable, why do u have defence losses xD

AREA BR WAR CoC: Tô.OP Likee, ThX ;)

Raunak114: i can beat this base with 5 archers lvl1 :P

Raunak114: you only won stupid attacks

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League of Wanderer: "unbeatable base" scrolls down in log and sees defeats Yeah its so unbeatable

Joan Roure Parera: Join our clan for the best layouts! iqs
Very active, user name: rou

julius john lina: This base can be defeated with maxed out troops! But anyway nice base :)

Nickels Gaming: Did anyone else notice the 2 times he lost? Or was it just me?

Peter Griffin: I JUST GOT 999999999 GEMS ITS AWESOME!

TheReconJacob: Lol, unbeatable? His town hall is outside the base! the guy was just too stupid to notice. you could get a town hall level 3 to defeat the base!

tmkzmu: Masz 70+ lvl, maxujesz wszystko przed updatem TH, jesteś ambitny i chcesz wspierać Polskę w COC? Zapraszamy do klanu 'Reprezentacja'

Naterdx12: Not un beatable we all see defense lost

Wilkynewmonx: this base is almost 2 years old from when it was uploaded

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Clash of Clans - Unbeatable Base 5 out of 5

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Clash of Clans - Unbeatable Base