Heritage Arms Rough Rider .22 Review

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mikefm4: very cool review. im looking to purchase my first firearm and this revolver had caught my eye a few days ago while looking. simple, easy operation and cleaning and needless to say looks really nice. i love the revolver look and functionality. im glad you recommend it. the price is amazingly affordable too.

randalljames1: Yep... but dont be surprised if you get failure to fire.. I have put hundreds of 22LR out of this gun with the 22Mag cyl. The only issue has been one bore on the cyl that has occasional FTF issue. All that said, firing any round out of a gun or cylinder in this case that is not designed for it is a big no no..... Run 22LR out of the LR cylinder and 22Mags out of the 22Mag cylinder..

FMAStudent: You can just hop on the Heritage website and order whatever parts you need for this gun. They have a low price point for all entry level parts and accessories. I put 300 rounds thru this gun in one visit and all is well. Still a bit short of the 1000 rd story you heard but will get there and post my findings. I definitely think having an all steel gun gives you the ability to pass the weapon down to future generations. This one serves the general uses of an entry level wheel gun.

SharkWhisperer1988: I've heard the basic model .22s are made of pot metal or something and wear down beyond usability after 1500 rounds or so, any word if Heritage's steel models are more durable? I would asume so...

Frank Hobbs: @SightsonTargetKris academy will always sell these for no more than 179

timewaster6991: got for $125

Kevin K: do you know if this can use grips meant for other brands? I love the feel of diamond texture grips but they dont make any for this gun, but seeing how its based off other model im wondering if it work?

Hayden Jordan: they have one at academy for $149, i plan on coppin dat mug :p

Jesse Bradfield: Have you ever shot the 22 longs out of the 22mag cylinder?

vinosd773: i heard the heritage arms rough rider has a little defect, when you put about 1000 rounds through it the little thing that spins the cylinder starts to ware out. my first quiestion is, is that true? and my second quiestion is if it is true, would it be fairly simple and easy to find a new one of those parts online? and my final quiestion is would it be simple to put the part in yourself? or would it cost alot to have a gunsmith do it for you. please reply ill be waiting on your response

incognito253: @CXxWilsonxX55 Problem is, a .22 barrel is .22 or so inches in diameter, and a .17 bullet is narrower than said barrel. It'd be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway - it'll bounce around and nothing good is gonna come of it.

mickeylehuynh: I just bought a new 9 shot rough rider for my wife. I find the hammer is quite stiff compared to my other single action revolvers. My wife struggles just to pull the hammer back. Do you find this to be true with yours and it does it loosen up after breaking in? I hear different things from owners. Thanks

akdude182: @CXxWilsonxX55 technecly since the .17hmr is just a necked down version of the .22mag you could fire it.it would not de accurate or effective but in a pinch you could fire it.

Jacob Hartless: where did u buy this cuz i have seen this gun on other websites for 230 and us said u got it for 150

pythonparker: ie seen them for 199

Jermanaut: hi i was just wondering about the quality of the gun in aspect of wear and durability. I've heard that these guns show a considerable amount of wear after a while of target shooting and aren't really made to last a lifetime. In your opinion is this actually true. I'm looking for a good target pistol and am kind of wondering if this is one of them "you get what u pay for pistols". Thanks.

Crawloutboy: @CXxWilsonxX55 just stop

ThePatrick6122: The Lighting is pretty crapping, it really doesn't show the revolver in detail

iliveforRATM: @teddyd30 found one at fins fur feathers or watever the order.... any ways on sale for 150.00

awosomedog1000: $150 were did u get it?
Heritage Arms Rough Rider .22 Review 5 out of 5

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Heritage Arms Rough Rider .22 Review