Rabbit Hunting With Blunt Arrow Tips

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Hunting and Fishing: Awesome intro nice hunting

John Froneman: sick people do this its makes god cross let me hunt you and see if you can run

Szeba86: I don't have any experience with hunting tips, usually shoot recurve bare bow for practice, and I need the arrows to be as aerodynamic as possible for long distances (40lb draw due to no let off like on compounds). So for anyone with experience wouldn't a 3 bladed 100 grain broadhead be more effective and forgiving than a judo tip?

brewskisdodge: good shootin buddy!! keep up the hard work! what kind of bow is he shooting? been looking for one for my 4yr old!

Brett Duffy: it only takes five foot pounds of energy to to kill rabbit

Brett Duffy: how many times can you reuse crossbow Bolt

Kyle Humpherys: I use those Judo point all the time, but not for small game.  For small game I use a small game head by G5.  I throw these judo point on and just go walking around outside shooting whatever looks soft enough to not break my arrow.  This is far better target practice than going to a range.  just like when you are hunting, your targets are not likely to be exactly 15, 20, or 30 yards away.  These tips enable me to shoot at just about anything and still recover my arrows.  shooting in tall grass I never break any arrows, and I can always find them even after shooting from my 75lb compound bow.  occasionally I hit something hard and splinter out the ends or break them off but, the practice you get is far superior to range shooting.  They can be difficult to clean off your shooting animals with them.  Just pick out a leaf or flower, maybe a small bird perched in some bushes, and shoot at those targets.

Wesley Brooker: If I hunt with a compound bow, can I use any old bow. I have seen a compound bow for 100 bucks and i am not sure wether it is worthy of taking game. Do you need an expensive precision bow or can I just have any compound bow?

Spiritual Trigger: what is the video software your using? your footage is brilliant.

yermanoh: thats adorable

DevilFrog61: It's cool that the kid had fun, but I'd personally wait til he could pull more weight and kill what he hits....wouldn't want to maim an animal if you can help it

JAMES MCKINNEY: Those are so good I shoot a rabbit with it at 45 yards and I nailed it

Sean Walden: Hey Nic, big fan of your channel and what you're doing with your kids. I saw the jacket and was wondering if you were in the military?

Dope Fresh: Takes hit I recently learned about blunts also lol

dessertstorm Eleven: Haha that was funny
Hey sneak up on him
Starts singing. xD

Nguyen Benny: Wish both you and your son being hit by those arrows just like that some day

Arkadius K: although I have mixed feelings about kids hunting because I'm from completely different background and first time saw a real gun when I was a grown man, I'm so jelous of a great relationship you have with your son. I wish mine was just like it. keep up with great parenting

gary stewart: awsome video good way to startem

gizzy12 gazza: Why would u sing when your hunting like really

Josh Ellis: That was a good shoot buddy! Awesome effort
Rabbit Hunting with Blunt Arrow Tips 5 out of 5

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Rabbit Hunting with Blunt Arrow Tips