Rabbit Hunting With Blunt Arrow Tips

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Tomahawk7670: Heeeeee yeah keep smiling, soon you will burn in he'll for what you done to those pure animals, just keep smiling :DDDDDD

reactri: The intro made it seem like I just witnessed your entire life.

Austin Houston: Good, when the zombie apoc comes he will be fully trained. Lol jk but good job.

andrew eppler: people these days are funny.  don't they realize one the crap hits the fan,the only people who will survive are the ones who are trained in hunting,fishing, General knowledge that our country survived on for the longest time. Now everything is so available people don't take the time to think what happens when the stores close or you have a long winter and cannot get anywhere.

kirstenmck22: Poor deers at the start

LNG Varck: My cat died and the vet said that it may have been run over. But there were no other marks on her. She may have been shot by one of these arrow heads and was mistaken for a rabbit.

AM Vlog Exclusive: He's a cute kid and he knows more than me!😃

Owen Gahan: Why not try it.

JAYcovey706: What a cool experience for a kid :D

Wish I got to do that as a kid!

Nicole H: littel bit more he would have got it

Jake S: Was that a fallow deer? Also woodland camo is a nice cheap staple for camo. Works well and is comfortable. If you are looking for an upgrade I recommend multicam. It is absolutely the best. I have had turkeys not see me.

HunterLo25: awesome video!

reynosamaria: I was 4 when my grandpa started to show me how to hunt

Vicente Zamora: whats your intro song called

Kootra The Gambler: were you in the US Army?


SOKO MAN (SOKOMAN): I just wanted to bump the "an empty .38 shell does the same thing" comment.  Anyone try that?

Psychological Vigilante: Holy crap, I think just about everybody that commented on this video is an idiot. If it's not hypocritical vegetarians trying to tell me my body wasn't meant to eat meat (which clearly evolution disagrees) it's a bunch of rednecks who know nothing about hunting and just like to kill crap. You're all a bunch of total idiots. Liberals are idiots, republicans are idiots, democrats are idiots. Great video man, sorry it has to be polluted with so many morons. Just please teach you kid that wounding an animal isn't enough, he needs to be able to kill it.   

JAMES FREEMAN: to the vegetarias here,my food craps and pisses on yalls food.and to that one guy who said they did nothing to us,God put animal on this earth for us to nurish our bodies. and with a good shot, they can feel nothing but the pressure hitting them. then its over .

honour123: You have a great son! It brought tears of joy to my eyes. I wish you and your family nothing but the best in the future. and of course Good hunting and fishing!
Rabbit Hunting with Blunt Arrow Tips 5 out of 5

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Rabbit Hunting with Blunt Arrow Tips